Is it possible to grow out gray with balayage? What other options are there?

  • You can only grow out gray with balayage if you’re open to bleaching your hair a platinum blonde or very light blonde since that is how you’ll be able to hide your gray.
  • You’ll also need to keep in mind your hair’s current state, which much be healthy, and the maintenance costs, which are pretty significant with a balayage.
  • If you’re not opening to bleaching your hair to get to a super light color that will hide your gray, then it’s better to opt for a different color technique, like highlights, which I’ll tell you about in a moment.


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Are you tired of getting your color touched up every twenty or thirty days to hide that gray hair that just doesn’t disappear?


Then, you’re probably stroking your hair, contemplating the idea of finally taking that big step.

That step to grow out your gray and finally letting it dominate your locks. Believe me, gray hair isn’t like a shooting star. Once it’s made an appearance, it’s not going away no matter how much you wish it would.


And transitioning to gray hair isn’t a pleasant task. Because while the gray grow out, you’ll see that the rest of your hair will maintain its color. So, you’ll end up with two tones in your hair: part will be gray and the other will still have color.

And when that happens,  you’ll ask yourself: Could balayage be the answer to my prayers? Can grow gray out with balayage? 


The answer is “yes,” but unfortunately, it’s not a good idea for everyone.

And that reminds me of one of my clients, Marissa, that came to the salon set on getting a caramel-colored balayage to help hide her gray while her hair grew out.

But, what I haven’t told you yet about Marissa is that all a balayage would do in her medium brown hair is make her gray stand out more.

What did I propose she do, then?


Dye her hair light blonde so her gray would go unnoticed. We were able to do so after three visits to the salon. After the third visit, Marissa had a super light and even balayage, and you wouldn’t even notice her gray,


If you’re at this key turning point where you need to decide how to grow out gray with balayage, stick with me, because we’ll go over:

  • When balayage is a good choice for letting gray grow out
  • How long and how much money are you open to spending to keep up your balayage?
  • Other color techniques that can help you grow out your gray without it being a difficult process


Today you’ll find out that the road toward growing out your gray isn’t always a treacherous one.

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When balayage is a good choice for letting gray grow out

with gloves

Before diving right into the balayage, I should ask you a few questions that will make a big difference down the road.

Is your hair dyed?


  • If so, then we’ve started on the wrong foot. Because  if your hair is dyed a dark color, then you’ll need to bleach it until you get to a very light blonde color.  

And bleaching your hair is a very aggressive chemical process, so the most likely outcome is that your hair will resist and all you’ll get is a chicken yellow color. And you won’t hide your gray with that color.


  • Even if your hair does hold up to the bleaching process, you won’t be able to get a perfect balayage in one session. And that’s something you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re looking for a quick fix.
 If your hair is dyed light blonde or is naturally blonde, then you’re perfectly able to do a balayage because that’s the base color you’ll need to do this technique for hiding your gray.  


Let’s keep on going through the factors to decide if balayage is the best option for you to grow out gray. That brings us to the next question.


How much time and money are you willing to spend to maintain your balayage?

hide it with highlights

Balayage has a cost. Is there anything in life that doesn’t?

That’s why you’ll need to have enough money to visit the salon every 2-3 months.


  • But wait, take your calculator out because there are more factors to add.  You’ll also need to invest in specific products for maintaining your hair healthy and toned. 


Did you know that, for example, you should do deep moisturizing nutrition treatments on your hair at least once a week? Or that you should wash your hair with a toning shampoo to keep away those unwanted tones that tend to appear in bleached hair?

This kind of shampoo is fundamental to caring for your hair because it deposits pigments of color opposite to orange or yellow tones, making it so your balayage stays exactly how you like it.


  • And lastly, for the most skeptical among us: Can you do a balayage that’s not as light as a platinum blonde? My answer is “no,” because you need your hair to be as light as possible to be able to hide the gray.

Also,  if you’re gotten any kind of treatment with formaldehyde in your hair, you can leave behind the idea of a balayage, since formaldehyde seals your hair fiber, preventing the bleach from acting on your hair the way it needs to.  As such, it won’t get to a lighten enough color to hide your gray.


So, if you can’t get a balayage, what can you do while you grow out gray? Don’t worry: When God shuts a door, he always opens a window, and as such, there are other options.


Alternatives to balayage for growing gray out in an elegant way

If you can’t get a balayage, then your next best option is to get highlights. Do you know why?


Highlights color certain parts of your hair 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color.  As such, your gray will go unnoticed as you make the transition to gray. 

You can get highlights whether you have hair that’s dyed a dark color or is naturally dark and they don’t require much maintenance. You can even get them if you’ve had a treatment containing formaldehyde on your hair.



If you’re set on letting your gray grow out, then balayage is a good option if you’re open to bleaching your hair a super light blonde color and investing a lot of money in maintenance.

If you think that balayage isn’t the best option for hiding your gray while you grow it out, then you can get highlights which are ideal for all hair colors.

And now tell me: What will you do with your hair while the gray grow out? Balayage or highlights?

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