Toner turned your blonde hair brown? This is how to fix it like a pro

brown-haired woman clutches her head after toner

  • If toner turned your blonde hair brown, you left it on longer than indicated. The toner works for up to 20 minutes to prevent blonde hair from turning brown.
  • You can use a color remover or a clarifying shampoo to make your hair blonde again. I’ll tell you how to use them.


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Toner made my hair too dark, how do I lighten it?


 ¿Aplicaste tóner y tu cabello rubio se convirtió en marrón? 


My colorist instinct tells me you probably left the toner on longer than indicated. I would venture to say that you probably didn’t have much coloring experience.

Toner is a professional tool. Therefore, you need some basic coloring training to apply it.

First,   the toner has a maximum application time of twenty minutes.   Once you apply the toner, you must strictly control your hair’s reaction.

applying toner on blonde hair

Your hair may not need the toner to work for twenty minutes.   Maybe, after ten minutes, your blonde hair is toned, and you prevent it from turning brown.  


So, I dare to say that if your blonde hair is brown after applying the toner, it means that you exceeded the exposure time.


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When neutralizing bright yellow and orange colors on blonde hair, you must remove the toner in time so your hair doesn’t turn brown.

All colors are brown when neutralized because brown contains all the colors of the color wheel.


Still, if the toner turned your blonde hair brown, it’s neither the end of the world nor the end of your blonde hair.

  Toner coloring is temporary. It fades completely with washes after approximately three weeks.  


Therefore,  your hair will go back to blonde. So, I beg you, don’t even think about bleaching your hair. Your hair doesn’t need such an aggressive chemical process to remove excess toner.


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But if you don’t want to wait three weeks to get your blonde hair back, here are two options to make your brown hair history. Let’s get started!


If toner turned your blonde hair brown, you could use a color remover

color oops remover to remove toner

Color removers are an instant solution in these cases. They contain no bleach or chemicals that can damage your hair like bleach would.

Also, unlike bleaching,   color removers only remove dyes, and toner is a type of dye.  


Therefore, after applying the color remover, the brown left behind by the toner will disappear, and you’ll have blonde hair again.

The application method depends on your chosen brand, which could be a shampoo or a toner.

The most commonly used brands of color removers are:



happy woman looks in the mirror at her blond hair again

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Color remover application

  • You’ll find two containers numbered 1 and 2.
  • Open container number 1 and transfer it to container 2. Close the container and blend to integrate.
  • Divide your dry hair into four sections and apply the color remover to one section from roots to ends. Continue applying to the remaining sections. When you finish applying the remover to each section, massage the hair so that it penetrates deeply.
  •   Leave the remover on for twenty minutes   and rinse with plenty of warm water, as hot as you can stand, for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • It seems like a long time for a rinse, and it is, but believe me, it’s necessary. This way, you’ll make sure to remove the toner and residue.
  • Dry your hair and check the color of your hair. If there are still traces of brown, you can repeat the application up to two times a day.


If the toner turned your blonde hair brown, you could use a clarifying or detox shampoo

kenra clarifying shampoo to fade toner

They’re used for deep hair and scalp cleansing and contain surfactant elements that will fade the toner.

How often should you wash your hair with the clarifying shampoo to fade the toner?


I recommend that you use it twice. Before applying, wet your hair with hot water, so the hair cuticles open and the shampoo penetrates deeply. Two washes with the clarifying shampoo will remove the toner that left your hair brown, and it’ll be blonde again.


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  After each wash, use conditioner   because clarifying shampoo contains surfactants that dry out the hair. Also, rinse it with cold water to close the cuticles.

If you can’t get a clarifying shampoo, you can use an anti-dandruff shampoo to remove excess toner. In this case, moisturize your hair with a conditioner after each wash.



If the toner turns your hair brownish blonde, use a color remover or clarifying shampoo to make your hair look blonde again.

Remember to moisturize your hair after both the color remover and clarifying shampoo.

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