8 best permanent and semi-permanent purple hair dyes for all tastes and budgets


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That’s right. Nowadays, there are purple hair dyes for all tastes and budgets. All you have to do is decide on a permanent or semi-permanent purple hair color.

What should you base your decision on?


You should consider two aspects.

Your hair’s health and how long you want to wear the purple in your hair.


  • If you are sure you want to wear purple for a long time and your hair is not brittle, you can choose a permanent purple hair color.

The permanent dye is applied with peroxide to lift hair cuticles so that the purple pigments are lodged inside the hair fiber. Therefore, the color change is permanent and long-lasting.

Also, if your hair is healthy, meaning that it’s not difficult to untangle when you wash or brush it, and you don’t have frizz or split ends, peroxide won’t damage your hair irreversibly.


  • If you’ve bleached your hair to try different colors, or you feel that your hair is weakened, you should go for a semi-permanent purple hair dye.

It isn’t applied with a developer nor contains ammonia, So, the purple pigment doesn’t penetrate the cuticle. Instead, it’s only deposited on the outside of the hair.

Therefore, it lasts less and, as it fades with washes, it doesn’t damage your hair.

Semi-permanent hair dyes are great for those who are indecisive, or those who get bored quickly, or those who love change. Are you in any of those groups? Then choose a semi-permanent dye.


So have you already made the decision if you are going to dye your hair with permanent or semi-permanent dye?


If so, great! Now it’s time to choose the best purple hair dye brand for your hair.

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4 best permanent purple hair dyes

After sleeping on it for several nights, you’ve come to the conclusion that purple is your favorite color. It means you’re willing to wear it without regrets for several months. You’ve even changed your wardrobe and your makeup arsenal.

What brand of permanent hair color can you choose to have the best experience with your purple hair? Take note.


Garnier Nutrisse, for those who have little experience applying dyes.

permanent hair color

Hair dye application is key to ensure a perfect purple. This brand offers a creamy consistency to ease a correct and even application throughout your hair. Also, you won’t have to worry about refreshing your color for six or seven weeks.


Also, you can choose between two shades: V2 Dark Intense Violet and L1 Deep Intense Lilac. They’re two unique long-lasting purples.

Inside the coloring kit, you’ll find everything you need for the coloring process, from gloves so as not to stain your skin to a post-color treatment.


L’Oreal Excellence HiColor, for those who have more experience in coloring.

true violet

This L’Oreal line requires some prior coloring experience because it’s not a kit.

This means you’ll need to buy the hair dye and developer separately. Then, mix both ingredients in the exact proportions to make your purple look spectacular.


HiColor offers you three purple/violet shades: Deep Violet, Tru Violet, and Red Violet, and a special anti-breakage and fast coloring treatment.

To maintain the purple color, I suggest not to wash your hair too often so that the color lasts longer without losing its luminosity.


This hair dye line is ideal for dyeing dark hair purple without bleaching or for light bleaching.


L’Oreal Paris Feria, for those looking for more gray coverage in purple tones.

dark shade

Do you want to dye your hair purple but are worried that the hair dye won’t completely cover your gray hair?

Lose your fear and go for purple because this brand ensures full gray coverage.


Which shade do I recommend? Violet Soft Black. Its extra long-lasting pigments will make you fall even more in love with purple.


Garnier Olia, for those who are looking for an intense and long-lasting purple.

permanent hair dye

Bold Violin 3.16 will give you a unique style because it’s a very harmonious color and not strident at all. If that wasn’t enough, its formula with 60% floral oils will moisturize your hair fiber to make the purple look even better.

Your hair will be protected throughout the coloring process turning soft, silky, and shiny.


4 best semi-permanent purple hair colors

Maybe you love purple, but you want it for a party or to wear for two weekends. You’re a rainbow girl, and you want to change your hair color often. Then, your best option is semi-permanent purple hair dyes. The best ones?


Splat Rebellious Colors, longer-lasting purple pigments in semi-permanent hair dyes.

hair color kit

The Splat brand of semi-permanent dye works with stronger pigments. They can last up to 30 washes. So, if you don’t want to use chemical dyes, but are looking for longer-lasting color, go for this brand.

It also offers two vibrant and intense colors: Lusty Lavender, a brighter purple, and Purple Desire, a pastel purple. To extend the purple color of the hair dye, I advise you to use a purple depositing shampoo.


Manic Panic, the brand that offers the largest variety of purples.

needs bleaching

Did you think there was only one shade of purple?


Manic Panic shatters your preconceptions.

You can choose from seven different purple shades:

  • Electric Amethyst
  • Deep Purple Dream
  • Mystic Heather
  • Purple Haze
  • Violet Night
  • Plum Passion
  • Ultra Violet


For example, Purple Haze is an electric violet shade with magenta undertones. It’s a good choice for those who want a dark color right away.

Maintenance is simple, as you can also buy the brand’s purple color depositing shampoo to keep your tone always fresh.


Arctic Fox, for those who are meticulous when coloring their hair.

tone it down with conditioner

The shades offered by this brand are Purple Rain, Girls Night, and Violet Dream.


For example, Purple Rain is one of the colors I’m asked for more in the salon. It’s a cool-toned purple that’ll fade to faint blue shades after a few weeks.

The application is very simple, but you must be careful. This hair dye stains absolutely everything. So, I recommend it for meticulous people.


Punky Colour, for those who are looking for a very bright purple.

semi permanent conditioning hair color

If in addition to looking purple, you want that purple to be bright, this semi-permanent hair dye brand offers an extra bright treatment to give your hair a special flash of light.


You can choose from three purple shades: Plum, Purple, and Violet, which will last for approximately 16 washes.



Both permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes offer a wide range of purple shades.

To make the right decision, think for a few moments about whether purple is the right color for you.


If you want extra long-lasting color, go for permanent purple hair dyes. If you prefer to change your hair color frequently, semi-permanent hair dyes are your best option.

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