Wella T10 vs T18: Which toner should you choose for your hair?

white, platinum, silver

Here I will tell you about all the differences between Wella color charm T10 and T18.

But more importantly, I want you to leave here knowing exactly what toner you should choose to get the hair color you want.

Ready to choose the best toner for your hair?


Read very carefully because here is the key to choosing between the Wella T10 and T18.

  • If you bleached your hair and want to get rid of yellow tones to end up with a white or platinum color, you should use the Wella 18 toner.
  • If you want to get rid of a yellowish-orange tone to get to a silver color, you should opt for the Wella 10 toner.
  • Both products are great for cancelling out unwanted colors, but they have different purposes. That’s why you need to keep in mind what color your hair is when you go to apply them and which exactly is the color you’re hoping to achieve.
  • The way you apply them is the same, but you need to be very careful about how long you leave them in your hair, which I will tell you more about soon.


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In the past few years, platinum and gray hair have been all the rage worldwide.

To get those colors in your hair, you need to bleach it several times to extract the underlying pigments from your hair fiber.

But, you’re not always able to extract absolutely all of the pigments, so, depending on your base color, there may always be some yellow or even orange tones in your hair.


 That is when toner comes into play. Toners really are excellent color correctors, and Wella has developed a complete line of toners.  

Their line starts from products made to cancel out yellow tones, like t18, and ranges to products that transform yellowish-orange hair into silvery gray.

But, before you use either of these products, it’s important to consider what your end goal is.

t18 light ash blonde


Platinum blondes and grays are on-trend, but not everyone is prepared to maintain those colors for very long.

And that reminds me of one of my clients, Lydia, who fell in love with silvery hair about a year ago.


Lydia already had a blonde base, but to use a light silver color on her hair, we had to do at least three more sessions of bleach.

After some time, we eventually got to the color we needed, a pale blonde, that we then could use the T18 toner by Wella on. The result?


Light silvery hair that would have turned even the moon green with envy.

Lydia was happy until she grew tired of the silver one day and decided to follow her sister’s advice and transform the silver color in her hair into a pale blonde. What did she do then?


She used a very light golden blonde dye on her hair, a 9.3 dye. But, when she used it on her silvery, almost white hair, the dye turned out way too bright.

And right then, the alarm bells started going off in her head, and she decided she didn’t want to mess around with her hair any longer and fled to the salon for refuge.

Do you know how I knew that’s what she was doing?


I can always tell when a client comes into the salon, her eyes vacant, spewing a thousand words from her mouth at once. Always with a hat on her head.

And to tell you the truth, I almost fainted when I saw her hair. But, I tried my best to hide it, all the while wondering why people try to use strange dyes on their hair without any knowledge of hair coloring.


Thankfully for Lydia, the solution was pretty easy: All we had to do was tone her hair because the dye she had chosen – that golden blonde – had too much yellow pigmentation for her hair.

And to do that, I used Wella’s T10 on her hair, turning it into a pleasant grayish silver instead of the almost silvery-white she had before.

It was a much better medium gray that brought warmth to Lydia’s facial features and a very youthful look.


 As you can see, it all comes down to choosing the right toner for the exact color you’re hoping to get. And it’s also crucial to recognize what color you’re starting with. 

Do you need to get rid of unwanted yellow tones in your bleached hair so you can end up with a platinum blonde?

Do you want to transform yellowish-orange hair into a perfect silver color?


If so, don’t move from your spot, because I’m going to tell you:

  • When you should use Wella t10 and when you should use Wella t18
  • How to use Wella toner on your hair and how to maintain your color

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When you should use Wella T10 and when you should use Wella T18

You should already understand that these two products have two very different objectives. But, let’s summarize just in case.

One of them, t18, cancels out tones until you get to a silvery-white color, while the other one, t10, works on your unwanted tones until you end up with a silvery gray color.


  •  If bleaching your hair turned it into an ugly yellow color and you want to get a silvery-white color, you should use t18 because it contains purple pigments, which is the color opposite yellow, meaning the one that can cancel it out. 

Please, please take a very close look at your hair to decide if your hair’s unwanted colors are yellow. Because yellow tones are NOT the same as orange ones, and if you have orange in your hair, you’ll need to use a different toner, t10.


  •  If after you bleach your hair, it has orange areas and you want to get to a gray or silver color, you should use t10.  

T10 contains bluish-purple pigmentation, which eliminates any yellowish-orange remnants after bleaching your hair, and will leave it a beautiful silvery gray color.


You should always keep in mind the following: Cool colors, like gray, white, or platinum blonde, will make your facial features seem sharper and don’t hide any imperfections.

On the other hand, warmer colors, like pale blonde, give your face warmth and hide imperfections.


Now that you know which of the toners you should use on your hair, I’ll tell you how to use it, because although they’re similar, they’re not the same and the amount of time you need to leave each one in your hair is very different, and a key part of applying them to your hair successfully.


How to use Wella toner and how to maintain your color

Although you use these two products in the same way, it’s very important to keep in mind how long you should leave them in your hair.

Are you going to use t10?


If so, then you shouldn’t have any problems with how long you need to leave it in your hair. You should leave it in for a maximum of 20 minutes and follow the instructions that come with the toner, but if you go over that amount of time, nothing terrible will happen. Your hair will end up darker, but it won’t change color.

If you accidentally get distracted for five minutes talking on the phone with your best friend or by the finale of your favorite show, your hair won’t end up too different because the amount of pigments is limited.


If you use the T18, you need to be very careful because if you go over the recommended amount of time, which is 15 minutes, it will completely change the outcome, leaving your hair purple.



  •  Once you use Wella’s T10, leave it in for a maximum of 20 minutes, checking on your color every 5 minutes. 
  •  And if you use T18, you should leave it in for a maximum for 15 minutes, checking on your color every 5 minutes. 


You mustn’t go over the amount of time indicated by the toner’s instructions, especially if you use T18, because if you do and your hair turns purple, you’ll have to bleach it to fix it.


Color maintenance after using the toner

In terms of maintenance, toner lasts 3-4 weeks because the pigments fade a little each time you wash your hair.

As such, I recommend washing your hair every 48 hours to make it last as long as possible.


When it comes time to use the toner again, you can switch the color:

  • If you used t18 the first time, you won’t have trouble using t10 the second time.
  • If you used t10 before, you can opt for t18 now, without any issues.

That will let you play around with the blonde’s temperature to find the one that works best for your features and preferences.



Wella’s line of toners are excellent color correction tools for bleached hair.

  • If what you’re looking to do is get rid of some yellow tones to leave your hair a beautiful white or platinum color, then your best bet is Wella t18.
  • And if you’re looking for a silvery gray color, cancelling out yellowish-orange, then you should use t10.

Tell me, what will you use on your hair? Will you turn it a beautiful platinum color, or will you lean toward a silvery gray that will make even the moon pale beside it?

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