Why didn’t my hair dye work? What am I doing wrong?

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Didn’t your hair dye work? Do you think you did something wrong when you applied the hair color, but you don’t know what?


If your hair color didn’t work, it surely has to do with one of these 5 reasons:

  • You left the dye on your hair for a shorter or longer time than necessary
  • You didn’t apply the hair dye correctly
  • You didn’t choose the right hair dye color
  • You didn’t respect the proportions of dye and developer indicated by the manufacturer
  • The room temperature where you colored your hair was very low


Have you colored your hair, and after washing and rinsing, it is still the same color as it was before?

Better yet, do you notice that your hair took the color in some areas, but it didn’t in others?


Then, it’s all due to misuse and misapplication of the dye.

People have the misconception that coloring hair is as simple as buying a coloring kit, mixing the ingredients, waiting, and rinsing.

However, coloring is a science, and it has to do with a method. That method involves certain steps that you have to follow to get the results you want.


 So, you may buy the best brand of dye. But, if you don’t respect some essential points, you won’t get the color you want. 

After all, coloring hair is a chemical process, which consists of two fundamental actions: opening the cuticles and depositing pigments to modify the color of the hair.


Like all processes, timing and exact preparation of the ingredients is not something you can take lightly.

Do you want to know what went wrong when you colored your hair?


Then, stay tuned because we’ll go deeper into each of the causes so that, next time, you’ll get the color you want.

Are you ready?


Then, let’s look together at what you did wrong when you colored your hair


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5 possible reasons why the hair dye did not work

Do you remember when you chose the coloring kit to change your hair tone?

Did you read the instructions carefully?


If you didn’t, that’s the first mistake.

All hair color brands give precise indications about the developing time, the volume of the recommended oxidant, and the proper proportions to mix the hair color with hydrogen peroxide.


 That first mistake (not reading the hair dye manufacturer’s instructions) will surely lead you to make other mistakes, which will eventually result in not getting the color you want. 

Now, it’s not time to stab yourself, but to learn. How much did you let the dye work?

Although it may seem a minor issue, developing times are important, let’s see why.


1- You left the dye on your hair for shorter or longer than necessary

How long did you leave the dye in your hair? 15 minutes, 20 minutes?


 Error! The developing time for most hair color is never less than 35 minutes.  


If you leave it on for less than 35 minutes, the dye will not be able to deposit the color pigments, and you will not notice any difference in color. Alternatively, you may even notice some strands with dark and light spots.

If you notice some stains, you removed the preparation before the chemicals could change the color.


2- You applied the hair dye incorrectly

In addition to the developing time, it is very important to apply the dye correctly.

Where do you start distributing it? Do you divide your hair into several sections to make sure the product covers the entire hair surface?


  • You must prepare your hair for coloring. That’s why you must brush it previously to eliminate knots that hinder the application of the dye and section it into four sections.
  • Once you have the four sections, the best thing to do is to start with the darkest part of your hair, which is usually the nape of the neck, and divide it every half centimeter to apply the product on the root of the hair.
  • When you finish applying it to the roots, continue with the lengths. It’s very important that you massage, like when you apply a moisturizing mask, to make sure you cover the whole surface of your hair evenly.
  • Don’t skimp on the product. If you have very long hair, you will need two or three coloring kits to color all your hair correctly.
If you have respected the times and procedures and it still didn’t work, what may have failed is the choice of color.


3- You haven’t chosen the right color

color kits for home use

Semi-permanent dye doesn’t lighten the hair. In any case, if it does, it will be with just a difference in tone, which you won’t even notice.

It doesn’t matter how nice the honey blonde hair on the coloring kit model looks. If you have dark brown hair, coloring won’t change the natural pigment in your hair to a lighter blonde. Therefore, it will not lighten it. A hair dye can only make your hair darker.


For a dramatic change in color, when it comes to lightening your hair, you’ll have to bleach it, which is a completely different process.

To choose the right shade, you can use the color scales printed on the coloring kits and compare them to a strand of your hair. This way you can be sure of the color coverage.


4- You didn’t respect the proportions of color and developer indicated by the manufacturer

equal proportions

The proportions of the oxidant or developer and hair dye are very important. Here you have the correct proportions:


  • 1 x 1: i.e. one part of oxidant and one part of hair dye. For example, for 40 grams of dye, you should use 40 cubic centimeters of hydrogen peroxide.
  • – 1 x 1.50: that is, one part of dye and one and a half parts of oxidant. For example, for 40 grams of dye, you should use 60 cubic centimeters of hydrogen peroxide.


What about temperature?

Believe it or not, hot or cold influences the success of hair coloring.


5- The room temperature was very low

Have you ever heard your grandmother ask not to open the windows while she was coloring her hair?


She has a point. Why?

For the dye to work properly, there must be a certain temperature, both outside and on the scalp.

In other words, you must feel that your head is warm. That’s why it’s best to wrap your hair in a shower cap or film after applying the dye so that the temperature of your scalp rises and the dye covers the hair surface perfectly.



  • To ensure that the dye works properly, it is very important to keep a close eye on the developing times, which will always be approximately 35 minutes.
  • You should also divide your hair into sections and wrap it with a shower cap or film to ensure full coverage.
  • Finally, respect the proportions of dye and peroxide, because a good hair color depends on it.


Now tell me, why do you think the hair dye didn’t work for you?


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