What Highlights Make Hair Look Thicker? You have 3 options

Woman at the hair salon styling her color highlighted hair

These 3 types of highlights make your hair look thicker:

  • Classic highlights
  • Californian highlights
  • Color highlights


That’s not all.

You should also choose the colors for your highlights to look thicker:

  • Warm tones if your hair is dark brown.
  • Caramel tones if your hair is medium brown.
  • Also, caramel tones if your hair is light brown.
  • Light color highlights for blonde hair


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Do you have very fine hair and want to disguise it with highlights?


You’ve come up with a GREAT IDEA!

Some  techniques make hair look thicker.  Trimming (sometimes super short) and layering are not the only ways.

Highlights  will also give you luminosity and look original!


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In this article, we’ll see what kind of highlights suit you best if you want to make your fine hair look thicker.

Don’t miss it!


Before you begin, answer these 2 questions

young girl checks her hair on a hand mirror

Is your hair naturally fine?

Or was it thinned by overusing dyes and other chemicals?


  • If your hair was thinned by chemical processes,  don’t get highlights.  Instead, look for a solution for your thinning hair.
  • If your hair is fine by nature and you have little quantity, highlights are ideal for you.

Let’s take a look at the highlights that make your hair look thicker.


What kind of highlights for my hair to look thicker? I give you 3 options

Woman's long hair with blonde highlights

Your hair can look thicker with highlights due to  the contrast between light and dark colors.  But not so fast.


 Not all highlights will make your hair look fuller.  For example, platinum blonde highlights will give you the opposite sensation.

Let’s see which highlights are right to make your hair look thicker.


Classic highlights

woman with highlights in her hair

You can opt for classic highlights without overdoing it:  a few highlights are enough. 

The contrast between light and dark will give your hair more movement and luminosity.


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Californian highlights

californian highlights

Although Californian highlights aren’t the classic way, they’re part of this style.

This technique consists of  highlighting only the ends.  It isn’t such a radical change because they don’t start from the roots.

But it’ll give you a luminous effect and the most important thing: extra volume!


Highlights with color

hair with highly contrasted blonde and brown highlights

Highlights with color are also a great option. For example, opt for a chestnut color with blonde highlights. 

This technique is one of my favorites to cover gray hair. With a few highlights, you’ll give  luminosity and depth  to your hair.


What color should I choose for my highlights? An expert tells you

young woman with caramel highlights

As I said before, it’s also  important to choose the right color of the highlights  so as not to create the opposite effect (i.e. to avoid thinning out your hair)


Follow these tips for perfect highlights:

  • Warm tones if your hair is dark brown.

You can intensify your color with hazelnut or copper highlights.

And if your hair is very dark, opt for chocolate highlights that will lighten it in a very natural way.


  • Caramel tones if your hair is medium brown

Normally, brown hair tends to look dull. That’s why caramel-toned highlights are the best option.

Their warm tones are  perfect for adding depth to your look. 


  • Caramel tones if your hair is light brown

You can lighten up your mane with  golden shades  if your base color is light brown.

You’ll get an instant boost of shine!

  • Light highlights for blonde hair

If you’re a natural blonde, you can opt for  blonde highlights. 

If your blonde is darker, it’s best to go for golden highlights or honey tones.

But if it’s a lighter blonde, go for platinum shades.


I’ll tell you about my experience with fine hair

hairdresser combing her fine-haired client

My hair is very fine, so  it looks like I have very little.   I always try to make it look thicker.  My natural color is dark blonde. As much as I love being a platinum blonde, (yes, I love it!) I know that it isn’t the best option for me.

That’s why  I always opt for golden tones:  this way, I can pretend I have much more hair.

Anyway, sometimes I get highlights a few shades lighter and forget about the amount, but please don’t follow my example!



Highlights are an  excellent option to make your hair look thicker  due to the contrasts between colors.

Of course, the thickness will only be a visual effect, but you’ll look great!

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