Ice Blonde Vs. Platinum Blonde: a hairdresser helps you to choose your next hair color

  • At first glance, ice blonde and platinum blonde are practically the same. However, ice blonde has blue underlying pigments, while platinum blonde contains grayish underlying pigments.
  • Therefore, if your skin is pale, ice blonde is ideal for you. Alternatively, if your skin is darker, platinum blonde is your best option.
  • Also, if your idea is to get some highlights or balayage, platinum blonde will be your best option. In general, ice blonde is applied to achieve a uniform and even color.


ice and platinum blonde

One thing is what you want. Another thing is what suits you.

It applies perfectly to the laws of hair coloring.


You may love a certain color but if the shade you choose highlights the imperfections of your face, you’ll make a mistake.

 Ice blonde and platinum blonde aren’t for everyone. 


I still remember when the series “Game of Thrones” was at its peak.

I don’t think a single day went by without a teenage girl entering the salon asking me for the same hair color as the famous mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryn.

young women

Yes, the powerful queen capable of subduing armies of wild men and more than one heart. She had managed to impose that icy blonde tone. It was a clear copy of the Nordic countries frost.

Although  many people asked me for ice blonde or platinum blonde, the truth is that I only accepted the job and the challenge in about half of the cases. 

Do you know why?


  • First, because many of those young girls who asked me to dye their hair ice blonde didn’t know that they needed several bleaching sessions. You must have an almost white base color. And the same goes for platinum blonde.
 Also, they had to have very healthy hair to resist each bleaching session. 


  • Second, both ice blonde and platinum blonde don’t look good at every age and don’t go with every skin tone.

goes great with darker skin tones

  • Third, both shades require a lot of maintenance. Do you know what that means?

It means that  you’ll have to be willing to touch up your roots every three weeks to keep both platinum and ice blonde flawless. 


Are you willing to accept that probably these colors aren’t for you?

Alright, then let’s see if you meet the prerequisites to look both ice blonde and platinum blonde like a true queen with or without dragons.

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Before choosing platinum blonde or ice blonde, you should take a good look at your face

dark roots

Both ice blonde and platinum blonde are cool tones. They’ll bring light to your face.

However, they’ll be relentless when it comes to concealing imperfections. Even a tiny imperfection will be highlighted.

Therefore, these two blonde shades go very well with paler skins and young women.


That is,   I don’t recommend either of these two tones if you’re over 40 years old and your face has started to show the first expression lines or wrinkles. It’ll highlight them more. 

Don’t you believe me?


Think for a few moments. What happens if you focus a powerful light on your face?

All the expression lines are much more noticeable!

subtle waves

Why do you think artists work with special spotlights on television?

To hide any imperfections on their face. The light on the sets is never the same as the light used on the actors or presenters.


  • If your skin is pale, you have harmonious features, and even light eyes, the ice blonde will frame your features and give you even more luminosity.
  • And if your skin is darker or olive, and you have very pronounced cheekbones or an angular face, you should opt for platinum blonde. It’ll add volume and depth to your hair but in harmony with the main features of your face.


Whatever you decide, keep the following in mind.

 Whether you wear ice blonde or platinum blonde, all eyes will be on your hair and face.  Therefore, you have to incorporate some essential makeup tips.

For example, use black eyeliner and red lipstick to create a contrast with your hair color.


Nevertheless, there is something even more important. Since all eyes will be on your hair, you should always keep it in tip-top shape. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


How often should you touch-up your ice blonde and platinum blonde?

blue underlying pigments

Whether you choose ice blonde or platinum blonde, get ready for a major hair care routine change. And I don’t just mean color touch-up.

Extra light blondes require almost daily maintenance. You’ll need to shampoo your hair with color-enhancing shampoo to avoid losing the underlying pigmentation as you wash your hair.


su_list icon=”icon: check-square-o” icon_color=”#800080″ class=”milista”]

  • For platinum blonde, you’ll want to use a purple shampoo that’ll remove any remaining yellow from your hair.
  • For ice blonde, you’ll want to use a blue shampoo to keep the Nordic tone.[/su_list]


What about the roots?

You’ll have to bleach your roots, so you can’t tell the difference! The contrast between growth and lengths would break the whole harmony of your style.


starting from golden blonde

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The maintenance with ice blonde will be much more frequent than with platinum blonde. You’ll have to keep your hair almost white. And when I say more frequent, I mean visiting the salon every three weeks.

It means a lot of damage to your hair fiber. So, you’ll need to moisturize your hair constantly.


Now, both ice blonde and platinum blonde imply a total change in your hair care routine. If you’re not determined to dedicate a lot of hours to your hair, I recommend you think about other colors.


What routine changes will you need for ice blonde or platinum hair?

from a light brown

  • You’ll need to use coconut oil every 48 hours to moisturize your lengths and ends.
  • You should apply spray micellar water every two hours on the ends to keep them hydrated. Also, moisturizing masks twice a week to recover your hair’s elasticity.
  • Of course, no hair products containing sulfates or parabens.

And now, the final question.


What’s the number for ice blonde and platinum blonde hair color?

platinum blonde

Each brand has its own line of extra light blondes. They market them under different names to create an impact on the market. Therefore, I recommend that you always look for the hair dye number.


The platinum blonde is 10.1. It’ll be easy for you to get it because it’s a classic shade. You can choose from some of the following brands:

  • Garnier Color Sensation is S9.
  • L’Oreal Preference is 11.21 or Extreme Platinium.
  • Wella Koleston is 10.1.



Things are a little different with ice blonde. Not all brands make this shade. What you’ll be able to get is the ice toner, which is applied to the hair exactly like a hair dye.

Remember that your base color must be completely white. Which ice toners can you choose from?

  • Blondme Schwarzkopf Professional T-ICE
  • Igora Royal Highlifts 12.2
  • Il Salone Milano light blonde ice



In my experience and opinion, dyeing hair ice blonde or platinum blonde is a good option for younger people. Their face has not yet shown wrinkles or expression lines.

Either of these two tones will highlight any imperfections in the face.

Remember that any of them require continuous maintenance for the color to remain as perfect as the first day.

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