Can I use Color Oops twice in the same day? Can I use it twice in the same week?

after using color oops

One possible outcome of using Color Oops is that you don’t get the results you want the first time you use it. So, then, you probably have the question: Can I use Color Oops two times in a row?


  • I can say this for sure: the best thing for your hair is not to use Color Oops two times in one day.
  • It’s best to let at least two or three days go by before you apply it again.

The reason?


It’s simple. What’s at risk here is your hair, or your hair’s health.

Because it’s too late for tears. Why do I say that? Do you like sad stories?


If so, you’re going to love my story.

I don’t like sad stories or stories that don’t have happy endings because we already have sad times in life, so I prefer funny stories.

 But, unfortunately, I had to be the star of a dramatic story all because I used Color Oops two times in the same day. 


I didn’t care about wasting money, because like people say, money comes and goes, but health, well, it doesn’t, and I mean your emotional health as much as your hair’s health.

Let me tell you my story.


My hair was light brown, and although it might seem crazy, I wanted to darken it. Yes, I know, in this world where all women, or at least most, want to be blonde, I wanted to have darker hair.

I didn’t have that many options, so I decided to dye it black. So, I bought permanent black dye, and I used it on my hair.


But, two days later, I decided I didn’t like it. I didn’t feel like myself, so what I thought would be a good change ended up making me feel pretty bad.

I think it was hard for even my cat to recognize me.


So, one of my friends recommended that I try a color remover, specifically Color Oops.

 She had used it to get rid of red dye and got good results from it. Why didn’t I have the same luck?  


  • I followed all the instructions on the container of Color Oops, and I waited patiently 20 minutes, praying to every saint I know that I wouldn’t lose my hair.
  • I rinsed my hair again and again until my scalp hurt from rinsing so much.
  • But when I pulled the towel off my head, the dark color was still there. It wasn’t the jet black that I had before the Color Oops, but it wasn’t my light brown either.  


So, I ran out, wet hair and all, to buy more Color Oops. Now I didn’t have either brown or black hair, just some ugly in-between color.

I used Color Oops again, waiting the prescribed 20 minutes all over again.

Do you want to know what happened?


Well, then, keep reading because I can assure you that I wouldn’t wish what happened next on my worst enemy.


I’ll tell you:

  • Why it’s not a good idea to use Color Oops two times in a row
  • How to use Color Oops a second time without ruining your hair


If you love your hair, you’ll do the best you can for it. The final decision is yours.


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Why it’s not a good idea to use Color Oops twice in the same day

apply it to not damage hair

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To get the best results from Color Oops, you should apply it as soon after you dyed your hair as possible.

That doesn’t mean that if you dyed your hair fifteen days ago, the color remover wouldn’t work, but it’s always better to apply it soon after you dyed your hair if you can one or two days after, that’s the best.

It’s just math.

Because you’ve probably used a permanent dye, that means that the chemicals that the dye contains probably did their job.

Do you know what their job is?


  • Raise your hair’s cuticle, eliminate its natural pigments, and replace them is the pigments in the dye. Although dyes have improved over time, they still use chemicals, like peroxide and ammonia.
  • Those chemicals tend to leave your hair more fragile than it was before dyeing it. More fragile and also drier.
  • The color remover contains chemicals; if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be able to weaken or remove the dye’s pigment.


 Using Color Oops once is already pretty bad for your hair. But, using it twice in the same day is like condemning your hair to infinite dryness.  

And that’s exactly what happened to me.


When I applied Color Oops the first time, my hair when from jet black to dark brown, I was so disappointed.

Because I wanted to go back to my natural hair color, which was light brown.

So, I should use Color Oops again. And I did it without thinking of the consequences.

Because after waiting again for 20 minutes and thoroughly rinsing my hair, when I looked in the mirror, the color was lighter. Yes, I’d done it.

But when I started to detangle my hair, I found out that I’d made the worst mistake of my life. At least, up to that point.

My hair was like gum; it stretched like it was about to break, and I can promise you it was.

I think I ended up with the same effect as a bleach job gone wrong.


I’d left my hair completely dehydrated, so dry that detangling it was impossible.

I had coconut oil on hand, so I decided to apply a generous layer to my hair to at least be able to detangle it and so all my hair wouldn’t get stuck in the brush.

In my ignorance, I had made two big mistakes.


  • The first was believing that by using Color Oops twice in one day, I’d have my natural hair color again.

That is impossible because the dye modifies the molecules in the internal structure of your hair. The only way to go back to your natural color is to wait for your hair to grow out. It’s that simple.


  • And the second mistake was thinking that my hair wouldn’t be damaged by applying chemical after chemical to it.

When it rains, it pours.


And that’s how a long race against the clock started for me trying to recuperate my hair’s health.

I did intensive hydration treatments for two months. Some days I used olive oil, while others I used unique hair masks. And some nights, I even left coconut oil in my hair while I slept.

Two months later, my hair was a lot better.


The color? I ended up with an ombre almost without meaning to. Because when my roots started to show with my natural color, the middle and ends were still that dark brown that I had after the second round of Color Oops.


As you can see, there’s no magic in a bottle of Color Oops. You can’t use it two times in the same day and think there won’t be consequences.

Because there will be, your hair will, without a doubt, deteriorate.

That’s why if you aren’t happy with the results after using Color Oops, the best thing to do is wait three or four days to use it again.

And that’s what I’m going to tell you about now.


How to use Color Oops twice in the same week without damaging your hair

Dyeing hair is an art. When you modify the natural pigments in your hair, you’ll see that you’re playing with fire, almost without realizing it.

Getting back to your natural hair color is almost impossible, but you can get close using a color remover like Color Oops.


 If when you finished using Color Oops that first time, you weren’t happy with the results, don’t do the same thing as me. Don’t let yourself be guided by impulses or emotions.  


  • Instead of getting desperate and using Color Oops again right away, wait at least two or three days and in that time, hydrate your hair daily.

That way, you’ll be helping it recuperate its moisture and strengthening it.


  • Once those three or four days have gone by, or even better, five or six days, you can use Color Oops again. But don’t leave it in your hair longer than it says to on the package, which is usually 20 minutes.


Now you know what is best for your hair, even if it probably isn’t what’s best for your anxiety.

If you want to use Color Oops twice, the best thing you can do is let four or five days go by before you use it again.

Your hair will thank you.


And you, have you ever used Color Oops before? What results did you get?

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