How to get thick hair back after bleaching? Bad news…

Bleached blonde girl telling secrets

  • Bad news: there’s no magic formula to get your thick hair back after bleaching.
  • Hair-thickening products simply don’t work.
  • If your hair was thinned by bleaching, you can do nothing to thicken it.
  • However, you can make your hair look better if you apply some special care that I’ll tell you about.


If you want to find out the 5 care tips to improve your hair after bleaching click here


Did you bleach your hair and it feels too thin?


Bleaching is one of my favorite salon processes.

It allows me  to play and create a lot of colors  to give a special touch to each person.

However, as you may already know,   the procedure is damaging for the hair fiber.  


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Here’s the thing: if your hair is too thin, I have some bad news for you:  there’s no magic formula to get your thick hair back. 

Many products on the market claim to be “hair thickeners,” but does that really exist?


I won’t criticize products or brands, but I’ll tell you that I don’t know anyone who succeeded with these “thickening products” promises.

Now that you know this, let’s look for a solution together. You can make your bleached hair look better,  healthier, and stronger.


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Why does bleaching change hair thickness?

Women from behind with long bleached hair

When you bleach your hair,  natural and artificial pigments are removed from it. 

The bleaching agents mix with the oxidant, open the cuticles, enter the cortex, and  transform the melanin into oxy melanin,  which is a colorless pigment.

The longer the exposure time, the higher the lightning.


As you can see, bleaching  is a delicate process that alters the cuticle and weakens your hair.

However, bleaching doesn’t affect the thickness of the hair or, at least, it shouldn’t.

So, are you seeing your hair thinner, or is it just weak and brittle?


Your hair may be thin for various reasons.

Too many bleaching sessions, poor techniques, or previous treatments, for example, may thin your hair.

 But as I said before, it doesn’t have to be like that  if you provide the necessary CARE.

Yes, the solution I told you about earlier.


If your hair is really thin after bleaching, be patient.  Follow the hair care routine I’ll tell you about next  and wait for the new hair to be strong and healthy.


5 tips to take care of your hair after bleaching

Hair care after bleaching

With the right care,  your bleached hair can still look beautiful and healthy. 

A client told me once, “I don’t want to be blonde because all the blondes I know have doll-like hair.”

Nowadays, she bleaches her hair every 3 or 4 months and keeps it healthy. It’s waist-length, straight, healthy, and shiny.

How did she achieve it?


Here are the 5 tips I gave her:

  • Moisturize: this is the most important tip because bleaching dehydrates the hair, which is what turns it brittle and dull.Then,  you should opt for a moisturizing wash routine:  choose a conditioner that reads “moisturizing” on the label. It could also be restructuring.



  • Reduce the use of heat tools: did you know that flat ironing is one of the biggest sources of dehydration of your hair? Now that you know this,  it would be a good option not to use it anymore,  or at least limit it to special occasions only. You can also opt to straighten your hair without using a flat iron.


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  • Trim your hair regularly: You may not love scissors, but I assure you that if you want your hair to be healthy, you’ll have to make friends with them. Cutting at least one centimeter every two months is enough  and it makes a difference.


  • Take care of your hair from the sun and chlorine: We all should do it. However, you should be especially careful if you bleach your hair. You have several options to take care of your hair when you go to the pool. As my client said, I imagine you don’t want to look like a doll.



Recovering thick hair after bleaching isn’t possible.

However,  your hair may not be fine but dehydrated,  dull, lifeless, or brittle.

The good thing is that this has a solution. You can fix it by putting your hands to work with the tips I gave you in this article.

Needless to say, it won't happen overnight, but  following a proper care routine and dedicating a little time to it,  you can recover your hair and show off that stunning blonde you love.

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