Strawberry Blonde Vs Ginger Hair: Which hair color is best for you?

differences with other colors

A lot of women have the same question: Is strawberry blonde hair the same as ginger hair?


  • No, they aren’t the same color. Although they both have coppery tones, they are two represented by two different numbers.
  • Ginger is a number 7.4 color, while strawberry blonde is 9.4.
  • Thinking they’re the same is a common error. Ginger is a much more intense and orange copper tone, while, although strawberry blonde is also a copper tone, it’s much lighter and softer.


Ginger hair is the only color with a natural copper tone that exists.

Some people are lucky enough to have that color naturally in their hair.

But there aren’t that many people with that luck.


Since they’re so unique and original, copper tones are popularly asked for in salons.

But you should be asking yourself: Which of the two colors should I choose?


 Well, let me say this up front: both of the colors are perfect for light or pale skin.  

If your skin is darker, then I’d recommend a color that leans more toward red or mahogany, which are ideal for your skin tone.


Another common question about these colors is if you need to bleach your hair to get them.

Well, the answer is that it depends.


If your base color is dark, then you’ll need to bleach your hair.

The two colors, both strawberry blonde and ginger, are both technically blonde colors.

 So, in order for them to look perfect, you’ll need to bleach your hair until you have a light base. That will also affect your maintenance routine.  


As you know, maintaining orange and copper dye requires strict adherence to your maintenance schedule.

So, you’ll need to touch up your color every four weeks minimum and you might need to more often.

And you can’t just touch up the roots like you would with other colors!


You’ll have to touch up your whole color from your roots to ends.

And if you go for strawberry blonde, you’ll need to bleach your roots every time you touch up your hair.


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Which copper-toned color is best for me? Strawberry blonde or ginger?

Colors with copper tones like strawberry blonde or ginger look great on people with light or pale skin.

  • If your skin is light, you can use ginger 7.4. That color will highlight your eyes and give you a very elegant style.
  • If your skin is very pale, you can use strawberry blonde 9.4. That color will soften your features, giving your skin warmth.


On the other hand,  if your skin is darkern,t hen I wouldn’t recommend these colors for a few reasons. 

  • First of all, these copper tones will make any imperfection on your darker skin stand out as if you had a light shining on your face.
  • Secondly, you’ll have to bleach your hair several times, since women with darker skin tend to have thicker hair. In order to get to strawberry blonde or ginger, your hair needs to be really light, so you’d run the skin of doing serious damage to your hair.
  • Thirdly, copper colors make people with darker skin look like they have wider faces. That might make you look like you’re lacking sleep and your face is bloated.

If you like copper-toned colors anyway, I’d recommend trying out other copper tones that are more ideal for darker skin.

A strawberry color like 6.6 or a deep red like 4.7 would be ideal for your skin color.


Can you use these colors on any base hair color?

If you’re thinking about getting your hair dyed strawberry blonde,  keep in mind that you need to have a light base to get this color. 

It’s the same if you want to dye your hair ginger.

So, if your base color isn’t light, you’ll need to think about bleaching your hair.


That’s because both colors are technically shades of blonde.

The 9.4 strawberry blonde is actually a copper light blonde, while the 7.4 ginger is actually a copper dark blonde.

In order to make those colors more attractive, brands give them cutesy names like strawberry blonde, citrus blonde, etc.

So, now you know exactly what color each of them are on the numerical scale.


If you need to bleach your hair, then I recommend going to a salon.

Bleaching your hair is a chemical process that damages it.

That’s why you need to be very careful when you go into to get it done.

If your base color is very dark, like for example:

  • Dark brown 3
  • Brown 4
  • Medium brown 5

You’ll need to bleach your hair to lighten it at least 2-3 levels before you can use either strawberry blonde or ginger dye.


 You might have to do more than one session of bleach, because remember that you can lighten your hair up to 3 level each time you bleach it.  

I recommend to not do this alone if you don’t know much about hair coloring.

Ask a friend for help, or better yet, go to a salon.


If you’re determined to do it at home, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t use more than 20 volume peroxide in your hair; if you do, your hair might burn, or worse yet, break, and you’ll need to cut it.
  • Use white bleaching powder, because it will lighten more than the blue powder and it’s easier to rinse out.
  • Use an anti-breaking protection serum. It will help make sure your hair doesn’t break during the process.
  • You can add a few drops of coconut oil to the bleach mix to help hydrate your hair during the process.
  • Don’t leave the mix in your hair longer than 30 minutes if you don’t want to damage it badly.
  • Start by applying the mixture to the middle of your hair and the ends, leaving your roots for last.


Remember that these tips are for if you plan to bleach your hair at home.

Once you’ve bleached your hair, you can use the dye you’ve decided on.


Is it hard to maintain these colors at home?

Like we’ve said, you must follow a strict maintenance schedule with red or orange colored hair.

Although it’s true that these colors have a lot of pigmentation, it’s also true that they lose it quickly.

But, like I said at the beginning of this article, strawberry blonde and ginger aren’t the same color.

I’ll tell you about the maintenance for each different color.


How do you maintain strawberry blonde hair?

If your natural hair color is dark, like brown 4 or medium brown 5, when you touch up your strawberry blonde hair, you’ll need to bleach your roots.

Remember that strawberry blonde is light copper-toned blonde, so when you touch up your hair, there are two different ways to do it.

  • You can use bleach on your roots, then use dye on all of your hair, including the roots.
  • You can use dye with a 30 volume developer, thus lightening your hair and making the strawberry blonde look perfect.


You’ll need to touch up strawberry blonde dye every 3-4 weeks, and you’ll need to touch up all of your hair.

That’s because it’s such a light color, so the pigmentation rinses away quickly with each wash.


 To make your color last longer, you can replace your normal shampoo with an orange or copper toning shampoo. 

That way, every time you wash your hair, you’ll be adding a little dose of dye to your hair.


How to touch up ginger hair

You don’t need to bleach your roots to touch up ginger.

 All you need to do is apply ginger-colored dye from your roots to ends, and your color will be completely renewed. 


You’ll need to touch up your color every 4-5 weeks and you might notice that the last two weeks before the touch up, your color might seem opaque.

You can revive your hair with a copper toning shampoo, giving it more life at the end of the cycle.

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