Should I apply semi permanent hair color after keratin treatment?

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  • Applying a semi-permanent hair color after keratin treatment is a very good idea.
  • Semi-permanent hair color doesn’t contain ammonia and isn’t applied with a developer, and it won’t remove the effects of the keratin and your hair will have an even color.
  • Ideally, you should wash your hair three days after keratin. Then, apply the semi-permanent hair color. This way, your hair will finish absorbing the keratin, and you’ll have frizz-free and healthy hair with vibrant color for longer.


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I can imagine your look right now.

You don’t know  if you can apply semi-permanent hair color to your hair after the keratin treatment. 


I understand your doubts. You’ve probably had keratin done in a salon and came out with a short list of what NOT to do after the treatment.

Shall we remember the list?

  • Don’t wash or wet your hair for three days.
  • Don’t tie it with any type of rubber band.
  • Don’t comb it.
  • Don’t touch or play with the locks.
  • Don’t place the front locks behind the ear.
  • Don’t dye it.

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Considering that list, you look at your hair in the mirror. Even though you feel happy because it’s frizz-free, smooth, and shiny, your gray hair or roots ruin the look.

Or maybe you had an appointment where you wanted to surprise everyone by wearing your hair straight in a special color, like blue for example.

You can leave the grumpiness and impatience aside.


 It’s a great idea to dye your hair with a semi-permanent hair color after your keratin treatment! 

Yes. I’m not crazy. And now that you’ve got your smile back, I’ll tell you why you can dye your hair with a semi-permanent dye after keratin.


What’s the advantage of dyeing keratin-treated hair with semi-permanent dye instead of permanent dye?

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The advantage is almost obvious.

Semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t contain ammonia and isn’t applied with a developer. Therefore, it doesn’t penetrate the hair core.

It’s simply a film of color, which is deposited on the outer layer of the hair.  As it doesn’t penetrate the hair core, it can’t interfere with the keratin treatment, which acts on the innermost layer of the hair. 


However, things change radically if you want to apply a permanent dye after keratin.

In that case, you should wait at least fifteen days to do it. The permanent dye penetrates the hair shaft and opens the cuticles. Therefore, part of the keratin would be lost due to the permanent dye chemicals.

That being said, I know that one question dominates your impatient mind.


How long to wait to dye hair with semi-permanent hair dye after keratin?

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As a professional colorist,  I recommend you wait three days to color your hair with a semi-permanent hair color after the keratin treatment. 


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Don’t forget that it takes three days for the hair to finish absorbing the keratin. That’s why stylists always recommend washing your hair three days after applying the keratin.


You can wash your hair three days after keratin and apply the semi-permanent hair color.

Remember to apply the semi-permanent hair color to completely clean and dry hair.


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I hope this is good news for you! Let’s continue analyzing this topic.

I’ll give you more pieces of good news.


Semi-permanent hair dye may last longer on keratin-treated hair

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Keratin repairs both the outer and inner layers of the hair. When manufacturers of semi-permanent hair dyes talk about color durability, they refer to healthy hair, and your hair is healthy because you applied the keratin treatment!


Now, let’s not fool ourselves.

Aftercare is also important. If you flat iron your hair every day or wash it four times a week, the color won’t last long.

Remember that semi-permanent hair color gradually fades with washes.

So,  ideally you should wash your hair up to three times a week.  This way, you’ll extend the color’s duration and the keratin treatment’s effects.


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Also, remember to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioners without sulfates. , They’re detergents that fade the color and, of course, remove the nutrients from keratin.

Finally, if you want to activate the keratin because you want perfectly straight hair, you can use the flat iron occasionally with a heat protector.



You can apply a semi-permanent hair color three days after the keratin treatment. At that time, you can wash your hair to remove any dirt and leave your hair clean for semi-permanent coloring.

Semi-permanent hair color is always applied to clean and dry hair.

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