Can you pull your hair up after getting a keratin treatment?

ponytail after a straight perm

  • After getting a keratin treatment, you can pull up your hair, no problem.
  • If you’ve gotten a straight perm, then you’re in a totally different situation. In that case, you shouldn’t pull up your hair for at least 48 hours.


For example, Alicia came to the salon to get a keratin treatment because she wanted to give her hair a little extra boost because it was dehydrated. So, if she wanted, she could pull up her hair right away after leaving the salon.


But, Lucy came to my salon because she wanted a straight perm. So, I told her that she was absolutely not allowed to pull up her hair in any way. She was not even allowed to use a clip.

Because if she did, her perfectly straight hair would end up with dents that would be impossible to get rid of.


 As you can see, the kind of treatment you get determines if you can pull up your hair or not and when you would be able to. 

These days, the two most popular treatments are keratin treatments and straight perms.

  • If you got a keratin treatment, then you can pull up your hair, put it in a ponytail, etc.
  • Now, if you got a straight perm, then you need to wait at least two days because if not, then you might ruin the treatment and your hair.

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If so, stick around, because I’ll tell you:

  • What a keratin treatment involves and why you can pull up your hair after doing it
  • Why you can’t pull up your hair right afterward if you got a straight perm
  • Other things to keep in mind after you get a keratin treatment


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Why you can pull up your hair if you got a keratin treatment

If the only thing you’re looking to do is nurture and strengthen your hair, like in Alicia’s case, then you’ll be able to pull up your hair without any issues.

Because since a keratin treatment is like giving some vitamins to your hair, its structure doesn’t change, but you are improving its health.

Your hair will be stronger and brighter and it will recover from the damage caused by any external factors, like dye, bleach or flat irons.


  • This kind of keratin treatment has only one goal: to nurture and repair your hair.

These treatments inject your hair with new proteins that it has lost because of day-to-day factors, like the use of heat tools to style your hair, ultraviolet rays from the sun and even from pollution.


  • There are many different kinds of keratin treatments that come in many different forms: masks, oils, liquid keratin, keratin shock, reparative bathes and more.

And of those different kinds have one thing in common: you can pull up your hair afterward.



  • It’s very simple: these kinds of treatments only touch the external part of your hair, repairing the fibers, hydrating split ends and strengthening them, so your hair is more resistant to breaking.

Do you use a hair straightener every day? Do you dye your hair every so often?


  • If so, don’t go anywhere, because keratin treatment is perfect for you! After a treatment, you’ll see how your ends look totally different after the treatment and you’ll be able to better manage your hair.

If you pull up your hair, you won’t lose the keratin’s nutrition, nor will you have to re-do the treatment. It’s like when you use a lotion on your skin that then is absorbed, so putting on clothes won’t interrupt the moisturizing.


So, don’t worry, you can immediately pull your hair into a beautiful ponytail, put your hair half-up to get your favorite sophisticated look, pin back your bangs and even get a more elaborate style done with braids and bows.


So, why is it that after doing certain straightening treatments you can’t pull your hair up for any reason at all?

Because those treatments include other chemicals besides protein, which modify the internal structure of your hair.

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Why you can’t pull up your hair after getting a straight perm

A straight perm changes your hair’s structure, modifying your its internal pattern.

Where before there was a curl, you’ll have straight hair fibers.


  • The first few hours after getting a straight perm are fundamental because the formaldehyde keeps working on your hair’s structure.

That’s why you shouldn’t pull up your hair, nor should you wash it or dye it, let alone bleach it.


  • You really shouldn’t even put it behind your ears, something that is very difficult for many women not to do.
 If you do any of these things, then it’s very probable that you’ll need to go back to the salon to re-do the straight perm since any of those actions could completely damage the effects of the treatment. 


  • A straight perm permanently changes your hair fiber, and you go from having curly hair and/or frizzy hair to completely straight hair.

That is because of formaldehyde, which produces a stretching effect on your hair fiber.


You must do a straight perm using heat tools, which means that at the salon, they’ll wash your hair, apply the straightening product, then straighten your hair to seal in the product in both the internal and external part of your hair.

That’s why your hair will stay completely straight for approximately four months.


 In my salon, for example, I recommend to my clients that if they see any kind of wave in their hair the day after they get the straight perm, they should use a flat iron to straighten it to make sure that it doesn’t stay that way. 

That’s why it’s so important not to pull up your hair during the first 48 hours after you get the straight perm.


Now, whether you’ve gotten a keratin treatment or straight perm, both things have a few things in common, which are the ways you should take care of your hair after the treatment.


How to take care of your hair after a keratin treatment

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten a straight perm or a keratin treatment.

In both cases, you’ve invested time and money into your hair. So, it’s very important to take care of your hair in order to prolong the effects of either of these two treatments.


  • To start off, you should forget about using just any kind of shampoo.

The best thing to do is incorporate a sulfate-free shampoo into your routine, so that way you can avoid allowing the keratin to be damaged by any of those kinds of detergents.


Get rid of those materials! If you can, you should rest your head and hair on silk sheets, since that will help to avoid friction with your hair, which will make the keratin treatment last longer.


  • Dry your hair after you wash it but avoid using detangling products.

The protein will help keep your hair perfect without the need for other products.


Now you know the difference between the different treatments, and you know when you can and can’t pull your hair up after getting one.

Have you ever gotten a keratin treatment before?

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