I dyed my hair and my curls are gone, what should I do to get them back?

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You dyed your hair and your curls are gone?


Don’t worry, I’ll give you some foolproof tricks for getting your curls back. You should know the three possible reasons why they disappeared, all of which are really interconnected.

One reason can set off a chain-reaction causing your curls disappear after dyeing your hair. Let’s take a closer look at the three possible reasons.

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Your curls are gone after dyeing them? It’s probably because of one of the three reasons

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1) Hair dye

It doesn’t matter if you dyed your hair for the first time or if you have several layers of dye in your hair. Either way, the dye opens your hair cuticle to deposit the color which at the same time, dehydrates the hair fiber.

So, if you dyed your hair for the first time and you see that your curls are gone, it’s because of that process that I just told you about.


 It’s likely that your hair wasn’t able to get its curls back following the processing and looks stretched or spongy.  That might be more noticeable during the first few days after you dye your hair. Don’t fret, though, remember that your hair was subject to a color process and still needs to settle in.


In a few days, your hair cuticle will close again and your curls will slowly regain their shape. This process is completely normal, since after dyeing your hair, it needs a few days to fully trap the color.


On the other hand, if it’s not the first time you’re dyeing your hair, the disappearance of your curls might be associated with more serious damage to your hair due to the accumulation of chemical processing, like from coloring your hair repeatedly. Is there a solution?

Of course there is, at least in my experience, most of the time when you choose to follow a post-color care plan, you’ll be able to regain your curls’ shape. We’ll get into how to do that in a little bit.


Remember that you need to follow certain rules to make sure the color process doesn’t overly damage your hair.

For example, you shouldn’t dye your hair more than once in the same month. You should use a good brand of dye and opt for developers that are 30 volumes or fewer. If you don’t follow these rules, then the misuse of hair dyes could worsen and delay the return of your curls.


2) Hair type

There are certain hair types that are more vulnerable and can dry out in the dye process. That’s the case for thin hair or porous hair. On the other hand, thick hair tends to be much more resistant to damage.

If you have fine, curly hair, your hair might look stretched out because of the color process since thin hair tends to break and dehydrate more easily.


 The solution for getting back your curls after dyeing your hair is different than for other hair types. You need hair products that work for your specific hair type. 

Porous hair, whether it’s thick or fine, should focus care routines on hydration because this hair type is very fragile. But, don’t worry, very soon I’ll give you a plan for recuperating curls in your hair, too.


3) After color care

Would you believe me if I told you that a lot of women just look at me with a surprised expression when I ask them what they do to take care of their hair at home?


That’s the truth, some don’t know that they need to keep up a hair care routine at home, and it’s not enough to just show up at a salon appointment every now and then.

There are also some people who use hair care products, but not the right ones, so they don’t notice improvements in their hair.


 The truth is that if you dye your hair and you have curly hair, you need to take extra care of it. Curly hair is more work than straight hair. 

It has the advantage of looking beautiful, but the disadvantage of wilting and drying out more easily.


That’s why if you don’t dedicate time to caring for it after you color it, it’s likely that your curls will disappear. Now, let’s get into what you must have been thinking the whole time you’ve been reading about the causes for your curls going away:

The solution for getting your curls back!


I’ll leave you three action plans for getting back your curls depending on your hair type. Let’s get to work!


Plan for getting your curls back after dyeing your hair – thick or normal hair

repair hair before re-dyeing

Like I told you at the beginning, after dyeing your hair, the cuiticule opens up, then within a few days, it goes back to normal.

I recommend that from now on, you wash your hair less often if that’s not something you’re already doing. The goal is that your hair remains well hydrated so it has the ability to shape itself. Hydration consists of four steps.


  • Step 1: Sulfate-free shampoos are best because they tend to dry out your hair and scalp less than other kinds. Remember: You shouldn’t wash your hair every day. You can do it once a week or when it looks dirty.
  • Step 2: If you choose one that is made for curly hair, even better. At this step, brush your hair out with a wide toothed comb. This is the only time you’re going to brush it.
  • Step 3: Hair mask.  Use a hydrating hair mask once a week. 
  • Step 4: Style your hair. Use hair products to shape your curls and avoid the hair dryer, at least until you have recovered your hair’s hydration and your curls have re-formed.


Every hair is a world in itself, so use the products you know work best for your hair. Remember not to skip any of these steps, especially if you continue to dye your hair because these steps are what will help make sure that your curls stick around after dyeing your hair.


Plan for getting your curls back after dyeing your hair – fine hair

colored curly hair shaping the curls

Thin or fine hair that loses its curl after dyeing it requires more specific care. You should wash your hair every two days since thin hair tends to become greasy more quickly.


  • Step 1: If your hair is thin and also greasy, use a neutral shampoo that helps you get a deep wash.
  • Step 2: Choose a light one.
  • Step 3: Hydrating mask. Use this every ten days.
  • Step 4:  For your fine hair, you need to use hair products that help you give it more definition but at the same time are light. 


Don’t use any creamy products, instead, you’ll do best with sprays for curly hair and don’t forget to “scrunch” your hair (opening and closing the palm of your hair around it to form the curls). Once your ‘do is ready, don’t touch your hair too much.


Plan for getting your curls back after dyeing your hair – porous hair

using castor oil for porous curly hair

Porous hair should follow the same plans I explained above according to their hair type (normal to thick or fine).

Porous hair is porous because its cuticles are open, so it needs to be well-hydrated.


My recommendation is that in addition to following the plan for your hair,  alternate the hydrating mask with an extra-acidic mask. That will help close your hair’s cuticles. 


  • If your hair is thick or normal, finish up by adding a few drops of oil to seal it to make sure no humidity escapes from your hair.
  • On the other hand, if your hair is fine, opt for a biphasic oil which will help ensure that your hair doesn’t end up looking flat or limp. Porous hair is difficult to deal with, but it’s worth the effort.


Patience and care after dyeing your hair to get your curls back

In this article, we’ve seen why your curls might be gone after dyeing your hair.

I’ve also prepared an action plan for getting back your beloved curls, depending on what hair type you have.

If you have any questions, bring them to your most trusted hairdresser, because they will know which products are best for your hair type.

You can do it! Follow the plan I presented and you’ll have your curls back soon!

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