Can I do a Brazilian Blowout after bleaching? How long should I wait?

woman with bleached hair and brazilian blowout

  • Can you do a Brazilian blowout after bleaching? Yes, you can.
  • However, I don’t recommend you do a Brazilian blowout immediately after bleaching your hair because you can irreversibly ruin your hair.
  • Ideally, you should allow at least three weeks after bleaching your hair to do a Brazilian blowout. And it’s also a good idea to get a professional to give the Brazilian blowout to your bleached hair.


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 Do you know why it’s a good idea to wait three weeks after bleaching your hair before doing a Brazilian blowout? 


Because the Brazilian blowout treatment is done with lots and lots of heat.

And most likely, after bleaching, your hair will be very weak and brittle.


This is one of the most frequent questions I get about the Brazilian blowout treatment. Many clients also ask me if they can bleach their hair after doing a Brazilian blowout.


How do you know your hair will be weak and prone to breakage after bleaching?

It’s very simple. When you touch your bleached hair, it probably feels rough and straw-like. And that’s normal because bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process that robs your hair of moisture and nutrients.


So  if you do a Brazilian blowout without waiting three weeks, you can literally burn your hair. 


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Why? Because to seal the Brazilian blowout treatment, you’ll use a straightener at very high temperatures. And weak and dehydrated hair is unable to withstand these temperatures.

So don’t take any unnecessary risks with your bleached hair. Please take my advice as a warning.

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You should always allow three weeks between bleaching your hair and doing a Brazilian blowout

Brazilian Blowout sealing with hair iron

The Brazilian blowout is a repairing and straightening treatment. It allows the hair to regain its natural shape if you don’t straighten your hair frequently.

And that’s one of the most important differences between this and a keratin treatment.


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Generally, a keratin treatment leaves the hair as straight as a board and a little stiff. And after the treatment, you’ll notice your hair gets greasy easily.

But both keratin and Brazilian blowout treatments are excellent for repairing hair damage.


Of course, here we’re talking about bleached hair.

How long ago did you bleach your hair?

  •  If you bleached your hair less than three weeks ago , you won’t be able to get a Brazilian blowout. The heat that seals the treatment will burn your hair. And I’m talking extreme damage here. The heat will burn your hair and even cause it to fall out from the roots.
  •  If you bleached your hair three or more weeks ago , you can get a Brazilian blowout treatment. But it’s important you get the treatment in a professional hair salon.


And on this last point, I want to stop for a moment.


Why is it important to get a professional to do your Brazilian blowout on your hair three weeks after bleaching?

Because the professional will use professional straighteners that reach very high temperatures. We’re talking about 380°F, or 193°C.

Yes, you’ve read that right.


 The straightener must be at least 193°C to seal the Brazilian blowout treatment.  But you don’t just run the straightener through your hair once.

The stylist will pass the straightener through four or five times if you just want to reduce frizz, or up to ten or twelve times if you want to straighten your hair.


 Only a professional can determine whether your bleached hair will withstand the Brazilian blowout, even three weeks after bleaching. 


So, don’t take any chances.

If it’s been three weeks since you bleached your hair, and you want to get a heat repair treatment, get your hair evaluated by a professional.

This is the only way you can be sure that the Brazilian blowout won’t burn your bleached hair.


Now if it’s been less than three weeks since you bleached your hair and you want to repair it, you can use another type of treatment, one that doesn’t involve heat.

And that’s what we’ll talk about next.


If it’s been less than three weeks since you bleached your hair, you can use heatless keratin to repair it

woman applies keratin mask

 Are there such things as heatless keratin treatments? 


Of course there are! They’re what we commonly know as keratin masks or keratin ampoules.

You can use these keratin masks without heat until you can go to the hair salon to get the Brazilian blowout. My recommendation is that you use keratin masks up to twice a week for three weeks.

How should you use them?


  • Apply the mask on damp hair from the ends to the roots. Always start the application at the ends because they’re the most damaged by bleaching.
  • Massage your hair for three minutes and cover it with a shower cap.
  • Leave the mask on for twenty minutes and rinse it out with cold water.
  • It’s important that you don’t use a hair dryer or straightener.


After three weeks of using keratin masks, you’ll notice your hair is softer, stronger, shinier, and with much less frizz.

If you want to do a Brazilian blowout after three weeks, you should evaluate the state of your hair. The best way to do this is by paying attention to how many hairs break when you comb it.

 If a lot of hairs break and many strands get caught in the brush , you won’t be able to do a Brazilian blowout because your hair won’t withstand the heat of the straightener.



You can only do a Brazilian blowout three weeks after bleaching your hair. But it’s very important the treatment is done by a professional.

Because the Brazilian blowout is sealed with a straightener at very high temperatures, which can burn your hair irreversibly.

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