How to stop hair loss from Brazilian blowout? Follow these steps

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  • To stop hair loss from Brazilian Blowout, the first thing to do is ask a dermatologist to check if it’s due to hormonal imbalance or stress.
  • If those are not the reasons, try adding some products that will help you stop hair loss, such as shampoos and conditioners with Bonding technology.
  • You can also use a dry shampoo. I’ll tell you why later on.
  • These products will strengthen the internal molecular bonds of your hair and moisturize your scalp to stop hair breakage and prevent hair loss from the root.


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  Does your hair fall out from Brazilian Blowout?  


I’m sorry to say you that’s not normal.

However, don’t worry. I’ll tell you how to stop hair loss from Brazilian Blowout.

Before we get into those details, let me ask you another question:

Are you sure that the Brazilian Blowout is the cause of your hair loss?


  If you already had hair falling out before you had the Brazilian Blowout, it’s not the cause of the Brazilian Blowout. It isn’t an anti-hair loss treatment.  

Brazilian Blowout treatment

Brazilian Blowout eliminates hair frizz, cares for curls, or straightens hair intensely.

So, if your hair fell out before the Brazilian Blowout, it’ll continue after the treatment. The Brazilian Blowout treatment is sealed with a flat iron at very high temperatures, and these high temperatures can worsen your hair breakage.

So, what should you do to stop hair loss?


First, stay calm. Desperation leads to nothing, and stress could worsen your situation.

Second, remember when the hair loss started. We’ll go into this in more detail below.


If you want to stop hair loss from Brazilian Blowout, remember when your hair loss started

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Hair loss is usually caused by:

  • Hormonal conditions, poor diet, or stress.
  • Damage to the hair caused by regular chemical processes or misuse of some products such as home straightening.

Try to go back to the moment before you applied the Brazilian Blowout.

  • When you detangled your hair, did you notice that there was hair left?
  • When you woke every morning, did you notice a significant amount of hair on your pillowcase or sheets?
  • When you washed your hair, did your hair fall out?


  If you answered yes, your hair breakage existed before the Brazilian Blowout.  


So, I suggest you visit a dermatologist. Your hair is probably falling out due to hormonal problems, poor diet, or stress, and only a dermatologist can tell you.

doctor checks hair


  If your hair wasn’t falling out before the Brazilian Blowout,   the treatment weakened your hair and caused breakage.

Brazilian Blowout is applied with heat and chemicals that make the hair less flexible and increase stiffness. When this happens, hair breakage can occur.

Therefore, a professional stylist should apply Brazilian Blowout. A hairdresser will evaluate the condition of your hair and know if it will withstand the treatment.


If your hair starts to fall out when you wash your hair for the first time after the Brazilian Blowout, the treatment has caused the hair to fall out.

That’s why you notice hair loss due to breakage. You may also see longer hair, which hairdressers consider “dangerous” because it means your hair is falling out from the roots.

I must be honest with you. It’s not common for Brazilian Blowout to cause hair loss from the root, and the treatment is not applied at the root to avoid damaging the hair follicles.

If you notice that your hair is breaking from the root, ask a dermatologist to start a treatment to heal the hair follicles and stop hair loss.

However, if the hair loss does not start from the root, it’s time to begin to stop it. We’ll get to work.


3 steps to stop hair loss after Brazilian Blowout

You must start repairing your hair internally to stop hair loss after Brazilian Blowout treatment. You’ll need some specific products, perseverance, and patience.

Stopping hair loss doesn’t happen overnight.


Step 1: use shampoo and conditioner with Bonding technology

redken and olaplex

These products will strengthen the weaker areas of your hair. You can choose brands like REDKEN, OLAPLEX or NEXXUS.


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Step 2: Wash your scalp with water or dry shampoo only

Brazilian Blowout seals the hair fiber to prevent it from absorbing the natural oil expelled by your scalp. That’s why your hair always feels greasy. This isn’t because your hair is dirty.

Instead, the nutrients aren’t penetrating the hair fiber.

To remove excess oil, you should rinse your scalp with water or dry shampoo.

Why? Excess sebum can clog the pores of your hair and cause it to fall out at the root. If you use shampoo every day, your hair will dry out.

That’s why I recommend rinsing your scalp with water or using dry shampoo every other day.


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Step 3: Use Olaplex 7 Bonding Oil

This oil from Olaplex is one of the best products for strengthening the bonds of brittle hair. If you use it once a week for a month, I can assure you that you’ll stop hair loss.

You should apply a few drops once a week on the lengths and ends.



If you have hair loss after Brazilian Blowout, ask a dermatologist to rule out hormonal problems or eating disorders that may cause it.

When you check those aren’t the reasons, you can start using shampoos and conditioners with Bonding technology to repair and strengthen your hair to stop hair loss.

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