Should you use clarifying shampoo after an oil treatment?

woman with very oily hair after oil treatment

  • You can use a clarifying shampoo after an oil treatment if the clarifying shampoo contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.
  • In that case, I recommend you use Garnier Fructis Pure Clean, PURA D’OR Thin2Thick, or Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo.
  • Because this way, you’ll remove the excess oil from the treatment without detracting from the hydration the oil gave your hair.


Let’s be honest.

 It may seem contradictory to want to use clarifying shampoo after oil treatment. 


Because if you put oil in your hair, your idea was probably to add moisture and nourishment and repair it.

Maybe you even mixed coconut oil with rosemary oil to stimulate your hair growth.


But completely removing any oil from your hair, even the lightest ones, can be a tricky and exhausting task.

So, if you notice your hair is too oily after you rinsed out the oil, you can use a clarifying shampoo.   You should choose a clarifying shampoo containing moisturizing agents. 

For example:

moroccanoil clarifying shampoo to use after oil treatment

  •  If your hair is naturally oily , you can choose Garnier Fructis Pure Clean clarifying shampoo, which contains aloe vera and vitamin E.
  •  If your hair is fine , opt for PURA D’OR Thin2Thick clarifying shampoo, which contains biotin, keratin, caffeine, castor oil, and aloe vera.
  •  If your hair is damaged by bleaching or frequent coloring , choose Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo, which contains keratin, argan oil, and avocado.


In addition to using clarifying shampoo to remove excess oil from your hair, keep the following tips in mind.


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How to use clarifying shampoo after an oil treatment

woman washing her hair with clarifying shampoo to remove traces of oil

Use lukewarm water

This is to make it easier for the oil to dilute quicker with the help of the clarifying shampoo. Let the warm water run for a few minutes through your hair, then use the clarifying shampoo.


Wash your hair twice with clarifying shampoo

Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, even if the clarifying shampoo you’ve chosen has moisturizing ingredients, you’ll eliminate all the benefits of the oil treatment.


Use conditioner

If possible, use a clarifying conditioner. Many of the clarifying shampoo brands I mentioned above also offer clarifying conditioners.

These conditioners don’t just add moisture to your hair. They also help to remove residue from the oil treatment. You can use apple cider vinegar if you don’t have a clarifying conditioner.

Finally, if your scalp is very oily, use light oils such as coconut, argan, or rosemary to perform repairing treatments on your hair.



Although oil treatments are highly beneficial for your hair, rinsing them out can be a little complicated. Therefore, you can use clarifying shampoo to remove oily residue from your hair. Remember that the clarifying shampoo you use should contain moisturizing agents.

This way, your hair will retain the benefits of the oil treatment.

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