Can you do 2 keratin treatments in a row? Only if you want to ruin your hair

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  • No, you should never do two keratin treatments in a row.
  • If you do, your hair could become brittle, dry and dull, or even fall out.

Now, do you want to know when you can do the treatment again?


  • If you’ve had keratin with formaldehyde applied at home, wait for 2 to 3 months before repeating it.
  • If you had keratin with formaldehyde applied in a hair salon, wait 4 to 6 months (consult your stylist).
  • If you’ve had keratin without formaldehyde applied at home or in the hair salon, wait at least 1 month.


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Have you recently had a keratin treatment and were wondering if you can repeat it right away?


Well, let’s cut to the chase. If you had a keratin treatment and it contained formaldehyde, then  having 2 treatments in a row is an awful idea. 


Now, let me understand  why you would want to do two keratin treatments in a row. 

Didn’t you like the way it looked the first time?


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Did you apply the keratin yourself at home without following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, and now you want to fix it with a new treatment?

Or maybe  you think doing two keratin treatments in a row will be more efficient? 


Either way, the answer will always be that you shouldn’t do two keratin treatments in a row. You’re probably asking yourself why not?


I won’t just answer “because I said so”, as our parents used to tell us when we were kids.

 In this article you’ll find the answers to all your questions. 

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Why shouldn’t you do 2 keratin treatments in a row? You’ll ruin your hair!

Woman passes the flat iron on her straight hair

There are different types of keratin treatments on the market and hundreds of different brands.

Some contain formaldehyde and some don’t.


Although  formaldehyde is not allowed , it’s still used in many places around the world and is still marketed in some cosmetic products.

You might say: what does all this have to do with me?


Good question.

The answer is that depending on the type of keratin you applied (with or without formaldehyde) you can repeat the treatment in more or less time.

In either case,  you cannot have two keratin treatments on the same day or in the same week. 


Although at first glance they leave your hair frizz-free and looking like it was just straightened, keratin treatments with formaldehyde dehydrate your hair fiber.

So what will happen if you have 2 formaldehyde keratin treatments in a row?


 If you have 2 formaldehyde treatments  in a row, you run these risks:

  • Completely breaking the hair fiber and then your hair will start to fall out.
  • It may not fall out, but it will look brittle, dry, and dull.
  • Your hair can become much thinner.


Formaldehyde-free keratin treatments, on the other hand, are much more beneficial.  Keratin is a protein that our hair naturally possesses.  However, over the years we gradually lose it.

What other factors influence this loss?


 Dyes, chlorine, and heat from blow-drying and straightening  influence the loss of the hair’s natural keratin. Therefore, doing this type of treatment is ideal for restoring your hair’s health.

But, like everything in life, too much isn’t good for you.


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How long do I have to wait to have a keratin treatment again?

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If you’ve had a keratin treatment, the time you have to wait to have it done again will depend on 2 factors:

  • Whether you did it at home or in a salon.
  • If the keratin contained formaldehyde or not.


So, let’s look at these factors:

  • If you’ve applied keratin treatment with formaldehyde at home, you’ll have to wait 2 to 3 months to repeat it.
  • If you’ve applied formaldehyde and keratin in a hair salon, then you should wait 4 to 6 months (consult your hairdresser).
  • If you’ve applied keratin without formaldehyde at home or in the hair salon, wait for at least 1 month.

As you can see,  in none of these cases do I advise you to repeat the treatment right away. 


You won’t believe it: this woman had one keratin treatment per month for a year

Woman in the salon shocked with her haircut

Let me tell you Sandra’s story.

She came to my salon for the first time and her hair looked… well… you’d better try to imagine it.

 Her hair had two layers : a top layer that was like a helmet of hair and a longer bottom layer, like thin, scraggly extensions. Did you imagine it?


Her hair was a mess!

My first question when I saw her was, “What happened?!” She was just as concerned as I was.

So, after several questions, she told me that she went to the hair salon once a month, and  on each visit, the hairdresser gave her a keratin treatment.  And yes, with formaldehyde. Can you believe it?


 Sandra received 12 keratin treatments in a row.  And you might think how strong her hair was! And yes, her hair was strong, but it couldn’t take that much damage. So why didn’t she stop sooner?


Well, the damage that a keratin treatment causes to your hair is not immediately noticeable (not even after 2 treatments in a row).

You may see your hair is shiny until one day it starts to break off, and you don’t understand what’s happening!


Well, with this article, you’ve been warned.  Doing 2 or more keratin treatments in a row will be extremely harmful to your hair. 

Especially if the keratin you use contains formaldehyde.


 Sandra was lucky not to have gone completely bald.  We’ve been working for a year now to give her hair back its strength. We kept cutting it and it already looks much better.



As I told you at the start,  whatever the reason you want to do 2 keratin treatments in a row , it’s a bad idea.

Here this saying applies perfectly: “Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease”.  You may not immediately see the damage  you’re doing to your hair, but I assure you that you will.


It’s better to breathe, be patient, and wait a little longer!

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