Why is my hair still curly after keratin treatment? For this simple reason!

frizzy hair before keratin

  • Your hair is still curly because keratin does NOT straighten your hair.
  • If you want to straighten your hair, you should go for the appropriate treatment, such as progressive straightening.
  • Progressive straightening is based on keratin amino acids and straightens your curls without damaging your hair.


  • You should also know that a keratin type with formaldehyde could be used to straighten your hair, but I don’t recommend it. I’ll explain why.
  • I’ll also tell you what kind of keratin with and without formaldehyde can be used and which treatment is best to straighten your curls.


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Have you had a professional keratin treatment, but the result wasn’t as expected?


I understand that you feel a little disappointed by  that keratin treatment. It promised to leave your hair spectacular and didn’t deliver. Your hair is still curly, and you don’t know why. 


As I said, keratin isn’t designed for straightening hair.

In this article, we’ll analyze the uses of keratin and the most suitable treatment to straighten your hair as you want.

Will you join me?


Can keratin straighten my hair? No! I’ll tell you why

hairdresser applying keratin

I’ll ask you what I ask my clients in the salon: What do you want to achieve in your hair?

More shine?

More nourishment?

Avoid that annoying frizz?


If that’s what you want for your hair, I recommend a keratin treatment.

The four main objectives of keratin are:

  • Bring shine to your hair.
  • Bajar el frizz.
  • Lower frizz.
  • Make your hair look healthier.


Although keratin helps your curly hair relax into a straighter pattern, it won’t straighten it completely.

You may have heard of some keratin treatments with formaldehyde. They may straighten your hair, but you won’t always get the best result.

Remember that the goal of keratin treatment is hair repair.

So, if you want to straighten your hair, keratin wouldn’t be the suitable for you.


Different hair types need different treatments for straightening. We’ll take a look at them.


If your curly hair fights keratin, this information is for you

straighten hair with flat iron

If the keratin treatment hasn’t straightened your curls and you don’t know how to fix it, there’s still a solution.  I recommend that you visit a beauty salon and ask the hairdresser for a formaldehyde-free progressive straightening service. 


The formula is based on keratin amino acids, which temporarily change the hair structure. That way, you’ll straighten your hair and keep it away from the damage of formaldehyde products.

However, you could wait a bit and repeat the keratin treatment.


Can I repeat the keratin treatment to straighten my curls?

  • If your hair is thick and tightly curly, avoid using keratin to straighten it.

Try formaldehyde-free progressive straightening instead.


  • Alternatively, if your hair is fine and wavy or curly, but you can’t straighten it with keratin, you could repeat the treatment at the salon. Explain to the hairdresser that your goal is to straighten your curls.

Remember you must wait at least 2 months to repeat the keratin treatment.

In the meantime, you could evaluate other non-keratin options to straighten your hair.

There are 2 types of keratin. Learn more about them here

There are 2 types of keratin on the market. Keratin may include formaldehyde or be formaldehyde-free.

Let’s see what each one is about.


Keratin without formaldehyde

As previously explained, formaldehyde-free keratins relax your curly hair, reduce frizz and give it a shiny and manageable finish.


Keratin without formaldehyde are unlikely to straighten frizzy hair.

So, if you want to straighten your hair, you’d better look for another option.


What about keratin with formaldehyde?

Have you heard of them?


Keratin with formaldehyde

Keratin containing formaldehyde can straighten your hair.

However, honestly, I’m against treatments with formaldehyde. It’s a toxic ingredient that could damage the hair. I think it’s too high a price to pay for beautiful hair, especially when you have other friendlier options for your health.

Also, you should know that some countries ban formaldehyde for cosmetic use.

 Still, if you want to straighten your hair and you don’t mind taking the risk, keratin with formaldehyde could be the right choice. 


In any case, I recommend that you ask an expert about the advantages and disadvantages of going for treatment with toxic products such as formaldehyde.

Other hair-straightening options on the market don’t contain this toxic ingredient. For example, progressive straightening could work much better for you.


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When can I use keratin in my hair?

Straight, wavy, and curly but fine hair benefit the most from keratin treatments.

In other words, keratin treatments are suitable for all hair types, except for hair in very bad condition.

On second thought, this is rather contradictory, isn’t it?


Keratin is well known for repairing damaged hair.


 However, if your hair is damaged and you’re looking for a solution keratin may not be the right treatment for you either. 


This is because keratin is a chemical product (with or without formaldehyde). It could seriously damage your hair if it’s already burned or badly bleached.


If your hair is damaged, do this before a keratin treatment

If your hair is damaged, you should trim and repair it before performing the keratin treatment.

Otherwise, applying keratin won’t yield your expected results.

In this case, keratin won’t straighten your hair either. Instead, your hair will be the same or even curlier.


When shouldn’t I apply keratin to my hair?

As mentioned earlier, keratin usually works on all hair, except on seriously damaged hair.

Keratin treatment restores softness and shine and eliminates frizz. However, it doesn’t straighten the hair.

When you apply keratin, you need to flat iron and seal the hair for the product to penetrate the most porous areas of the hair.

 But if your hair is too curly, thick, and frizzy, you probably won’t notice the change when you apply a keratin treatment. 


In that case, you’ll need other more effective treatments for your hair type.

Remember that keratin isn’t magic and won’t work if you have thick, curly hair.

Therefore, you will probably not be able to straighten your hair with a keratin treatment.


Your curly hair resists keratin? Accept your curls!

Would you believe me if I told you that more and more women are trying to get their curly hair back?

As a hairdresser,  my advice will always be to listen to nature and leave your hair the way she intended it for you. 

This isn’t to say that you can’t control frizz without straightening your hair.

Many women tell me that they don’t have defined curls and their hair gets too big. That’s why they prefer to straighten it.

Did you know that with appropriate hair care products you could have curly, frizz-free hair?


Just think about it.


If you decide to keep your curls, follow this care routine

 In case you change your mind about straightening or while you’re trying to find a solution with your hairdresser,  here’s a short care routine that will help you define and show off beautiful curls.


  • Use shampoo, conditioner, and a mask every time you wash your hair.


  • Use styling creams for shape and definition.

Not all creams are the same; buy one for your hair type.

If you’ve damaged hair or virgin hair, use a specific cream.

The heavier textures are for porous and bleached hair and the lighter textures are for finer and undefined hair.


  • All the products you use should be for curls. Then, choose the right one also considering your oily or dry scalp.

Choose nourishing and repairing products if you have dry and damaged hair.

And opt for moisturizing products if you have normal to oily hair.


Many women straighten their hair because they don’t know how to care for their curls or don’t have the products to do so.

Try this routine and give your curls a chance.


Conclusion: to straighten your curls, opt for a progressive straightening treatment

We’ve seen that there’s nothing better than a progressive straightening to straighten your curls.

On the other hand, keratin treatment has other functions, such as eliminating frizz, nourishing the hair, and enhancing its looks.

We’ve also seen that keratin with formaldehyde could be useful for straightening curly hair, but formaldehyde is toxic and not recommended.

 If your hair is thick and curly, keratin won’t be enough to straighten your curls.  So make an appointment at the salon and get a treatment that’s right for you.

I hope my tips help you and you can wear your hair the way you like it!

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