Can you apply the keratin treatment without using the flat iron or any other heating tools?

straightening treatment without heat

If you are thinking about going for a keratin treatment, there are certain details that you cannot overlook if you want the treatment to work.

The first one (and the one I want to talk to you about today) is the use of the flat iron or any other heating tool.


It is impossible to do the keratin without straightening the hair because heat makes the keratin activate and penetrate the scalp cuticle.

If someone told you that it is possible to do it without a flat iron… they don’t know anything!

What’s more, I dare say that person wants to rip you off. Runaway and find a real professional to advise you.


 Getting a keratin treatment without a flat iron is like eating a pizza without cheese. 

Can you eat pizza without cheese? I suppose you could, but it would lack one of the most important ingredients. It’s like the pizza is incomplete, right?


The same thing happens with the keratin treatment.

Can you do a keratin treatment without straightening the hair?


It can be done, but the treatment would be incomplete because it would lack the most important step: sealing the product in the hair.

Is that clear?


I’m telling you this because I’ve read on several blogs and websites about people “promising” that it can be done without heating tools.

Even worse, I’ve seen that some beauty salons offer to “do your keratin without a flat iron.” It’s a lie, don’t fall into the trap.


 Heat, both in keratin treatment and in other hair treatments (straightening, for example) is a main step for the product to work. 

If you decide to apply the treatment and not use the flat iron, you are simply wasting your time.

As soon as you wash your hair, all your money will go down the drain.


However, I don’t want to go ahead and tell you everything here.

I want to explain why you need the flat iron in detail in the next section and tell you what to do to get your hair back without using the flat iron.

You know, in case you want to avoid using it at all.

So, let’s go for it, girls.

  • Firstly, I will tell you why the flat iron is so important in the keratin process
  • Then. I will tell you if there is an alternative treatment that does not need the flat iron


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Why do you need to use the flat iron during your keratin treatment?

maximum temperature

I´ve asked myself the same question many times.

I didn’t understand how the flat iron’s heat could make the product activate and stick to my hair.

I also didn’t understand why the heat from the flat iron would straighten my hair.

So, I started researching to find the answer… until I finally got it.


The first thing you need to know is that your hair (like everyone else’s) contains natural keratin.

  • If your hair is straight, it means that the links between your keratin chains are aligned.
  • If you have curly or wavy hair, it means that your keratin bonds are spirally shaped.


 When you straighten your hair, the heat breaks the links formed between the keratin chains and “orders” them to be parallel. 

The flat iron actually denatures the proteins that are naturally found in your hair.


However, in this case, the heat causes the treatment to return the natural keratin to your hair. It activates it again after you’ve lost it.

That’s precisely what generates the straight look, more strength, and more shine.

It’s all about chemistry.


The thing here is, your hair will always tend to come back to its natural shape.

  • Sooner or later.
  • With or without keratin.
  • With or without a flat iron.

Have you noticed that when you wash your hair, it loses its shape?

Alternatively, when your hair dries, it recovers its shape?


Well, the same thing happens when the keratin starts to fade wash after wash: your hair will always go back to what it was.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.


That’s why, every three or four months, it’s recommended that you get your keratin done again, with a good flat iron.

And by a “good hair straightener,” I mean one that’s made of titanium and that reaches at least 450°F.

As you know, no keratin can work without heat.


Is there any treatment that doesn’t need a flat iron?

titanium plates

It may not be the answer you want to hear, but no.

 There is no treatment you can do without using the flat iron or any other heating tool. 


Or, at least, none that can offer you the same benefits as keratin or straightening.

It is impossible to straighten hair without applying heat to the product to make it work.

Please don’t give it any more thought.


As I said, the heat from the flat iron is essential for the treatment to break up your hair’s natural structure.

When it breaks, your hair is completely straight even after it’s been wet for a certain amount of time.

However, don’t think it’s going to last forever.


Depending on the treatment or straightening you choose, you could go up to nine months without using a straightener.

Of course, it all depends on the care you give to it.


This is the case with Japanese, Brazilian, and any other hair straightening treatments available today.

They definitely need a hair straightener to achieve the results.


 What I can recommend is that you get a treatment that requires flat ironing, such as keratin, and forgets about the flat iron for a few months. 

Or at least, you will be able to use it less.


If you used to straighten your hair every day, you would be able to do it every other day.

If you used to use it religiously on weekends to go out, try some no-heat hairstyles.


That allows the keratin to work and your hair to recover from the damage you’ve caused by using your hairdryer, straightening iron, or even exposing it to the sun without protection.

You can also try making a homemade mask or visit your favorite salon for a non-iron treatment.



The important thing here is that you are aware of what you are about to do to your hair.

Your hair is like your calling card. It’s vital to your image.

That’s why you should give it your best shot and avoid overuse of the straightener or blow dryer.


If you decide to do your keratin, you need to know that no matter how much your hair needs straightening, it won’t suffer or break.

Come on; one more time won’t make a difference.

As long as you do it with the best professionals and quality products, your hair will regain its vitality and look much better than before.

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