How to Fix Hair Breakage After a Keratin Treatment in 4 Weeks?

woman scared by hair loss after keratin

If your hair is brittle after a keratin treatment, it didn’t resist the treatment.

You need a repair routine right away. Here are the details:

  • Week 1: To stop breakage, wait three days to wash your hair after the keratin treatment. Use a sulfate-free shampoo. This way, your hair will finish absorbing the protein. Don’t use a blow dryer or flat iron.
  • Week 2: Wash your hair every 72 hours with a sulfate-free shampoo. Don’t use any heat or styling tools. Also, don’t color your hair.
  • Week 3: Add anti-breakage oil, such as coconut or argan oil, to your hair beauty routine. Apply a few drops to the lengths and ends. Continue to wash your hair every 72 hours, and don’t use a blow dryer or flat iron.
  • Week 4: Continue washing your hair every 72 hours. Apply a coconut or argan oil mask once a week for 20 minutes.
  • During those four weeks, avoid tying or y la aplicación de cualquier tipo de tinte o decoloración.
  • If you still feel your hair brittle after four weeks, repeat weeks 2 and 3 to continue strengthening your hair.


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How to stop hair fall after keratin treatment? A foolproof 4-step plan


I know!  You were dreaming about the keratin treatment results, but after the first wash, you’re losing hair.  

At first, you thought it was normal. Perhaps, when you woke up the first morning after the keratin treatment, you noticed some hair strands on your pillowcase. The same thing happened the following day, and you thought it was normal.

However, when you washed your hair for the first time after the keratin treatment, you discovered that it wasn’t just a few stray hairs anymore.


I understand your desperation. You feel you could be bald. But don’t worry. It won’t happen because you’ll get to work right away to stop your hair from breaking after keratin.

We’ll talk about that in a few moments.

woman looks sadly at her brittle hair

First, I’ll explain why your hair is brittle after a keratin treatment. I think your hair is brittle after keratin because there you didn’t have a proper diagnosis before.

I’ll tell you something that may surprise you: keratin treatment isn’t always the best for all hair types.


Although keratin nourishes and repairs the hair, it’s applied with high heat to seal the protein in the inner layer of the hair.

If your hair is very damaged before the keratin, it won’t resist the flat iron.

Therefore, the hair will break and fall out. I dare to think that this is what happened in your case.

Another reason the hair becomes brittle is that the treatment produces an overload of proteins. The hair receives more keratin than it can absorb. Therefore, it breaks.


In any case,   you need to start immediately with a plan to stop the breakage.  


You can’t wait until tomorrow or the weekend. Your hair is crying out for help, and you must come to its aid. Shall we begin?


Four-week plan to stop hair breakage after a keratin treatment

sealing of the keratin treatment with a flat iron

What do you need during these four weeks?

  • Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Anti-breakage oil.
  • Natural coconut or argan oil.


What shouldn’t you use during these four weeks?

  • Any heat tool: flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons.
  • Any hair product that makes your hair stiff: gels, mousses, or styling creams.
  • Permanent hair dye and bleach. They contain chemicals that worsen the breakage.
  • Fine-toothed combs.
  • Hair updos of any kind, such as ponytails, buns, and braids.


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Week 1: Wash your hair as little as possible

sulfate-free shampoos to use after keratin treatment

First, you must wait at least 48 hours for your hair to absorb the keratin. Also, you must give your hair a rest.

I advise that   you wash your hair twice this week with a sulfate-free shampoo.  


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You should invest in sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner because sulfates are detergents that dry out and weaken your hair.

As you’re struggling to stop breakage and hair loss, buying a sulfate-free shampoo is an investment rather than an expense.


Week 2: Wash your hair less frequently.

The ideal frequency is every 72 hours with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.   When blow-drying your hair, do it gently and use   a towel to absorb excess water. Let it air dry, and don’t tie it up.


Week 3: add an anti-breakage oil for lengths and ends

Don’t panic if you notice a few stray strands on the sheets or when you wash your hair. Although it may seem contradictory, your mane is starting to recover. Still, some sections of the hair react faster than others.


  Include an anti-breakage oil, such as argan or coconut, to be used only on lengths and ends in small amounts.  


Apply the oil drops on your lengths and ends, and don’t rinse your hair.


Week 4: Apply a natural oil mask once a week and leave it on for twenty minutes

woman holds container of coconut oil and a tablespoon full of it

  Continue to wash your hair every 72 hours and let it air dry.   Choose one day a week to apply the oil mask from roots to ends for twenty minutes.

  •   If your hair is still brittle after following this 4-week plan,   repeat the steps in weeks 2 and 3 for a month to moisturize your hair.
  •   If your hair is still brittle two months after the keratin treatment,   visit a dermatologist for a complete medical evaluation.



If the hair is brittle after the keratin treatment, it didn’t resist the heat that seals the treatment. Start immediately with this routine to stop breakage and hair loss.

If in doubt, visit a dermatologist.

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