If I washed my hair yesterday can I perm it today? Yes, you can, but read this first

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  • If you washed your hair yesterday, you can perm it today.
  • Ideally, you should have washed your hair with shampoo and conditioner only, and between yesterday and today, you shouldn’t have applied any other products to your hair.
  • Today I’ll tell you about other things you can consider before you perm your hair today, like choosing the type of perm and the size of the curler to achieve the curl you want.


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 Were just you on the verge of a nervous breakdown because you washed your hair yesterday and today you’re going to perm it? 


Relax. That wash won’t interfere with the perming process. Because unlike other hair processes, such as dyeing or bleaching, you can wash your hair the day before getting a perm.


Do you want to know what recommendations I make to clients who want to perm their hair?

  • The first recommendation is to apply moisturizing or keratin masks on the hair fifteen days before the perm.

Because after applying the perm liquid, the hair is placed under the dryer at high temperatures. And this process takes a lot of moisture out of the hair.

If you apply moisturizing masks a fortnight before perming, your hair will be stronger, ready for the process.


Of course, you should do this a fortnight before the perm. If you didn’t do it, don’t worry. Your stylist will recommend treatments to repair your hair after your perm.

  • The second recommendation I offer my clients is to wash their hair the day before getting a perm and to only use shampoo and conditioner.

Want to know why?

Read on.


Why you can perm your hair today if you washed it yesterday

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Preparing your hair before a perm is much simpler than for other chemical processes, such as dyeing or hair botox.

For example, stylists recommend not washing your hair for at least 48 hours before applying hair dye.


This is because the natural oil from your scalp protects it and the hair from the aggression of permanent hair dye.

Now in the case of perming, it’s different.


Because  if you washed your hair yesterday, and you ONLY USED SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER, you can perm your hair today. 


Now, if you washed your hair yesterday and then applied any hair products such as styling cream or oil, you won’t be able to perm your hair. Your hair must be free of hair product residue before you apply the perm liquid.

In that case, I advise you to tell your stylist when you arrive at the salon for your perm. They can then decide if your hair needs to be re-washed.


What else to keep in mind before you get your perm today

I imagine you have a lot of expectations right now. You’ve been thinking about your future curls for a while and you’re just hours away from achieving them.

Have you talked to your stylist about the type of perm you want?


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Because there are many types of perms.

You can choose a very curly perm, where the curls are like ringlets. Or you could go for a perm with waves, as you can see during the summer on the beach, worn happily by surfer girls.


It’s important to talk to your stylist about your expectations, about the type of perm you want. Because for example, if you choose a very small curl, the curl will be tighter.

And obviously, this will make your hair look shorter.


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Many of my clients, for example, want to perm their hair to achieve big, soft curls to give their hair more volume.


Therefore, I recommend you talk carefully with your hairdresser about your expectations regarding the perm. This way, when you leave the salon, you will love your curls.


Another thing to keep in mind is that a hair salon perm won’t be done in half an hour. You have to take your time. Enjoy this moment of hair transformation.

There’s nothing worse for a stylist than a client in a hurry, checking their cell phone clock every two minutes and looking impatient.

A chemical process like perming should be done step by step, with patience, so as not to ruin your look or damage the hair.


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Finally, it’s time to ask your stylist how to take care of your perm to make it last longer.

And nothing less should do for you than hearing that advice straight from your hairdresser. After all, they are the professional who applied the process and who knows exactly what your hair needs.

Listen to them. I’m sure they know a lot more than any fashion influencer.



If you washed your hair yesterday, you can go to the salon and get a perm without any problems.

But if you put any hair product in your hair after you washed it, I advise you to consult with your stylist, so they can decide if it’s necessary to wash your hair again.

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