Should you wash your hair before a perm? What shampoo should you use?

for not washing the hair before

Before doing a perm it is very important that you wash your hair with a neutral shampoo. If ou don’t wash your hair, you run the risk of the perm ending up poorly.

How do I know?


Because my cousin did a perm two months ago and the results were a disaster.

At the salon where she went, they didn’t wash her hair first. And that was a huge mistake.


 Some people think that you shouldn’t wash your hair before doing a perm because that way you protect your scalp and hair from the toxic effects of the chemical products. 

When you don’t wash your hair, the scalp produces natural oils that fulfill the function of protecting the hair.


But what you don’t know is that those oils at the same time prevent the chemical product being used in the perm from penetrating the stalk of the hair and changing the molecular structure of the hair.

After all, that is the perm.


During the process for doing a perm, chemical substances are used that temporarily break the bonds in the strand of your hair and allow for the restructuration of those bonds.

That is what gives the new curl form to your hair. Once you have broken those links, the hair is remodeled and curls with the use of rods and hot rollers.


 You can’t imagine the scared face my cousin had when she finished and she had less curls than anything in her hair.  

Obviously, she loudly protested, almost yelling and threatening with legal action until finally they gave her money back.

But they had gotten rid of her desire to go through a similar experience again. And ultimately, she gave up on forming part of the curly haired women’s community.


If you don’t want the same thing to happen to you, keep reading because today I will tell you:

  • How to wash your hair before doing a perm
  • Other preliminary care before doing a perm


So, there are two roads: being well informed before doing the treatment, because after all, you never know what type of stylist you’re going to find.

Or don’t be informed and end up like my cousin, completely frustrated.

What do you choose?


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How to wash your hair before doing a perm

Whether you decide to have permanent curls put in your hair at the salon or at your house, the pre-steps are practically the same.

Now, if my opinion interests you, I advise you to do it at the salon. After all, you have to use chemical products that should be handled by professionals.

So, let’s get to the washing.


This is a fundamental first step before starting with the perm.

 Have you every stopped to think about all of the residues that accumulate on your head throughout the day?  


Many things, things that for the most part are not visible at first glance.

Like for example, dust and dirtiness. All of that which you find in the environment and that deposits things on your head.

But in addition to this, as we wash ourselves and we condition our hair, residues remain from the products that we usually use.

Residues that accumulate on the external layers of the hair.

And that don’t go away with common shampoo.


 They are eliminated with a neutral shampoo, also known as a pH balancing shampoo


I don’t want to make you dizzy. After all, what you want is to simply have some beautiful curls in your hair.

This type of shampoo is lightly acidic, which guarantees a pH balance.

This allows it to eliminate the residues on the hair without stripping out the natural oils.

That way, the chemical substances that intervene with the perm can penetrate the cuticle of the hair to change the internal structure.


It’s also not necessary to take a course.

Use this neutral shampoo as you would use your regular shampoo, but be sure to rinse your hair well.

After washing and rinsing your hair very well, you should move on to step two.


Let me ask you a question.

Should you dry your hair with a hair dryer before applying the perm solution?


Definitely not!

You should only get rid of the excess moisture with a towel, nothing more.

And after, you will be ready to divide your hair in sections, apply the rollers that you have chosen and the perm solution.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind other considerations before you do the perm.


Other preliminary cares before doing the perm

As I previously mentioned, the perm process involves chemical products. That’s why it is important for your hair to be healthy before you do it.


  • Avoid dyeing your hair for at least two months before doing the permanent curls.

Dyes also contain chemicals, like hydrogen peroxide which make the hair weak and even prone to breaking.


  • Two days before curling your hair, I advice to you do a deep conditioning treatment.

It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune at a salon.

You can choose between two products that are absolutely fabulous and I’m sure that one of them you have at home.


It has to do with olive oil. Apply a generous amount to your hair and let it sit for at least thirty minutes and even you can leave it overnight.

The other product is coconut oil, which you should use the same way that you use olive oil.


  • And what happens with your split ends? Is it best to cut them before or after doing the perm?

Of course, you should get rid of them.

What I advise you is that you cut them after doing the perm, because as you can imagine, curls modify the length of your hair.

The best thing is to cut them when you can see the final length of your hair after the curls permanently form.


Finally, once you finish curling your hair, don’t wash it for 48 hours, that way you will be assured that the perm solution successfully completes its function.

Now you know how to wash your hair correctly before doing a perm.

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