Does Olaplex really help hair growth? A hairdresser tells you the truth.

  • Olaplex is not designed for hair growth.
  • It strengthens the hair, especially after aggressive chemical processes such as bleaching or straightening treatments.
  • If you want to grow your hair faster, you’ll have to choose other treatments, and I’ll tell you the best ones later.


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When it comes to hair beauty, new products are always emerging. We, stylists, jump for joy when that happens. Many of those products work miracles.

Like Olaplex, for example, but it has its limitations, especially when you consider your expectations.

Are you looking for a product that’ll grow your hair faster?


Olaplex won’t grow your hair faster because it’s not a treatment designed for hair growth.

It repairs the internal structures of the hair during and after an aggressive process, such as bleaching or balayage (which also requires bleaching).


 I understand your confusion because many people believe that Olaplex is a treatment for hair growth. 

I don’t know where they get that idea, although I have to admit that it’s not that bad. Why?


Because Olaplex helps to strengthen the hair so that it doesn’t lose strength during those aggressive coloring processes. If your hair is strong, it won’t fall out or break.

 So, Olaplex doesn’t grow hair. What it does is strengthen it so that it doesn’t weaken and break.  Make sense?


If you were considering applying this treatment to grow your hair faster, you can rule out that idea because it won’t happen. But don’t be disappointed, because I have other alternatives for you.

Do you want to stimulate your hair growth?


Then stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • Why Olaplex is not useful for stimulating hair growth
  • Effective treatments for hair growth

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Why isn’t Olaplex useful for stimulating hair growth?

poorly made keratin

Olaplex is designed to repair and protect hair during and after bleaching. Now, many products promise the same, so what is the magic of Olaplex?


It’s a unique treatment because it neutralizes the sulfur and ammonia that break down hair cuticles during bleaching. Therefore, hair isn’t damaged, and it’s possible to go from black to platinum blonde in a single day.

In addition, if applied after bleaching, it penetrates the hair fiber, filling it out and leaving a smooth texture. So, the hair is totally strengthened and healthy.


But that's all it works for,  to repair damage after chemical processes. Its components don’t work for hair growth. 

It doesn’t contain biotin, vitamin B12, folic acid, or anything similar, which are essential elements of any treatment designed to grow hair.


If you use Olaplex, your hair will look stronger and healthier, but you won't notice any difference in length.

If you want your hair to grow, there are very effective treatments and methods to achieve it in a short time.

Want to know what they are? Read on.


To grow your hair, you need to change some habits and choose an effective treatment.

We already said that Olaplex doesn’t grow hair. So, what can?


Changing your habits and choosing a good treatment.

There are several methods and treatments to grow your hair faster and stronger. Some of them are related to beauty routines and habits, while others are specific products to stimulate hair growth.


Now,  when I talk about effective hair growth treatments, I'm not saying that you’ll make your hair grow ten centimeters in a month. 

Let's be realistic. Hair grows an average of 1.5 centimeters per month if you're very lucky. So, you'll have to be patient if you want to achieve visible results. When will you notice these results?


In 12 weeks, you’ll begin to see changes, but you must be constant.  It doesn't work to start today and abandon the plan after three days. 

You have to be constant, persistent. And again,  constant and persistent.

Do you want a plan of action to achieve hair growth?


Let's start with the easiest: change of habits.


3 habit changes that will change your hair forever


  • Let your hair down.

after straightening the hair with keratin

Ponytails, buns, and braids limit hair mobility. They also make it easier for hair to break, so you'll feel like your hair is growing less.


  • Comb your hair every 3 or 4 hours.

to not ruin the hair

If you comb your hair regularly, you stimulate the flow of vitamins and your hair fiber is strengthened, thus increasing growth.


  • Sleep with your hair down.

not ruining the treatment

Did you know that hair grows at night while the body is at rest?


Yes, I also opened my eyes wides when I was a student at the hairdressing academy. Human body’s quirks.

But one thing is for sure. If your hair is loose while you sleep, your scalp breathes and your hair follicles work better. How? By allowing your hair to grow.


Now that you know which habits to check, let's inspect your hair beauty routine.


5 changes to your hair beauty routine that will help your hair grow stronger and healthier


  • Wash your hair every 72 hours.

moisturizing products

It’s a must to stimulate hair growth. If you wash your hair every day, the hair fiber will weaken and break.

Also, the scalp won’t produce the sebum that makes the hair follicles healthy to grow hair.


  • Don’t use gel.

how to know if expired

Hair gel can be an ideal styling tool, but you use it daily use threatens the hair's health. It dries out the hair's root, leaving residues that prevent growth.

I'm not telling you to quit using gel, but save it for special occasions such as a date with friends, a romantic dinner, or a party.


  • Trim your hair regularly.

with scissors

Don’t look at me like that. It's not a contradiction to cut your hair to help it grow longer. Do you know why? First, because you’ll only trim your hair every two months, and it’ll be only an inch.

Remember that hair grows 1.5 centimeters per month. Also, by eliminating split ends, you strengthen the hair fiber. And when it's strong, it grows.


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  • Avoid frequent use of heat tools.

Frequent use of flat iron, curling iron, and hairdryer dry the fiber, weakening it and slowing down the growth.


Now, what you've been waiting for: the products that will work the miracle.


We already said that Olaplex isn’t good for hair growth. So, what treatment should I choose? Here are 4 options

1- Biotin

Biotin is the vitamin in charge of hair growth. You can get it in supplements in pharmacies or specialized stores.

Biotin supplements are available over the counter. However,   it's best to check with your family doctor.  


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2- Folic acid

Folic acid is naturally in strawberries and blackberries. However, you can also ask your doctor for a prescription.


3- Nutritional ampoules

stimulate the scalp

Use them every 2 weeks for your scalp. They contain biotin, folic acid, keratin, and coconut oil.


4- Keratin mask

using before bleaching

You can apply it once a week to keep your hair strong and healthy.



Olaplex doesn’t grow hair. It’s exclusively to repair hair.

Review your habits and beauty routine and incorporate treatments specifically designed for hair growth, such as biotin and nutritional ampules.

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