Which is better for hair? Coconut oil or jojoba oil?

woman choosing between coconut oil and jojoba oil for hair

  • I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other. In fact, I recommend that you use coconut oil and jojoba oil together.
  • Coconut oil will moisturize and repair your damaged hair, while jojoba oil will seal the hair cuticles to retain the moisture the coconut oil provides.
  • I’ll tell you about three one-month beauty routines with coconut oil and jojoba oil together. You can choose a routine for very damaged hair, one for dry hair, or another one for frizzy hair.


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Can I use jojoba oil on my hair every day?


Let’s imagine you visit my salon to get a haircut. As you want to keep your hair healthy, you want to include natural oils in your natural beauty routine.

You’ve heard great things about coconut oil after coloring. But also, many of your friends suggested you use jojoba oil after washing your hair.

 So, you wonder, “Should I use coconut oil or jojoba oil? Which one would be better for my hair?” 


My suggestion as a professional hairdresser would be, “Use both! Combine coconut and jojoba oil to keep your hair moisturized, frizz-free, and healthy.”

 While coconut oil penetrates the cuticles to hydrate them, jojoba oil seals them by retaining moisture. 


So, both oils complement each other if you want to keep your hair healthy.


I’ll give you another example. Before the summer, I joined a gym to tone my body. I asked my trainer, “Is it better to do cardio or weights?”

The trainer recommended I combined weight training and cardio exercises because the former would burn calories and the latter would help me build lean muscle. Of course, I followed her professional suggestions.


So, if one of my friends asked me whether to use coconut oil or jojoba oil, my answer as a friend and hairdresser would be to use both. And here’s how to do it.


Three one-month beauty routines with coconut oil and jojoba oil combined

jojoba oil after coconut oil

 One of the most important steps is these routines is to be consistent. 

They won’t work if you apply both oils to your hair for a week and, then abandon the treatment.


Damaged hair can’t be repaired by applying both oils at once. Instead, the oils work gradually. Success also depends on your objectives.

It’s not the same to repair hair ruined by bleaching to combat a little frizz. But don’t worry.

Here are the routines. You can choose one according to your hair’s needs.


Use jojoba and coconut oil for seriously damaged and dry hair

  • Apply a coconut oil night mask and rinse in the morning.
  • On damp hair, apply jojoba oil to your scalp to seal in moisture.
  • Let your hair rest for two days.
  •  Repeat this routine for three weeks. 


  • Night mask three times a week. Leave it overnight on your scalp and wash your hair the next morning.
  • Daily mask for 40 minutes. Then, rinse using your usual shampoo. You’ll see the results immediately.



If you want to repair seriously damaged or damaged hair, the best option is to use coconut oil and jojoba oil together. Now you know some routines to start today.

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