Can you straighten your hair every day with heat protectant? Of course, NOT!

woman straightens her hair every day

  • No, you shouldn’t straighten your hair every day even if you use a heat protectant.
  • If you straighten your hair every day even if you use a heat protectant, your hair will be dry and damaged.
  • And if you also dye your hair, the dye will fade faster, and you’ll have to renew it more often. This will also damage your hair even more.
  • Therefore, I advise you to straighten your hair up to twice a week with a heat protectant.


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How long does heat protectant last?


 Do you know what would happen to your hair if you straighten it every day even with a heat protectant? 


Let’s use common sense.

The body temperature is 36.6° Celsius. The hair straightener reaches 245° Celsius.

Now,  multiply the temperature that the straightener reaches every time you use it by thirty days. 


The result is frightening: your hair will withstand 7350° Celsius after one month.

 No heat protectant can protect your hair from that excessive heat during straightening. 

using thermal protector before straightening hair
I understand your frustration. You want your hair straight as a board. And I understand you because I know a few women who are happy with their hair.

A brunette dreams of blonde hair. A woman who naturally has perfect curls, wants straight hair. And I understand you because even I’ve been there at some point in my life.


My hair is naturally straight. For my graduation party, I spent hours at the salon applying curling irons to show off my curls. Unfortunately, after a few hours and a lot of dancing, my hair went back to its natural shape because the curls only lasted two hours.

I’m telling you about my experience because I understand what you feel. You want straight, frizz, and wave-free hair.

before and after hair straightening
But unfortunately, straightening your hair every day, even if you use a heat protectant, won’t help you to leave out the frustration. After a month, you may feel frustrated because you have damaged your hair almost irreversibly.

So, the decision is yours. If you want to risk ruining your hair by straightening it every day, even with a protectant, I can’t stop you.

But I can tell you how both the straightener and the protectant work so you know what you’re up against. Then, I’ll give you a healthier alternative to straightening your hair every day.


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Why you shouldn’t straighten your hair every day even with a heat protectant

woman applies heat protectant before straightening
Let’s start with the basics.  The straightener modifies the structure of your hair fiber due to the high temperatures it can reach. 


Your hair fiber has water molecules that are trapped by washing, as well as fatty acids and vitamins.

These water molecules give your hair softness, shine, manageability, and elasticity.


What does the flat iron do every time you straighten your hair?

 It removes the water molecules retained in your hair fiber to keep your hair straight. 


That’s why, when you run the flat iron, you can see the vapor of the water molecules. But in addition to the molecules,  the steam carries the nutrients and vitamins that are lost. 


Then, you assume that if you straighten your hair every day with a heat protectant, it’ll lose neither moisture nor nutrients.

But unfortunately, common sense doesn’t work here. It’d be too much heat to your hair every day.

And even if you use a heat protectant and the best flat iron on the market, your hair will end up drying out and breaking.


Also, flat irons aren’t designed for everyday use. They are heat tools for occasional use.

Therefore, I recommend that you straighten your hair no more than twice a week. Even if you use a heat protectant.

Finally, it’s unhealthy for your scalp to straighten your hair every day. The heat from the straightener can weaken the hair follicles on your scalp where your hair grows.

If the hair follicles are weakened, the hair stops growing.


So, if you want straight hair but can’t flat iron it every day, do you have other options?

Instead of straightening your hair every day, you can apply a permanent straightening treatment

permanent straightening in hairdresser
I’m not talking about a keratin treatment, which repairs hair and control frizz.

Permanent straightening allows you to avoid using a flat iron every day and have completely straight hair for up to six months.

With this treatment, you won’t even need to use a blow dryer to straighten your hair, let alone a flat iron.



Don’t straighten your hair every day even if you use a heat protectant. Otherwise, after only one month your hair will definitely become dry and brittle.

Even if the excessive heat damages the hair follicles on your scalp, you may experience hair loss or lack of growth.

If you want straight hair every day, you have other options, such as a permanent straightening treatment.

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