The keratin treatment made my hair greasier. Is there a solution?

very greasy hairWhen you do a keratin treatment in your hair, you touch the sky with your hands.

You discover that not having frizz is possible.

That having shiny hair is possible.

And that your untamable hair, without form can be ancient history.


And the best part is that now you don’t lose a terrible amount of hair while trying to detangle it.

Now your hair is perfectly manageable and detangling it is no longer a problem.



Even in the greatest love stories, there’s a but.

 As the days pass, you start to note that your hair is greasier after doing a keratin treatment. 

That’s what happened to me.


That’s why, today I will tell you:

  • What to do to avoid greasiness of the hair when you do a keratin treatment
  • What to do to assure the success of a keratin treatment


Generally, greasy hair is associated with dirty hair.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says. It’s the law.

You see greasy hair and immediately think that that person has gone five days without washing their hair.

That’s what happened to me.


When my mother told me, “But my daughter, how long has it been since you’ve washed your hair?” If she hadn’t been my mother I would have sent her on a one-way trip to the moon,

But since she is my mother, I forgave her.


She couldn’t know that I had washed my hair that same day.

Although, I always think they in most occasions, I could quiet her thoughts.

You know.

That’s why flies can’t get into a closed mouth.

So, my desperation started.


 Because I was happy with the keratin treatment, but I wasn’t happy with how greasy my hair looked. 


I had to do something,

Because I also didn’t want to give up doing the keratin treatment every three or four months.


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5 easy tricks for avoiding greasy hair with a keratin treatment


  • Don’t wash your hair every day.

This is completely counterproductive.

When you wash your hair, the shampoo eliminates the natural oils of your hair.

Which causes your scalp to produce more oils.

The result?

Greasy hair.


  • Use sulfate-free shampoo.

It seems like a minor topic.

But the type of shampoo that you use can generate more and more greasiness.


Traditional shampoos are rich in sulfates, which are nothing more than detergents that even if you rinse them furiously, there will always be residue.

Gate them out of your bathroom.

Rid them from your life.

You don’t need them anymore, unless you want to keep adding grease to your hair.

aftercare so botox last longer

If you want to prevent grease in your hair, change your shampoo for one that is sulfate-free like this one. Check price on Amazon.


Also, you should avoid shampoos with salt, because solids, dissolves the keratin coating that you’ve paid for at the salon.

Before shopping for a new shampoo, read the labels carefully and remember: no salt and no sulfates.


If you can’t go more than two days without washing your hair, you can also use dry shampoo.

They are also sulfate free and they come in powder or spray form.


You simply place it on your scalp and gently massage the area. They you brush your hair to get out the excess.

What dry shampoo does is it absorbs the oils that are produced on the scalp. Remember to always use it on dry hair to prevent damage.


  • Don’t touch or stroke your hair

touch hair drag the grease

 I understand.

Because the same thing happened to me.

When you do a keratin treatment, you can’t believe how good your hair looks and feels.

You want to touch it, stroke it, move it here and there because you can’t believe that it’s real that it looks so manageable and without frizz.

But don’t do it.

Because you’ll only start the vicious cycle:

Your hair feels dirty-you wash it- you stimulate the hair follicles on the scalp,- you’re hair feels dirty, and it starts again.


  • Avoid treatments with oils in the first two weeks.  

I love coconut oil.

It ends up being an excellent treatment to nourish and moisturize your hair.

But don’t forget that you just did a keratin treatment in your hair to nourish and moisturize it.

Also, we all know that you have to wash your hair well to get all the excess oil out.

And the last thing you need to do is wash your hair continuously.


  • Don’t use combing products.

Like when you use coconut oil, combing creams, as well as gels and hairsprays the only thing they end up achieving is leaving residue in the hair.

This means that you will have to wash the hair more frequently and that’s the last thing you want to do to avoid greasiness in your hair.


Summing it up, this is everything you can do to keep your hair fro getting greasy after a keratin treatment:


  • Don’t wash your hair every day
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos
  • Use dry shampoo on the days that you don’t wash your hair and it feels really dirty.
  • Avoid touching your hair
  • Don’t use oils for the first two weeks


But you can still do some things to make the effects of the keratin treatment last longer in your hair.  

Do you want to know what they are?

I’ll tell you now.


Because they are things that no hair stylist is going to tell you when you finish getting keratin applied to your hair.

I don’t know if it’s because they forget, if they do it “without meaning to,” or because if it’s better for them if you go back to the salon before it’s necessary.

Pay close attention.


These are some tricks that I learned after doing various keratin treatments.

And they work, believe me.

As much to make the effects of the keratin last longer as for it to look less greasy.


How to care for keratin so that your hair looks spectacular for longer


  • During the first two weeks, don’t put your hair up with hair ties nor clips.

During the first fifteen days after applying keratin to your hair, it’s very malleable. This means that even though you don’t see it, it’s still there and any instrument that you put in your hair, the only thing you are going to achieve is leave a mark.

So, no brushes, clips or elastics, not even sunglasses to keep your hair out of your eyes.

During the first two weeks, it’s important not to tie up your hair. Leave it loose and free.


  • Don’t tuck your hair behind your ears for at least the first two weeks.

Us women have the habit of tucking our hair behind our ear, whether it’s due to nerves or seducing someone. It’s time to find another way to calm our nerves or bat our eyelashes to seduce the boy we like.


  • Use satin or silk pillowcases.

They may be a little more expensive, but the investment is worth it. Cotton pillowcases absorb the moisture of perspiration during the night, which moistens your roots, leaving marks in your hair.

Satin and silk reduce the friction between your hairs which produces less stimulation for the formation of sebum on the scalp and less breakage in your hair.

I also recommend that you read this article where I explain what adjustments you should make in the way you sleep to care for the keratin.


  • Color your hair before a keratin treatment.

Keratin seals in the color and gives you a protective layer so that it doesn’t fade over time.

If you color your hair after a keratin treatment, I advise you to do it after three weeks, because if you do it before, the dye won’t sufficiently penetrate the hair and you won’t get the desired color.


  • Avoid pools for the first weeks.

If you are one of those that can’t stop exercising, try walking or running or even stairs.

But stay away from pool water because chlorine dissolves the recently applied keratin.


  • Wash your hair with warm water, never hot.

Hot water can dissolve the keratin applied to your hair. Use the coldest water you can stand, which closes the cuticles of the hair and prevents the appearance of frizz and tangles in the hair.



Now you know how to prevent greasiness in the hair after doing a keratin treatment and how to extend the effects of the treatment.

I assure you that with all of this information you are kilometers head of many women that just a few days after doing a keratin treatment have appalling hair.

Now the decision is in your hands.


Do you want to have greasy hair?

Or do you want your hair to look attractive, shiny and not greasy?

If you decide to go with the second option, start doing the five things we talked about above and you see the difference after the first day.

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