My hair is breaking off and falling out after perm, how can I fix it?

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There are 4 possible reasons why your hair is breaking off and falling out after perm:


  • Poor diagnosis by the stylist
  • Incorrect use of the perming lotion
  • Perms applied on processed hair
  • Inadequate care

Whatever the reasons for your hair breaking off after perming, here’s a 10-step action plan to get your hair back.



Permed hair looks great. At least, that’s what the fashion trends say.

Curls are back for good. As a result, many women have been rushing to their salon to perm their hair.


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What almost no one tells you is that after a process as aggressive to the hair as a perm, your hair can become brittle and fall out.


Getting a perm sounds easy, but it’s not.

 Before perming, your stylist should have done a thorough diagnosis to be sure that your hair could withstand this chemical process. 


When no criteria is used to determine if the hair can withstand the aggressive products in the perm, the job fails.

Unfortunately, this has severe consequences on your hair.


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But what’s done is done. I’m here to help you and provide you with a solution if there is one.

Don’t worry, I understand what you’re going through. So, let’s get down to business.


After evaluating why your perm went wrong, I’ll teach you how to take care of it so you can make sure the rest of your hair doesn’t break off and fall out.

It won’t be an easy process. You’ll have to put your all into it. Shall we continue?

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4 possible reasons why your hair breaks off after a perm

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1) Stylist misdiagnosis

The truth is that I hate to criticize my colleagues, but I wouldn’t like to lie either. Lack of diagnosis and misuse of perming lotion brings hair disasters.

Many stylists work on damaged hair. Also, many others use poor-quality products.


Hair perming should be taken with caution and responsibility. Perming is not recommended on colored or highlighted hair.


2) Misuse of perming lotion

choosing the right curlers

You can find many brands of perming lotion. Some are for sensitive hair, others for processed or for strong and virgin hair.


At the same time, very few brands have options for different hair types.

So, if your stylist used a lotion for virgin hair, and your hair was previously processed (i.e. colored) or sensitive, it’s probably fragile and brittle.


3) Perms on processed (colored) hair

Remember I told you that perming is not recommended for hair that has been colored or highlighted?

Then, if your hair was colored or bleached before perming, that may be the cause of your hair breaking off and falling out. 


4) Inadequate care

remove hair dye

No one loves their hair more than themselves, right?

But if your stylist hasn’t told you how to take care of your perm, you probably don’t know how to do it.

You may not know how to take care of your perm either.


 So you may continue to wash your hair as you did before you permed it. Alternatively, you probably brush your hair when it’s dry. 

Also, maybe you don’t have time to apply masks or use products to style your new curls.

Then, unintentionally, your hair is extremely dehydrated and ends up breaking off and falling out.


All these reasons result in your permed hair breaking off and then falling out. Is there a solution?


It depends on the damage, but 80% of treated hair recovers. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Here’s an action plan that you should follow to prevent your permed hair breaking off and falling out.


10-step action plan: Recover your hair after perming

wash the keratin treatment out

Step 1

Don’t wash your hair every day, especially if it is brittle. Instead, do it every other day at the most.

The more time there is between washes, the better. If you’re not used to or find it hard to stop washing your hair every day, you should use a dry shampoo. This will help you limit washes.


Step 2

 Use shampoo, conditioner, and super moisturizing for brittle hair  every time you wash it. It’s one of the best ways to keep your hair moisturized and prevent further breakage.


Step 3

Stay away from heat tools because they dehydrate your hair (no flat iron or blow-dryer).


Step 4

Air dry your hair or with cotton towels to avoid the friction of towel drying.


Step 5

Style your hair in the shower and wet.  Don’t comb it dry because it’s sensitive and could break off much more easily. 


Step 6

Use deep moisturizing masks for your hair once a week. After shampooing, apply the mask, and leave it in for 20 minutes. Then rinse.


Step 7

Avoid rubber bands. If you have to tie your hair up, do it with a rubber band that doesn’t squeeze it too tightly.


Step 8

cutting ends with scissors

Use styling products to style your new hair.

Use products to style your new curls, such as curl styling creams or moisturizing sprays. These leave-in products are ideal for shaping your curls and keeping them well moisturized.


Step 9

Cut 3 centimeters off your hair every 2 months for 6 months. This will cut almost 10 centimeters off your hair.


Step 10

Remember that your hair is sensitive and breaks off. Treat it very gently, and comb it very carefully. You’ll see how it recovers faster than you think.

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