Why is My Hair So Dry All of a Sudden? How can I fix it without cutting it?



  • Hair can dry out suddenly due to the indiscriminate and excessive use of hair products, a high washing frequency, and the abuse of heat tools and chemical processes such as coloring, bleaching, and straightening.
  • To recover lost hydration, you must deeply clean your hair. Then, continue with an intensive nutrition treatment for at least fifteen days and, finally, avoid heat tools.



Your hair can stand a lot but, let’s be honest, it’s not made of steel. I don’t think even Superman’s hair was.

Being so tolerant, chances are your hair has put up with the blistering heat of flat irons and blow-dryers, the chemicals in dyes, and even odd products not suitable for it. But one fine day, fed up with so much, it breaks the silence and screams.


However, you won’t hear any sound. Hair has a silent way to say, “I’ve had enough.”  That silent way has to do with becoming dry and, if it’s too angry, even standing up like a cat’s hair.  In other words, frizz will appear.

 Yes, it looks like your hair became dry all of a sudden. However, it’s the result of a much longer process. 


Like dry skin, dry hair has a wide range of levels, ranging from the mildest, such as opacity, to the most severe, such as thinning and breakage.

However, don’t be discouraged because   understanding why your hair becomes dry is half of the battle won. 


Let’s review the situation and answer the following questions honestly:

  • Do you feel your hair rough to the touch?
  • ¿Does it tangles easily after washing?
  • Does it retain its natural texture on a wet day?
  • Has it lost its shine?
  • Are the ends split?
  • Does it break when you stretch it gently?
  • Does it have movement?


 If your hair’s dry to the touch, tangles easily and lost its shine, the ends are split, and it breaks easily, it’s dry. 

It has lost hydration, and like a tree that hasn’t been watered for a long time, the hair fiber will be dry like the branches of that tree. It’ll also be wilted, dull, and without shine.



However, don’t panic. As I said, realizing that your hair is dry and doing something about it immediately is having half the battle won.

Do you want to win the other half?


Keep reading because I’ll tell you:

  • Why hair dries and “not so suddenly”
  • How to recover extremely dry hair



Why hair dries and “not so suddenly.”

How have you been treating your hair lately?


No change in hair happens “suddenly.

It’s just like in love relationships. Love doesn’t end suddenly. If you don’t care for it, don’t listen to details, and don’t make your other half feel cared for, love will end.

It’s the same with dry hair; only it’ll dry out in this case.


  • So, tell me, how many chemical processes have you submitted your hair to?[/your_list]

cover grays

When I say chemical processes, I mean hair dye, bleaching, and straightening. Even a bad keratin treatment may dry your hair.


  • Let’s continue with a thorough examination. How often do you wash your hair?

a while after cutting it

 ¿Every day? Are you a cleaning freak or something like that?



Hair should be washed three times a week.

 Read again: three times a week because, if you wash it more often, you alter the hydrolipidic barrier of hair protection 

Simply put, the scalp cannot produce enough oils that avoid hair drying out.


  • And now we come to a rough subject, do you use an iron or a curling iron? How many times a week?

titanium plates

No, don’t answer! This is a dialogue between your consciousness and yourself. But if you abuse these tools, the heat will dehydrate the hair, leaving it drier and more brittle. And this will happen regardless of the amount of hair protection serum you use.


 I'm not saying you shouldn't use the flat iron, but it's best to use it moderately.  If you want to show off straight hair, do it on special occasions or during the weekend.


  • You should also consider the exposure of the hair to the sun or to chlorinated or seawater.

protect keratin from uv rays

It’s not about protecting your hair with an umbrella forever but, when you swim, use a swim cap. When you go to the beach, protect your hair with a hat.

Chlorine and the sun dry your hair without you even noticing.


  • Finally, the market is saturated with hair products that promise all sorts of things, but you need to choose your hair’s more appropriate ones.

A few days ago, one of my clients told me that she couldn't understand why her hair looked so dry all of a sudden. She was applying all kinds of products to it. My eyes opened wide!

That was the problem! It’s not about hair absorbing all sorts of products. Instead, only the products it needs.


 If you over-saturate your hair with products, you’ll pay the price: dry and brittle hair. 


That's half the battle, and you've already won it because I'm sure you've identified the cause of your hair becoming dry, though not that suddenly, right?

Now, we're going to win the battle for good! Give your hair back the moisture it lost!



How to recover extremely dry hair

then introduce the mixture in the shampoo

Earlier, I told you about the over-saturation of hair due to the continuous use of hair products and, many times, inadequate products.

So, the first thing you have to do is a deep cleaning to help your hair absorb all hydration from subsequent treatments.

What do you need for this deep cleansing?



Baking soda and hot water.

  • Prepare a few teaspoons of baking soda with hot water and calculate that it’s enough to cover your hair.
  • Once you have prepared the mixture, wet your hair, and remove the excess humidity with a towel.
  • Apply the mixture to your scalp, massaging it, and then spread it over the length of your hair.
  • Finally, rinse with plenty of water.


Now your hair and scalp are clean and detoxified to absorb the hydration treatment you choose completely. Which one do I recommend?


Moisturizing masks

 They can have keratin, argan oil, or coconut oil. Use them once every 15 days.



Heat-protectant products

iron the hair without damaging it

Heat protectant is fundamental for protecting your hair from excessive heat from flat irons and curlers.  Don’t forget to use them because they work as protective shields against dehydration. 


Finally, trim your ends half a centimeter every two months to avoid hydration from escaping through split ends.



If your hair is rough, dull, and has split ends, it's obviously dry because it has lost too much moisture.

The best thing you can do is restore the moisture lost by doing a deep cleansing treatment followed by intensive moisturizing treatments with moisturizing masks.


And remember, don't wash your hair every day and don't abuse the heat tools.


Do you still think your hair suddenly became dry?

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