How to get body after a keratin treatment? 5 easy and fun ideas you should try

thick hair

If you want to get body after a keratin treatment, you have 5 options:

  • A layered haircut.
  • Specific products to increase hair body: combine volumizing shampoo and dry shampoo.
  • Style your hair with products and hairstyles I’ll recommend in this article.
  • Blow-dry your hair upside down.
  • Create an illusion of having more volume with two-tone highlights.


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1) Get a layered haircut to add body to your hair

If you love long hair, I have some bad news for you: the longer your hair is, the flatter it’ll look.

Long hair is heavy, even if it’s fine. That weight makes it hard for the roots to lift and gain body.


 So, to get more body in your hair, the best thing to do is to get a haircut.  But what haircut?


As you know, there are different styles of haircuts.

The ones that add body are the shaggy and the mullet in all their styles.

However, although these cuts are trendy – because even the finest manes get body and movement – not everyone likes them.


But if you’re bold and daring, the shaggy style is ideal for adding volume.

Alternatively, you can go for a classic look   to take the weight out of your mane and get more body with a layered-long bob,  or the classic layered cut that never fails.


Either way, the quickest way to get body after a keratin treatment is to trim your hair. Visit your stylist!


2) Use specific products to add body: volumizing shampoo and dry shampoo

clarifying shampoo to wash hair

Another option to avoid trimming your hair is to use certain products designed to add volume.

You need to help your hair boost its volume with certain hair care habits.

For example, use a range of products suitable for washing your hair, and wash it every other day.


Sometimes you can add volume to your hair by focusing on the roots. Specific volumizing shampoos will stop your mane from sticking to your scalp.


Try not to wash your hair every day because it may weigh your hair down and flatten it even more.

 The ideal way to boost your volume is to alternate the volumizing shampoo with a dry shampoo. 


wash the keratin treatment out

Dry shampoo has a double function.

  • It keeps your hair clean between washes.
  • It also helps to get the body you need on the roots because it’s made from talcum powder.

Put these ideas into practice, and I guarantee your hair will look thicker than it is!


3) Style your hair with styling products and hairstyles to gain body after the keratin treatment

You don’t need to wear rollers all night long.

Although it’s not a bad idea, there is another less uncomfortable way to get body: certain hairstyles will help you achieve it. Let’s take a look:


When you’ve had the same part for years or even decades, it becomes flat and dull.  A simple switch in your part can help lift it. Don’t forget to use hairspray to fix the new style.


  • A curly or wavy style can create volume.


  • If you have a flat iron or curling iron, you could add some waves and gain some body.


  • You can also braid your hair and let it dry. Then, when you undo your braids, softly run your fingers through them to create volume.

It’s not a bad idea to avoid exposing your hair to constant heat.


To gain body after the keratin treatment, these styles will work, but you’ll need some extra help to keep the volume for longer.

If your hair is very fine, get a leave-in texturizer and hairspray, but be careful: avoid products that make your hair stiff.


4) Blow-drying your hair upside down will help you gain volume after a keratin treatment

heat activates keratin

A simple trick to gain body is drying the hair from the bottom up.

You can either lift strands up and blow-dry them, or turn your head upside down and blow-dry the whole hair from the bottom.


It’s a great way to lift the roots and create body!


5) You can dye some strands in a double tone to create an optical illusion

two visits to the salon

The coloring technique is not just used to change hair color.

In case you didn’t know, coloring tricks create an illusion of volume and are used to conceal or highlight.


 If you want to gain body after a keratin treatment, get two-tone highlights. 

What does this mean?


You’ll have two shades in your hair. That is, the color you are currently wearing plus another shade.

For example:  If you have blonde hair, you can add light brown or chocolate highlights. Alternatively, if you have dark hair, the highlights should be lighter. 

The greater the contrast, the greater the optical effect of body.


Other techniques generate body as well. You should try to keep the aftercare simple: if you don’t want to go to the salon so often, I recommend a soft technique, balayage, or fade style.


Many options to generate body after keratin treatment

As we have seen above, there are many options available to boost your hair body.

You don’t need to apply them all at the same time.


In summary, hair cutting and coloring boost your body and are permanent changes.

But if you don’t want to cut or color your hair, you can get the hairstyles I have recommended and use the volumizing products to achieve the desired body.

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