Can I cut my hair after keratin treatment? Good news: Yes you can!!!

cut the ends after keratin

  • Yes, you can cut your hair after keratin. You need to assess your hair type before cutting it to choose a style that suits the characteristics of your hair.
  • The ideal cut for fine hair with keratin is very different from the one for thick hair.
  • In this article, I’ll help you choose the best haircut for your hair type after keratin.


If you’ve had a keratin treatment at home or at the salon, I imagine you wanted to get rid of your frizz for your hair to look even more beautiful.


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That’s why trimming your hair is almost mandatory after a chemical treatment like keratin. Even if keratin is formaldehyde-free, it can still dry out the ends a bit.


Did the keratin used on your hair contain formaldehyde?

In that case, you should definitely cut your hair. So, go ahead and get a nice cut!


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Now that you know that trimming your hair won’t ruin your keratin treatment, have you thought about what kind of cut you could get?

Which haircut to choose if you’re always running against the clock?


If you still can’t decide, I’ll help you. First, let me give you some ideas to ask your stylist to enhance your hair beauty after the keratin treatment.

 When you choose a haircut, the most important thing is to know what type of hair you have and how long you’re willing to spend on it.  


The cut and the result won’t only depend on your hair type, but also on the time you spend styling the cut.

That’s why I recommend you always play it safe: there’s no point in getting a great cut if you can’t or won’t style it.


You should consider your routine before choosing a new cut

Have you ever found a haircut in a magazine that you just love?

Have you been amazed by a celebrity’s new look?


Wait a moment before rushing off to the salon. If any of the above is going on in your little head, I recommend you look back at those photos and ask yourself two questions:

1) Does that woman have the same hair type I have?

2) Am I willing to style my hair that way?


 These two simple questions will help you get down to reality and look for suitable alternatives for your hair type. 

Why do I insist on this?


Clients often arrive at the salon with photos and cuts that have nothing to do with their hair type or lifestyle.

So, remember this advice: if you usually go out with your hair wet and don’t have the time or will to dry and style it, just trim your ends.

There’s no need to risk a haircut that will need extra work if you’re not willing to do it.

Is there any doubt, my beautiful dreamer?


It’s time! Haircut options for your hair type

  • Is your hair curly and thick?

I recommend you cut your hair in short layers to enhance the curl shape.

That can be very appropriate, especially after the keratin treatment. Your hair will surely be much lighter and tamer. What’s more, this cut is perfectly manageable.


  • Do you have curls, but your hair is thin?

In that case, layers might suit you as long as the first one is a bit longer and flattens the others. Are you wondering why I’m giving you this recommendation?

If your hair is too fine and you add a keratin treatment, it might be too light. Instead, by leaving a slightly longer layer, you’ll prevent the rest of your hair from puffing up. No one wants frizzy hair, right?


Extra tip: if you have curly hair and don’t want to cut it in layers, you can opt for a medium cut with a long bob with feathered ends. Take advantage of the keratin treatment to get the most out of your beautiful curls.


  • Is your hair straight?

haircut after keratin

You can go for a more daring cut such as a micro bob or a mullet. Remember that you’ll have to blow dry it to style it and bring movement to the ends!


After the keratin treatment, your hair might be too straight. In that case, you’ll have to recover the much loved and coveted volume.


 Extra tip: although straight hair is always neat, it can sometimes be boring. 

I mean, straight is very beautiful, but it can easily be dull. But don’t worry, use a flat iron or a curling iron, and you’ll quickly get some glamour for your ends.


  • Is your hair wavy?

asymmetrical haircut

Hey, you’re in luck! If your hair is neither curly nor too straight, you have more alternatives for your new haircut.

 Plus, the keratin treatment will have helped reduce frizz, and you’ll be able to wear your neat waves. 


Feathered ends are perfect for this type of wavy hair, no matter if it is thick or thinner.


Almost all cuts are suitable for hair type: slightly asymmetrical bob, mullet, or long, slightly side-swept bangs always look fantastic. Shaggy styles are also ideal as long as you have plenty of hair.


As you can see, the combinations are endless. Also, waves are trendy. Enjoy them!


The key to a good choice: know your hair type

Remember what this hairdresser friend tells you: few are the lucky ones who can go through life with wet hair after washing.

Most of us need the help of a heat tool or the beloved styling products.


However, the most important thing is to know your hair shape and analyze your options when choosing a haircut.

 Now that the keratin treatment has become your ally, you’ll be able to choose from many more options. 


As I said before, if you’re not up for a big change, just trim the ends to keep the style you’re currently wearing. If you’re not so sure, it’s not the time to change.


Go to a professional stylist and ask for advice before the keratin treatment. Then, choose your next look.

If a cut forces you to change your entire hairstyle routine, it’s definitely not the best cut for you. Think again!


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