What happens if your split ends reach your scalp? Nothing good…

  • If your split ends reach your scalp, you should ask a dermatologist.
  • Sometimes, the number of bulbs in the scalp decreases and may decrease the hair volume.
  • You may also be faced with the beginning of alopecia, from which it’s hard to recover.
  • Therefore, the emphasis should be on preventing split ends from reaching the scalp.


heat tool abuse

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I ask my clients emphatically to trim their ends a few centimeters every two to three months to prevent split ends.

Split ends weaken your hair from the ends to the roots.


If you let split ends reach the scalp, things can really get ugly. You’ll be faced with two possibilities, which I’m sure you won’t like:

  • If split ends reach the scalp, the cuticle cells are gone and expose the hair. Consequently, the number of bulbs from which the hair is born is reduced, which, in turn, reduces your hair volume.
  • If the split ends reach the scalp, they decrease your volume. Then, you’ll face alopecia or baldness.

It sounds scary, doesn’t it?


However, relax because  split ends reaching the scalp is practically impossible. 

Secondly, you can still make it more impossible if you know the best way to prevent those split ends from overpowering your hair.

So, let’s start at the beginning.

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How split ends originate

half hair with ends already cut

Split ends are almost inevitable in hair because they result from wear and tear from time and external factors. For example, they could be chemical processes, exposure to the sun’s rays, or the abuse of heat tools.


To help you understand this better,  think of each of your hair strands as a strand of wool. 

If you wash wool strands excessively, expose them to the sun, cold, and wind, they’ll begin to weaken.

They’ll start to open up into small strands that will increase without the proper care.

A hair strand will undergo the same process.


That’s why you should prevent split ends. Do you want to know how?

I’ll tell you about it below.


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How to prevent split ends

To prevent split ends and their reaching the scalp, you should identify their origin. It could be mechanical, physiological, or chemical.

Let’s look at each of them separately.


Split ends due to mechanical issues

This is the most frequent problem. It’s a result of abusing hairdryers, flat irons, or hair straighteners.

The direct, excessive heat on your hair causes an intense drying, which opens the cuticles creating the famous split ends.

So tell me, how do you wash and dry your hair?


I’m sure you use shampoo and dry it with a towel. But I mean, do you do it gently, or do you rub it as if you wanted to polish it?

Even if you rub it, your hair will not shine any more. Instead, it’ll break.


 If you wash and rub your hair aggressively, pressing the ends against each other, you stimulate cuticle breakage. Then, adding intense direct heat turns you into a candidate for split ends. 


Also, brushing your hair dry “to untangle it fast” or using poor-quality combs with broken teeth irreversibly damage the cuticles of the hair. That’s when split ends arise.


Split ends due to physiological issues

for naturally healthy hair

You are what you eat and how you treat your body. It’ll be reflected from your toes to the ends of your hair.

 Poor diet, lack of physical activity, and mood influence split ends. 


The problems of depressed people with serious economic or health difficulties are reflected in their hair. One of the first symptoms is split ends.

Maintain a balanced diet with fish, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables, and do physical activity, even if it is just a slow walk every day.


Split ends due to chemical issues

shiny and silky hair

It has to do with hair dyes, straightening or curling chemical treatments, and chemical products.

For example, hair dyes require peroxide to open the cuticles for the hair dye pigments to enter. They’re an aggressive agent.


 The same happens with bleaching or perming. They’re much more aggressive treatments that damage the hair cuticles and cause split ends. 

I’m sure that you looked at the ends of your hair while reading because you recognized some of these bad habits in your routine. Are they split?


Let’s find the solution to prevent them from reaching your scalp!


Solutions for split ends before they reach the scalp and it’s too late

just a few inches

  • You won’t like what I’m about to tell you, but if your ends are split, you need to get rid of them. It can only be achieved by trimming the ends. It’ll prevent the hair from splitting further.


  If you can, go to a salon, because professional scissors avoid further damage to the hair. 

Do you flat iron your hair?


iron the hair without damaging it

  • My first recommendation is to reduce the frequency. Also, thermal protectants before any heat treatment.

These products form an insulating film on the hair’s surface.


  • It’s also critical to keep the cuticles sealed. You can use restoring, nourishing, or moisturizing treatments.

There’re plenty of products on the market, from flax or argan ampoules, for example, to masks, keratin treatment, hair botox, or hair lifts.



Now you know that if split ends reach the scalp, you’ll probably lose hair volume until the dreaded baldness appears.

Therefore, you should trim your ends every two to three months to prevent the damage from spreading throughout your hair.

Also, don’t overuse heat tools, eat a well-balanced diet, and nourish your hair with hair repair treatments every 15 days.

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