How to protect your keratin in summer and not ruin it with the sun or the sea

wear wide-brimmed hat

Do you want to know how to protect your keratin treatment during your vacation at the beach?


Today, I will reveal all the mysteries to you. Because if there is something that I love in this life, it’s when the sun heats you up, here at the beach. Whether its sung by Luis Miguel or by my crazy group of friends.

Because if you have done a keratin treatment, the sun will become your number one enemy.

And salt, enemy number two.


 That’s why you should have a few things on hand that will help you care for the keratin in your hair and also a few really useful products.  


Believe me when I tell you that it is vital that you pay attention.

Because if you don’t do it, you run the risk of going through the same experience that I did three years ago when I went on the vacation of my dreams at the beach, with a recently done keratin treatment in my hair.

I still remember the tears that said goodbye to that summer, the worst one of my life.


We had planned a summer at the beach in Punta Cana with my friends for three years, and finally, we did it.

And I wanted to look spectacular. After all, my social media was going to document all our adventures. That’s why I applied keratin because with that my hair would be frizz free, shiny and silky.


  • But after five days of enjoying the beach, there was no keratin left. It had evaporated like the drops of seawater evaporate from your skin every time you get out of the water.
  • Frizz dominated my hair without mercy and in all the photos that I uploaded to Instagram, you could see the little hairs flying up like I had just stuck my fingers in a socket.
  • The ends! The ends were horrible, dry, and straw-like.
  • And from that perfect straight hair, there was almost nothing left, so my hair was neither here nor there, not straight, but not wavy, an undefined and deformed thing.


And it was all because of the long hours spent playing in the sea. From my intrepid adventures on a surfboard to enjoying long and fun conversations with my friends under the sun rays without any protection.

I swore that summer would never ruin my keratin-treated hair again. And I fulfilled that promise.


That’s why if you are going to enjoy a few days at the beach, if you are one of those that likes to sprawl out in the sand and tan your body under the sun rays, and you like to play in the waves, don’t stop reading what I’m going to tell you below.

Because when the sun heats up at the beach, it’s time to protect your hair.

And what is something that you should always, always have in your beach bag to care for the keratin in your hair?


Get your pencil and paper ready because while the list isn’t long, you can always forget something.


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All that you have to know before going to the beach if you have done a keratin treatment

protect hair from the sun

Have you ever asked yourself why your hair looks so good after doing a treatment?


I will tell you.

The keratin solution is applied to open the cuticles of the hair. Once the cuticles are open, the solution is introduced in the stalk of the hair and the lost proteins are replaced.

That’s when you use a flat iron to seal the solution. Any activity or element that opens the cuticles will eliminate the proteins of the keratin and will reduce the duration of the treatment.


That’s why all stylists recommend us to use shampoos without salt or sulfates, since these types of shampoos can open the cuticles and eliminate the keratin.

 If a few drops of shampoo with excess salt can eliminate the keratin after a few washes, imagine what sea water can do, which is full of sodium chloride in just two dips under the waves?  



It will eliminate the keratin in less than three days. And goodbye straight hair and hello frizz.


The same thing happens with sun rays, which incidentally, every year become more dangerous and toxic.

Ultraviolet rays cross through the hair fibers, reducing the effect of the keratin.


I’m telling you all of this because it is important that you are conscious of the dangers of the sun and saltwater so that your keratin doesn’t go to waste.

Now that you’ve taken note of how dangerous salt and sun can be, it’s time to prepare your beach bag with the elements and products that you will need to protect the keratin.


How to protect you hair before going to the beach

Once you have turned into “flash, the girl in the blue bikini,” it’s time to prepare your beach bag.


 Never, under no circumstances, forget a hat. It doesn’t matter which you choose. It can be a cap, a panama hat, or a cowboy hat, as long as it isn’t missing from your beach outfit.  


Personally for me, I’ve had fun using beach hats, but also, they protect my hair from those evil UV rays.

Do you know which is my favorite?


One in the Tropicana style, like from the 20s.

But there is another element that you can’t forget.

A thermal spray with sun protection.


Sun protector for your hair

with argan oil

I use this one.

Schwarzkopf Bc Sun Protect Shimmer Oil.


 This is one of my secret weapons so that my hair doesn’t dehydrate every time I go play in the waves.  

Before diving into the sea, I spray my hair with the oil, which protects the natural moisture of my hair, closing the cuticles. Also, it contains a sun filter so the sun rays don’t dry out my hair.


There are many brands of sun protectors for hair. So, you can use this one or any other one with similar characteristics. The important thing is that you use something.


Are you one of those that spends more time swimming in the sea than spreading out tanning in the sun?

This is my advice.


This is what you should do before going into the sea if you don’t want to ruin your keratin

Surely you will have noticed that in all the changing rooms, they install showers with fresh water. In addition to refreshing you, they are useful for protecting your keratin treatment.


 Always before diving into the water, wet your hair in these showers, since this will prevent your hair from absorbing the salt water first. 


And of course, never forget to apply a few drops of the sun protector oil that is named above.

When you get out of the water, don’t forget to rinse your hair with fresh water, since that’s the best way to eliminate the salt.

Now that you have gone through a day full of sun and fun, you go back to your hotel and your rental house.


What is the first thing you should do as soon as you get back from the beach?

Eat a refreshing bowl of ice cream?

Look through the comments in your Instagram?

Empty out your beach bag?

None of those!


  • The first thing you should do is wash your hair.

Because that way, you will be sure to eliminate all of the remaining salt water and residues of the protector products that you used during the day.

Of course, you should a sulfate- and salt-free shampoo.


  • When possible, avoid using hair dryers. After all, your hair put up with heat all day on the beach.

If you can’t avoid using it, always dry your hair at a low or medium temperature so that you reduce the damage to your hair and protect the keratin.


  • And lastly, drink lots and lots of water. This will keep your body and hair hydrated and healthy. Natural fruit juices are welcome to keep you hydrated.


It’s time to keep playing in the waves, because when the sun heats up … its your face, your hair, I shudder and care for my hair more than ever.

And you, how do you think about caring for your hair with keratin during the summer?

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