Help! I don’t know what to do with my hair! Should I change color, cut it, or anything else?

she does not know what color to dye it

Don’t you know what to do with your hair? Don’t worry, here I’ll help you decide what to do with your hair.

I’ll tell you some great new ideas that will make you want to run to your salon and try them out.


To start with I’ll tell you this:

  • Your hair can always change.  The important thing is that you don’t act on impulse  and that you avoid harmful products, even if they are in fashion.
  • Seek advice and encourage yourself to make radical changes such as a new color or a total makeover.
  • And, if you don’t want to go that far, you can try some highlights or thinning out the ends. Small changes can also give you great results!


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If you feel totally identified with the phrase “I don’t know what to do with my hair”, you’re not alone.

It’s one of the most frequent questions at the beauty salon.

Many women ask me for a change, whether in color, cut, hairstyle, or all at once. Then, they tell me exactly that: they don’t know what to do with their hair!


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The reality is that you can do many things. However, firstly, you must find out what the bottom line is.

To help you discover it, here are some common situations.

Think about which one you identify yourself with best and read on to see what you can do in each one.

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“I’m bored with looking the same all the time.”

radical change

If you like your hair type and are comfortable with its shape, whether it’s straight or curly, but you still look the same, you can start with a change of color.

You may never have colored your hair at all, or you may be bored of having the same color all the time. What can you do?


 I recommend that you start changing gradually. 

You can add some highlights in two lighter or darker shades. So, you can improve your look and bring more lightness and contrast.

I insist that you change gradually to have the possibility to adapt and fall in love with your new color version. Dare to shine!


“I want a change, but not in my color.”

If you like your hair color or feel you’re not ready for as radical a change as dying it, but [your_highlight background=”#ffb5e8″]you still want a change, then you can start at the ends. You can give them a little more movement or slightly change the shape.[/su_highlight] That’ll refresh you.

Keep in mind that trimming a little more will renew you and help you look different.


If you have long hair and you want a more risky change, I recommend a shaggy bob cut, which always fits any face and hair. It will look elegant, as well!


There are a few tips for styling your shaggy cut.

The most important thing is to start at the ends with a gentle massage with the brush.

Continue with the lengths and, finally, the scalp. This way, you’ll stimulate the area, helping it to gain shine and strengthen the hair. Once it’s properly brushed, you can go for your favorite hairstyle.


“I don’t like the shape of my hair.”

she doesn't know what to do with his hair

It happens to many women. I hear it every day.

The reality is that hair has many ways: large, medium, or small curls; super straight and thin or thick and heavy. There are waves of all sizes and shapes.

Regardless of the hair type you have, you can always change it if you want, or you can make the most of it. I’ll tell you more next.


“I tried to straighten it, but it didn’t work.”

Although some treatments are fashionable, not all are suitable. Unfortunately, you’ll get the opposite effect. I’ll give you an example from a real experience.


It’s Silvina’s story.

She always accompanied her mother to my salon. One day, she made the famous comment: “I don’t know what to do with my hair” and added: “I don’t like its shape; I have a lot of frizz. So, that’s why I’m getting my hair straightened with formaldehyde.” Big mistake!


Formaldehyde isn’t good for your hair. Over time, it’ll make your hair thinner and dull. Therefore, I said she could change the formaldehyde treatment for a natural, substance-free straightening, which would also reduce the frizz with hair products.


 When you’re deciding what to do with your hair, you need to take good advice so that you don’t repeat Silvina’s story. 


If your problem is the shape, you don’t like your curls, you have a lot of frizz, or you want to straighten it, you can opt for some formaldehyde-free straightening treatment.

Otherwise, if your hair is too straight and thin, you can use a soft perm, which is super trendy, to gain some movement.


“I changed my look without thinking, and I was wrong!”

for even results

The idea of renewal and looking different is something that all women love. Looking and feeling beautiful gives us confidence and security, but it’s important not to act on impulse!


Many women who are in emotional situations have outbursts with their hair. I see it very often in the beauty salon. So, first of all, it’s important to evaluate and make a safe decision.  I recommend that you discuss it and seek advice from your trusted stylist. 


Also, you must evaluate if you’ll be able to maintain it. If you decide on a very light color, you should consider that you’ll have to go to the salon every month because your roots will show after 20 days. You may then want to go for a more discreet color that resembles your natural tone or start your makeover with a simple haircut.



A change of look can be super positive, but it has to be a previously evaluated decision and not an emotional impulse.

  • You can decide on a color change to shine with your hair.
  • Or a new haircut, to completely renew the look.
  • Or simply trim those worn-out ends and get some movement again.


Whatever you do, you have to consider that it’ll be your image for a long time. Therefore, you have to be convinced.

Now that you have many options regarding your hair, I invite you to make friends with it and figure out which option you’ll choose.

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