What does it mean when a girl plays with her hair or twirls it around her fingers?

damages the hair fiber

  • When a woman plays with her hair, it might mean that she is nervous, she might be trying to seduce her soulmate, or she might be really preoccupied with her hair’s appearance.
  • Twirling of hair around the fingers can be a symptom of feeling insecure or worry. This is something that must be monitored closely since it can lead to serious problems. I will explain why.


Will you accept a challenge?

Think about your favorite romantic movie. Visualize the scene where the main characters meet and make eye contact.

What is one of the first things the female lead does besides batting her eyelashes shamelessly?


When she sees the handsome gentleman approach her with a mainly stride, she will most likely touch her hair. She will brush her hair behind her ear, allowing him to see a little bit of her neck.

This is part of the art of nonverbal seduction. When a woman plays with her hair in a romantic situation, she is trying to get attention; she is trying to be seductive and captivate the imagination.


 There is nothing wrong with playing with your hair. We do it dozens of times throughout the day subconsciously. 


Small actions, like fixing your bangs, brush the hair behind an ear, and straighten out some locks around your face, happen without you even really noticing.

I am sure if we had a video camera in front of us, filming us for twenty-four hours a day, we would discover that we play with our hair more often than we notice. Maybe even while we sleep.

Have you ever noticed that when you need to focus, maybe on something you are reading, that you put your hair up in a ponytail?


Women are mysterious creatures. We can seem as distant as the moon or show very little interest in certain things just by the way we play with our hair.

 Playing with your hair can be harmless or end up as something that becomes compulsive with terrible consequences, just like it happened to one of my clients. Let me tell you all about it. 

To really know the significance of why a woman is playing with her hair, we must go above and beyond and really observe the situation and the circumstances.


Are you someone who is in love that wants to know why the woman you are interested in plays with her hair every time you are with her?

Are you a woman who constantly plays with her hair, and are you wondering if maybe there is a mania behind it?


Well, keep reading because I will tell you:

  • In which situations women play with their hair, and what does it mean
  • In which situations, you must be careful when you twirl your hair around your fingers.


So many mysteries when it comes to hair!  Do you dare to find out about them with me?


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Why women play with their hair, and what does it mean

with her hands

Right during the XXI century, we are part of a psychoanalyzed society. Everything must have a meaning, from our dreams to the simple gestures we do on our day to day basis.

And the playful gestures of the hair are one of them. We women turn, pull, and play with our hair for various reasons.


 It is important to analyze in which situations we play with our hair. This will play a big part in its significance. 

I invite you to look at the following scenes as if you were invisible or a silent witness so that you can discover what is hiding behind you being playful with your hair.


Playing with your hair just to flirt

Unlike men, women are much less direct when it comes to flirting or seducing a man.

Or at least that’s what we think. The signs are always there.


One of those signals is playing with your hair, but it’s done in a specific way. Let’s not forget that men are particularly attracted to a beautiful head of hair.

 The first thing that comes to mind is the Disney Princesses. All of them have beautiful and long hair, which can be the ultimate symbol of femininity and seduction. 


When a woman is interested in getting a man’s attention, she will do slow and precise movements with her hair.  They, for example, take advantage of the playful movements of the hair to show a little bit of their neck.

While you are playing with your hair is important to pay attention to the whole situation. Are you smiling while you are playing with your hair? Are you keeping eye contact with the person you have in front of you? Are you leaning into them?


Well then, my little seductress, you are using your playful hair gestures for one reason only: to attract and seduce.


Playing with your hair because you feel uncomfortable

Unfortunately, a woman playing with her hair can also mean something negative.

For example, has somebody ever told you something to make you feel uncomfortable? Does your mood change from happy to not so happy very rapidly? Did someone approach you suddenly or without an invitation?

In this instance, you will not move your hair slowly; you will most likely brush your hair harshly out of the way. This will let others know that you are nervous or stressed.


Playing with your hair when you feel bored

It is also possible that you start playing with your hair when you feel bored.

That is why, if you are a gentleman out on the prowl, and the girl you are talking to begins to braid her hair in the middle of the conversation, it is time to step up your seduction skills because you might just come face to face to the terrible situation of her losing interest in you.

Generally, when you are speaking to someone, you want their full attention. If they are not giving it to you and suddenly “fix” their hair as if they are just starting their day, you might have lost them completely.


Now, what is the deal with twirling your hair around your fingers? You might just end up with a compulsive habit that might even lead you to end up with knots in your hair.


Want to know more? Well, keep reading.


Why can twirling your hair in your fingers can be just as dangerous as it’s harmless

Like I mentioned before, playing with your hair can be part of a game of seduction or entertainment. Up till this moment, it is a harmless habit.

But what happens when playing with your hair can turn into a compulsive habit that can even lead to causing damage?


Playing with our hair can be something harmless. Something we do out of habit or because we are flirting with somebody.

But it can turn into a compulsive habit that can lead to an extreme known as Trichotillomania or pulling your hair out. Trichophagy is when people chew on their hair, or they might even pull it out before eating it.


The most important thing is to search for help if you notice any damage to the hair fiber or the scalp due to you playing with your hair.



Caressing, touching, or playing with your hair can be harmless.

But if your hands are dirty, you can transfer the dirt to the hair, and if you twirl your hair up a point that you are making knots, you can weaken the hair fiber.


If you only play with your hair when you are flirting, then go ahead.

But if you feel that you are risking the hair fibers’ health, you might want to look into other alternatives.  Like my friend, who is a therapist, says, “it is better to prevent than to cure” Don’t’ you agree?


Now tell me, in which situations do you play with your hair?

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