4 Masks for your hair after Keratin: Home-made and Natural

to extend the effects

Welcome to a fascinating trip where I will show you the best masks so that your keratin hair always looks spectacular.


It doesn’t matter if it’s hot, cold, or windy.

It also won’t matter if you have to rush out of your house and you have a million things to do.

None of this will matter because thanks to these masks, your hair will always look amazing, shiny, and voluminous.


And if you still don’t believe me, keep reading.

If I could do it, I’m sure you can too.


Every time that I entered the salon to do a keratin treatment, I begged for it to last at least three months minimum in my hair.

The reasons?


I think they are obvious.

Keratin treatments in the salon can cost close to 300 dollars.

A sum that for a receptionist’s salary like mine is pretty high.

I can’t stop keep paying that much for the luxury of a hair treatment every month.

Because then I wouldn’t have the money to pay for rent on my apartment, groceries at the supermarket, and never mind having a bit of cash to buy myself a new shirt.

smoothing or keratin

The same thing always happened to me.

As many times as I changed salons,

And that I didn’t wash my hair for the first three days,

And I used silk pillowcases for my pillows,

And I didn’t pull my hair back with ties or clips to avoid marks.

The keratin would fade after twenty days.


A month at most.

I was really devastated.

I couldn’t stand my curls.

I couldn’t stand having the look of a person that was sloppy and disheveled.


But my bank account couldn’t stand paying for a keratin treatment practically every month and a half.

So, a lightbulb went off.

I remembered a quote from Albert Einstein: “I don’t have special talents, but I am deeply curious.”

That doesn’t stop until she finds all the answers.


So, after various days of research, I decided to run the risk and do a keratin treatment.

But this time, I introduced a few changes into my after care.


 I started to use masks with natural ingredients to care for my keratin. 

In this way, I didn’t only get my hair to always look great, I also extended the life of the treatment.

Before it lasted me a month at most, but now it lasted three months.


So, today, I want to share with you the masks that I use in my hair and other care that I’m following to care for my keratin.

I hope this advice works for you.


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2 masks to make you keratin-treated hair always look fantastic and make the treatment last longer

I love doing research.

I could spend hours on the computer comparing products and looking for the most serious opinions of users.

I even take advantage during my lunch hour to continue researching on my cellphone.

And that’s how I found two masks that promised marvelous results.

Do you want to know what they are?


Arvazallia Argan Oil Mask

argan oil

Check Mask on Amazon


Do you want me to tell you what I thought the first few times I used this mask?

Where had it been hiding all my life?


It left my hair shiny even three months after doing the treatment.

And when my boyfriend touched my hair, he said it was smooth like silk.


Also, I noticed that my hair seemed thicker and less damaged, which accentuated the effects of the keratin.

I used it every two weeks.


After washing my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and with towel-dried hair, I distributed a generous amount of it in my hair.

I did a hair massage in circles and wrapped my hair in a shower cap.

After, I simply let the product sit for an hour and… voila!

When I dried it, my hair looked amazing.

Even though six months had passed since I went to the salon.


Wella Elements Mask

parabens free mask

Check Wella Mask on Amazon


Since this mask doesn’t have sulfates, it doesn’t erase the effects of the keratin.

Without a doubt one of the best advantages is the quality/price ratio, because let’s not forget that the products created by Wella are deserving of confidence.

Also, it yields a lot. My container lasted more than six months.


You apply it to wet hair and let it sit for twenty minutes, then simply rinse.

That’s it.

Wash out the product with lots of cold water to get the perfect shine.


Now, for those that love everything natural and organic, the good news is that in your cupboard you can find the best supporters of hair care for hair treated with keratin.


Homemade masks with natural ingredients

Lemon and egg mask

leave it for 30 minutes


  • One egg yolk
  • Juice of one lemon



In a bowl, mix the lemon juice and the egg yolk.

You have to get a really homogenous mixture.

Once you get that distribute it over wet hair and let it sit for thirty minutes.

After, simply wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.


Coconut oil mask

keeps hair hydrated

I know that you have heard talk of the benefits of coconut oil.

So much so that you should feel like a coconut is eating you.

That’s also happened to me.

But, thinking of my wallet, I decided it was time to give it a try.

So, I bought it.

And I used it once a week to lengthen the effects of the straightening treatment with keratin.

The results?



Coconut oil comes in a solid form.

Warm it up in a double boiler and when it is manageable, distribute four tablespoons of coconut oil over your whole head.

Do some soft massages in the scalp as well as at the ends and in the middle.


Cover your head with a shower cap and let it sit overnight.


If you want to, protect your pillowcase with a rag or old t-shirt so that it doesn’t get stained.

The next day, simply rinse your hair with plenty of water and wash it a sodium and parabens-free shampoo.


Those are the products that I used after doing my last keratin treatment.

Do you want to know how long ago I did it?

Six months.



Just as you read it.

My last keratin treatment lasted six months.

And I want to dance the Tarantella and a Flamenco together.


 Because my hair looks much better than the first times that I applied the keratin treatment. 

And also, I saved a ton of expenses at the salon.

Of course, after all of this, I’ll add some other small secrets to get the most out of your keratin treatment.


I’ll give you 3 secrets more for caring for your keratin-treated hair

using masks periodically

  • Change your sheets to silk or satin

If you don’t want to change your whole set of sheets, simply change the pillowcase. That will be enough so that you don’t ruin the keratin.

In addition to feeling perfect on your skin, they reduce the amount of friction in your hair against the pillow, which prevents the hair fibers from breaking.


  • I try to pull up my hair as little as possible

Most people say the first few days.

But listen to an expert.

Avoid pulling back your hair because you’ll prevent completely unwanted marks or waves

So, no hair ties, clips, elastics or any other type of similar implement.


  • If you swim, change your shampoo

Another thing I learned thanks to my research.

I’ve loved swimming since I was a little girl.

I should be related to mermaids.

But before going into the pool, I apply a leave in conditioner to my hair and I use a swim cap.


This prevents the chlorine from penetrating the stalk of the hair, ripping out the keratin.

And always, always use sulfate-free shampoo.


I’m happy.

I could shout, “Eureka!” from the rooftops.

Thanks to this care, my hair always looks silky and shiny like I just left the salon.

And if that wasn’t enough, I was able to make the keratin last longer in my hair.

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