Can you unperm your hair? Reverse perm to straighten hair

  • It’s not possible to unperm your hair immediately because it’s an irreversible chemical process. The perm liquid changes the structure and shape of the hair permanently.
  • Only another chemical process, such as straightening, can reverse the hair shape and unperm it.
  • To reverse your perm, you should wait at least 6 months. Those six months will be important to prepare your hair for the new process.
  • Here I’ll tell you how to prepare your permed hair so it can withstand the next straightening process.


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Did you get a perm and don’t like the way it turned out?

Is your perm going straight?

Are you tired of curly hair?


I have good news and bad news for you. Let’s start with the bad news.

  • The bad news is that you won’t be able to unperm your hair immediately.
  • The good news is that you’ll be able to straighten your perm 6 months after you have it done.


I understand that if you don’t like your perm, or if you’re tired of it, you want to unperm it as soon as possible. No one enjoys going through life wearing a style they don’t like.

But if you rush into straightening your perm,  you run the risk of irreversibly ruining your hair. 

Both perming and straightening are very aggressive processes for the hair. They modify its structure.


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As I told you at the beginning,  perming is a chemical process that breaks the hair structure. It joins it differently. In turn, straightening does the same, but in reverse. 

Do you realize the wear and tear of these two processes on your hair?


That’s why you can’t do them so often. Instead, you should wait at least 6 months to straighten your hair.

If you Google “how to unperm your hair,” you’ll find a lot of misinformation.

Some claim that you can unperm your hair with Moroccan or canola oil. Others swear that Harry Potter straightened their hair. However,  I’m telling you right now that magic solutions don’t exist. 

Are you still there?


I hope I convinced you that  it’s not a good idea to reverse a perm shortly after you got it. 


However, as I said above, if you have a little patience, you can try to reverse your perm within 6 months. Of course, you should get the help of a suitable professional.

Many treatments can be done at home. However, the smartest thing to do to unperm your hair is to get experienced professional advice.

What can you do during those 6 months while you wait to unperm your hair?


That’s what I’ll tell you below.

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How to prepare your hair to unperm 6 months after getting the perm?

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Our main goal during those 6 months will be to nourish and repair the hair.


  • Get repair or nourish masks.
  • Complement them with a line of shampoo and conditioner care for curly hair. Those products will nourish your hair the most.
  • You should wash your hair every other day at the most. It’ll be better if you can wash it every two or three days.
  • Use the treatment masks once a week.


  This routine should be done continuously during the six months you wait to unperm your hair,  Don’t forget your goal and always keep it in mind. Prepare your hair to unperm.


  • In between washes, you can do a tight, pulled-back style to help discipline your hair.

However, don’t use alcohol spray because it’ll damage and dry out your hair. On the other hand, what we want is to nourish it.


just the tips

  • An excellent decision would be to trim your hair. That way, you’ll get rid of the drier ends. Also, certain cuts can help disguise the curls. For example straight cuts.


  • If you have an outing or a special event, you can sporadically use a warm flat iron to straighten your hair. Just apply a heat protectant spray before straightening your hair.

Forget dry brushing because it’ll make your perm look electrified. Instead, comb your hair in the shower with a wet and conditioned head.


Remember that it’s always better to have beautiful curls than a frizzy mane.


Don’t be discouraged. Six months will fly by and you’ll be ready with beautiful, healthy hair to straighten.

What’s the process of reversing the perm?


I’ll tell you right now.


What’s the process of reversing the perm to straighten your hair?

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I suggest you go to a salon or stylist to have your hair straightened after six months.

Don’t buy home straighteners nor try to straighten your perm on your own.

You’ve waited so long for this moment that you need a professional’s hand.


 Formaldehyde-free straightening treatments can be used after a perm.  You must strictly adhere to them. Formaldehyde is not compatible with the substance used in perms.

The formaldehyde-free legal progressive straighteners have alkaline substances that are compatible with the perm.
A professional will make a diagnosis and decide if your hair is suitable for perming. Still, since you spent six months working very hard to prepare your hair, I’m confident that you’ll be able to unperm your hair.


If your stylist concludes that straightening your perm is not a good idea, either because your hair is too fine, weak, or for any other reason, please listen to him or her.

Don’t be stubborn and buy the first straightening treatment that comes your way. If you do, you’ll almost certainly end up ruining your hair.


Will straightening get your hair back to its original shape?

Your hair will already have its natural pattern at the roots. Why? Because six-month growth is approximately 8 cm of new hair.

The rest of the hair will depend on how curly your perm is.


  • If your hair is thicker, it’ll be more difficult to straighten it. At the same time, it’s more resistant, which is an advantage.
  • If your hair is thinner and more porous, it’ll straighten much faster.


You may get the desired result in this first formaldehyde-free straightening session. Still, everything will depend on the advice of your trusted professional.

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