Can I put mousse in my hair after a perm? Yes, but choose the right mousse

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  • Yes, you can put mousse in your hair after perming it, but you should use an alcohol-free and silicon-free mousse. In a moment, I’ll explain why that is.
  • It’s important to only use this kind of product on special occasions when you want well-defined curls that will last you a long time.
  • Remember that the fewer chemical products you use on your perm, the better.
  • Also, the fewer chemical products you use on your perm, the longer the perm will last.


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You’ve finally made it!

Now that you’ve gotten a perm, you’ve realized that as soon as you roll out of bed in the morning, your curls are as perfect as they were yesterday.

You don’t need to get up an hour earlier and slave away with a curler to fill your hair with playful ringlets.


But, as you’ve also probably realized, perming your hair – either straight or curly – is a chemical process that modifies the internal structure of your hair.

 In order for that effect to last longer, you need to take extremely good care of your new curls. 


And included in that good care is considering what kind of hair products you use.

Are you still using just any old shampoo?


I hope not because it’s important to use shampoos and conditioners made for curly hair.

But what about mousse?


It’s the same as with shampoo: you can’t just use the first mousse you find on the shelf at the store.

So, if you want to know everything there is to know about caring for your permed hair while styling it, stick around, because I’ll tell you:

  • How to use mousse in permed hair
  • Other additional steps you should take to make your perm last longer


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How to use mousse on permed hair

how to use it

The first thing you should do before buying mousse is carefully read the label.


 Because the best mousse for permed hair is a mousse that doesn’t contain either alcohol or silicon. 

Do you know why?


  • Alcohol will dry out your hair quickly, leaving it curly, but prone to breaking, which will ruin your perm.
  • On the other hand, silicones make your hair turn greasy and weigh it down.

Is there anything worse than curls that don’t bounce? I don’t think so.


Once you’ve confirmed that the mousse you’ve chosen to shape your curls doesn’t contain alcohol or silicones, you should check how strong its hold is.

There are different levels of hold that go from 1 to 4.


 Number 1 will give you a natural hold and your curls will maintain their movement, while you should use a number 4 mousse for much more structured ‘dos.  


Now that you’ve chosen the perfect mousse for your perm, it’s time to use it on your hair.


How to use the mousse on your hair

Remember that this product will help you gain texture and volume.

The amount you need will depend on how much hair you have and how long it is. So, I suggest starting small the first few times you use it, and following that, using a little more each time.


  • Squirt a quarter-sized blob into the palm of your hand, and  use most of it on the ends of your wet hair, leaving your roots for the end. 
  • It’s best to spread the mousse using your fingers, but if you need a little bit of help, use a wide-toothed comb, which is the ideal kind of comb for permed hair.
  • If you think that your curls end up too hard or crunchy, you can always use a combing cream for curls, which is a lighter option that won’t limit your hair’s movement.


How do you take care of permed hair? You’re still not sure how to do it?

Don’t worry, I’ll give you a list of tips to help make your perm last longer and your curls look splendid.


Other tips for permed hair

You’ve probably noticed that your hair’s texture has changed since you got a perm. And in general, your hair will need more hydration than before. A lot more.

That’s why it’s very important to use sulfate-free shampoos for curly hair and mousses that do not contain either alcohol or silicon.


  • How often do your wash your hair?

If you wash your hair every day, get ready for your perm to disappear after two months.

My recommendation is to do it every three days, avoiding products that contain sulfates.


  • Once you finish washing your hair, you should use a microfiber towel to dry it.

And then, that’s when you can use the mousse to help define your curls.


  • If possible, avoid using a hairdryer and if for any reason you have to use one, be sure to use it with a diffuser.


  • And please, pamper your hair with a deep hydration treatment at least once a week.

It’s necessary because perming your hair can eliminate your hair’s natural moisture and oils, and you need to replace them. A deep conditioning treatment at least twice a month can make sure that your hair doesn’t dry out too much, strengthen any weakened areas of hair, flatten your hair cuticles and help maintain your hair’s shine.


  • And lastly,  remember that any product you use to comb and define your perm’s curls should be specifically made for chemically-treated, curly hair.  

– Mousses hydrate and protect permed hair and keep your curls defined. These products can help control static and frizz and make your curls flow and look natural.

– Gels contain hydrating ingredients to help soften and define your curls, and you can use them on towel-dried hair.

– Lastly, anti-frizz serums, in addition to controlling frizz, make your hair look shinier.



You can use mousse on permed hair without any trouble, but remember that the mousse you choose should not contain either alcohol, which would dry out your hair, or silicones, which would make your curls look heavy and limp.

It’s also important to avoid heated styling tools and you should also do deep hydrating treatments on your hair to help it recover the moisture lost while perming it.


And now, tell me: Have you looked at the ingredients in your mousse? What have you found?

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