My hair parting is getting wider and scalp is already too visible, what should I do?

you can see the scalp

  • First, you need to determine if your hair parting is getting wider or if it’s just a visual effect. It may be difficult to distinguish.
  • If your hair parting is indeed getting wider, you should ask your dermatologist and get the appropriate treatment.
  • A different haircut and hairstyle can help you to disguise the wide parting while you undergo a dermatological treatment.


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I understand that you’re worried because your hair parting is getting wider.

What I’m asking you is: are you sure it’s getting wider?


Many women who visit my salon have asked me worried about this issue. They think they’re going to go bald. However, that’s not the case!

 Your parting getting wider isn’t always an emergency medical situation. 


Actually, several reasons could be generating this situation, and the solution can be simple.

Let’s review together what habits you can change to prevent your parting from getting wider.


Also, in the second part of this article, I’ll tell you how to disguise your wide parting. Are you ready?


Part 1: What can you do to stop your parting from getting wider?

I’ll tell you everything you can do to stop your parting from getting wider. Let’s get started!


1- Change the part in your hair

large forehead due to thinning of hair

In many haircuts, the hair part is so stuck in one area of the head that it seems it’ll stay that way forever, motionless.

As a result, the whole area around the hair part is down and loses volume.

You may even get patches with no strands if you don’t change your hair part from time to time.


I know that changing the hair part is quite difficult. Especially, when there’re a lot of swirls.

The parting should go with our look and not go against it. However, I’m sure you can try to make the change.

So, how can you change your hair part?


 When your hair is dry, comb it with a brush flipping it from one side to the other several times, and with energy. 

This way, you’ll add volume and activate the blood supply to the scalp.

I advise you to do this for about two weeks. You’ll notice the changes after that.


Now, let’s see what else you can do to prevent your parting from getting wider.


2- Use the right products for your hair type

for bleached hair

You may think your parting is getting wider but, in fact, your hair could be too heavy.


 Your hair may tend to be oily, and you may not be using the right shampoo and conditioner. Alternatively, you may be washing your hair too much. Those could be the reasons why your hair parting looks wide. 

In that case, the whole area could be saturated with products or overstimulated because you wash your hair every day.


Therefore, the hair gets greasy, sticks together, and creates patches without strands.

To avoid this situation, I suggest the following:


  • Use shampoo and conditioner that is suited to your hair type. If you don’t know your hair type, use a neutral one.
  • Wash your hair at least every other day. It is not recommended that you wash it every day.
  • Use conditioner from the ears down. Never use conditioners on the top of your head.


You may find it difficult at first. However, as the days go by, the gland that produces the oiliness of your scalp will normalize. Then, you’ll no longer have that “flattened” hair look.


3- Do the correct anti-hair loss treatments

during shampoo washing

Your parting could be getting wider due to hair loss. However, let’s look at what we call hair loss.


We have hair in different stages on our scalp.

Some are growing, some are falling out, and some are just there.

This is physiological and  there’s nothing to worry about. It’s normal for us to lose about 100 hairs per day. 


It would be crazy for you to start counting the hairs you lose per day.

But  if you worry that there is an excess of hair loss because you see them on the pillow, on the floor, or on your shoulders, you should ask your dermatologist. 

It could be temporary, genetic, or a hormonal change.


Many reasons may cause hair loss, such as stress, a strict diet, or menopause.

What I recommend is that you ask your dermatologist. He or she will be able to determine the causes and provide you with the most appropriate treatment.


However, as a hairstylist, I can help you disguise your parting getting wider while you wait for your dermatologist.


Part 2: How can I disguise my parting getting wider?

haircut without parting

While you wait for the dermatologist or start hair loss treatment, you can visit your trusted hairstylist.

If you don’t have one, ask someone to recommend one. Don’t just go anywhere.


Talk to the stylist, tell him/her about your concerns. Remember that we’re professionals and that we know tricks that can help you cope with your problem.

 Maybe he/she will recommend a good haircut that will flatter you and make the parting less noticeable. 


However, remember that this is not a real solution. Instead, it could be just a way to hide the parting getting wider.

The objective isn’t to hide your problem. The idea is for you to feel more comfortable with your look while you solve it.


A good option is a textured mid-length haircut. Alternatively, if you are more daring, a pixie cut that is also textured.

Keep in mind that  it’s easier to add volume to short hair than to long hair because the latter has more weight. 

Meanwhile, if you’re not up for a change of cut, you can resort to some hair accessories or try a different hairstyle, such as zigzag streaks.


hide haircut imperfections

  You can also opt for trendy hairstyles without a parting,  like the wet look, which consists of pulling your hair back with a wet effect.

So, go for it!

Remember it’s only temporary. You can also look great while you’re undergoing your treatment.


Another option is to use specific products. I’ll talk about them below.


What products can I use if my parting is getting wider?

hide wide hair parting

Some products on the market can help you disguise your wide parting. Did you know that?


For example, the dry shampoo with color from Batiste.

It’s  a fantastic product to space out hair washes and add volume. It comes with color! 


If you use this shampoo in addition to spacing out your hair washes, you’ll be coloring the parting to disguise its width.

Remember that they come in various shades and are usually dark, medium, and light.


Now you know everything you can do to hide your hair parting while you undergo the appropriate treatment to prevent it from getting even wider. What do you think?

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