Should I use dry shampoo before or after straightening? What if I just want to flat iron my hair?

  • You should always use dry shampoo after straightening your hair, either if you do a treatment or use the flat iron.
  • As regards straightening treatments, you should use dry shampoo afterward so as not to spoil the process.
  • The same applies to using a flat iron. If you dry shampoo your hair before straightening, the heat will make the hair absorb some of the dry shampoo ingredients.



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Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Dry shampoo is more a blessing than an invention.

Your hair surely knows that, doesn’t it?


If you know about dry shampoo, you probably use it a few days of the week to avoid greasy hair. Why?


Because if you wash your oily hair too often, it’ll look dirty. If the scalp doesn’t rest, it produces sebum all the time. That excess sebum makes your hair look dirty and dull.

So, how does dry shampooing relate to straightening and styling treatments?


It’s easy. It simplifies your life.

We all know that, after straightening your hair with keratin or Japanese treatment, you shouldn’t wet your hair for at least the first 48 or 72 hours.

If you cannot wait that time, you can use dry shampoo.


The same applies if you need to flat iron your hair for a special occasion and don’t have time to wash it. You can use dry shampoo after straightening your hair with a flat iron.

Do you want to know how to use dry shampoo after straightening your hair?


Then, stay tuned because I’ll tell you:

  • Why you should always use dry shampoo after straightening
  • How to use dry shampoo correctly on straightened or flat ironed hair
  • Three ideal dry shampoos for straightened hair

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Why you should always use dry shampoo after straightening

after curling it

Are you about to perform a straightening treatment?

Have you straightened your hair yesterday, and you can’t go on without washing your hair?

Considering your anxiety, I’ll start by talking to you.


Let’s say you’re about to have your hair straightened, either with keratin or some other product. What’s the first step?


Deep cleaning your hair to remove any residue of hair products or dirt that prevent the treatment from completely penetrating the hair fiber.

To deep clean your hair, you can only use one type of shampoo: pH-balanced shampoo. It’s the only product that can remove all the residues deposited on the hair, from natural grease to chemicals.


 If you use dry shampoo before straightening, your hair fiber will also absorb the dirt when you seal the keratin with the heat.  

That happens because dry shampoo is not powerful enough to eliminate all residues.


 However, after the straightening treatment, you can use the dry shampoo  to avoid hair coming into contact with water.

It’s crucial with most straightening treatments because your hair can’t get wet for 48 or 72 hours.


That’s why dry shampooing is a great option when you’re waiting for your straightening to settle in.

It won’t ruin your straightening because the powdery texture of the dry shampoo sticks to the oil on your scalp wrapping it in a film that falls out like dust when you comb it.

Do you feel better now?


Good! Then, it’s the turn of those who use their flat iron more often.


Now let’s talk about flat ironing…

titanium plates

It’s always best to wash your hair before flat ironing. Of course, wash, dry, apply the heat protectant and flat iron.

But your boss just called. He’s having a last-minute meeting with a client who traveled from abroad to close a contract.

Your world turns upside down in just a second because your hair is a mess. You don’t have time to wash it and flat iron it!


Don’t give up!

You can still make it to the meeting. How?

 By flat ironing your hair first and then, applying the dry shampoo to leave it clean and shiny! 


If you apply the dry shampoo and straighten your hair, you’ll only seal the oil back into your hair fiber and it’ll be dirty again.

That’s why you should flat iron your hair first and then dry shampoo it.

Now, do you know how to use it correctly?


How to use dry shampoo on straightened or flat ironed hair

  • Spray dry shampoo six inches from your hair. If you apply it too close, you risk staining your hair with white spots.
  • Don’t use too much. Just as spraying too closely is bad. So is using too much product. After all, the idea is not to stain your straightened hair.  If your hair is too greasy, wait, and repeat after the first one has been absorbed.
  • After applying it, wait a few minutes before combing it. Yes, after applying the dry shampoo, you should let it work its magic. Then, gently brush your hair to distribute any excess product.


Do you want to know the dry shampoos for straightened hair I consider best?


3 perfect dry shampoos to use after straightening or ironing


1- Dove

use between washes

Dove means cleanliness and freshness for all hair types, but this dry shampoo is especially ideal for straight hair.

It doesn’t leave any residue and removes all the oil from the scalp.


2- Batiste

use between washes

Do you have very fine hair? It can make your hair look graceless and flatter than it should. If you don’t want to be Morticia Addams, choose this dry shampoo.

Once you apply it, it’ll give your hair body and volume.


3- OGX, argan oil from Morocco

to use on straightened hair

If you flat iron your hair once, twice a week, or even more, your hair fiber is most likely dehydrated.

This dry shampoo will clean your straightened hair and make it shine. It’ll also repair and hydrate it with its collagen and biotin.



Dry shampoo has to be used after a straightening treatment or after flat ironing your hair.

This way, you can make sure that your hair is clean and shiny without ruining the treatment and impregnating the hair fiber with the shampoo’s white powder.

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