Why do my ends dry faster than my roots? Is that normal?

woman examines hair ends that dry faster than roots

  • Yes, it’s logical that the ends of your hair dry faster than the roots. Because the roots are in direct contact with the sebum your scalp secretes. So they take longer to absorb the water from washing.
  • Now, if your ends are practically dry when you finish washing your hair, it could be that they are either very porous or extremely weak. And I’ll tell you what to do in each case below.


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Don’t feel like the odd one out if your ends dry out faster than your roots. Now, I’m also not in your bathroom at home the moment you wash your hair to know exactly what you mean when you say “faster.”


You see,  it’s not the same thing for your ends to dry faster two hours after washing your hair than for them to be completely dry, almost as soon as you’ve washed it. 

  •  If your ends dry out faster than your roots a while after you washed your hair , it’s part of a natural process.
  •  If your ends are completely dry and your roots still are wet when you finish washing your hair , this means your ends are weak. And the solution is to trim them to remove the damaged part of your hair.


Let’s look at the first situation. Why do your ends dry out faster a while after you washed your hair?


 It’s because your roots are very close to the scalp. That’s where your scalp secretes the natural oil that nourishes your hair. 


That oil adheres quickly to your roots, causing the hair to absorb moisture slowly. That’s why the roots take longer to dry than the ends.

So  , what if your ends dry out half an hour faster than your roots after you wash your hair? You don’t have to worry, because that’s completely normal. 

Now, the second situation is entirely different. And here’s why.


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If your ends are dry almost immediately after washing your hair, they are very porous or damaged

woman repairs ends that dry faster than roots

And for this situation, you have two different solutions.

  •  If your ends are porous , you can repair them by using natural oils or a leave-in conditioner to retain moisture. Your ends are probably porous because you frequently color or bleach your hair. And when the ends are porous, they absorb water faster than the roots, so they dry out faster. If you straighten your hair daily, remember to apply a heat protectant, especially to the ends.
  •  If your ends are damaged , the solution is to cut them off. This way, your hair will retain moisture from the roots to the ends. You only need to trim two or three centimeters.



After washing your hair, it’s normal that your ends dry out faster than the roots. However, if your ends are dry immediately after washing your hair, it means they are too porous or damaged, and you know what to do about it.

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