Do people still do perms? Types of Modern Perms

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I’m still laughing at the face that my client had today when I proposed that she do a perm.

She looked so scared as if I was proposing she shave her hair completely.

When she got over the first impact, I explained that perms that are done these days have nothing to do with the eighties, that looked like little corkscrews in your hair.


Perms have evolved a lot over time, and yes, ultimately, people still do perms.

Because the hair industry has found different systems of perms, so that every woman can have different types of curls, and even, give their roots volume or just curl the ends of their hair.


 That’s why perms keep updating. You only have to decide what effect you want to get in your hair to choose the type of perm that helps you achieve it.  


In case you don’t know, perms are a process where the hair is treated with chemicals to alternate their structure and obtain curls.

This curling effect in the hair can be achieved with different systems, like cold or hot perms that are also known as digital.

Do you want to know who were the first people to experiment with perms in their hair?


I’ll give you some tips.

  • It was a town that had a queen that worried too much about their beauty treatments
  • They constructed large tombs known as the pyramids.
  • They sailed on feluccas



The Egyptians were the first people to develop a perm historically. They rolled their hair around sticks, covering them with clay and finally laying in the sun.


Many years would pass, to the year 1905 to be exact, when Karl Nessler invented a perming machine that used sodium hydroxide, brass bars that he heated to 212° C.

In this case, the process took six hours, as opposed to the hour and a half that it can take nowadays to do a perm.

Presently, the perm process implies using two main components.

The first part is when the hair is wrapped around rods and a perm solution is applied to change the structure of the hair.

The second part implies using a neutralizer that defines the curls.


The type of perm that you will get depends on the size and the shape of the rods used, the technique used to wrap it, and the type of perm solution applied.

 What are the types of perms that are most used nowadays? 


Then, keep reading, because the curls have come to stay, and you have to choose what type of permanent curl you want to make you smile from ear to ear.

Also, I will tell you what type of perm I did in the end to my client.


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Types of modern perms: Choose what’s best for your style

today they incorporate modern technology

Like I told you before, the type of perm will depend on the type of rod or curler that you use.

But there is also another factor, and that is the type of perm solution that you use.


The solution can be acidic or alkaline.

  • Perms done with an acidic solution are gentler on the hair and give softer, shinier curls.
  • Perms with alkaline solutions are better for thicker hair with lower elasticity and more resistant curls.

Having made that difference, now we can dive in to the fascinating and current world of perms.


Spiral Perm

dura seis meses

Spiral perms are tight curls that look like corkscrews, and they will always depend on the size of the bar, the type of perm solution used, as well as the experience of the stylist.


 The final result is a waterfall of curls that have swing and bounce. If you want volume all over your head, this is the best option for you.  

Another matter that you should keep in mind is that this type of perm lasts about six months, after which, the curls will start to fall out.


Wavy Perm

ideal for fine hair

Do you have very thin hair? Then this is the option for you.

Because without having such a tight curl, you will get more volume and body in your hairstyle. The final result are large curls that are achieved with the help of large perm bars.


Punctual Plugs

Do you notice that in some parts of your hair, you have bald spots? Or maybe you have natural curls, but they aren’t uniform?

This perm will allow you to cover those bald spots, since you only apply the perm solution in those spots, which allows you to cover those spaces.

The same thing happens when you notice that on one side of your head, your curls are more defined. The stylist can match both sections of your hair.


Perm at the roots

If you are tired of using products at your roots to give you more volume, this is the ideal solution for you.

A perm at your roots makes it so you don’t need to process all your hair to get volume. Now, the con is when your roots grow in.

So, it’s most likely that you will have to do the process again every two months.

I advise you to look for a good stylist to do a roots perm, because it’s important to have a professional that doesn’t let the perm solution say in your hair too long.


Multi-texture perm

Personally, I recommend this type of perm for people with long hair.

And when I say long, I mean hair that is about ten centimeters past the shoulders.

Do you want to know why?


Because the length of your hair allows you to play with different dimensions of curls which fall one on top of the other, offering a super natural look with less defined curls.


Partial Perm

Although you may not believe it, currently, it is possible to only apply the perm solution in certain sections of your hair.

Basically, it’s a style of perm for those women that want to give their hair more body and movement.

Unlike a root perm, the partial perm is applied to the whole head, but not all the hair.


Perm at the ends

The name of this one says it all. With this perm, you only add curls to the ends. It’s best for those that want more volumen just in the ends of their hair.



These are the perms that are trending, and as you can see, each one covers different needs and preferences.


 What’s important, as always, is that before you decide what type of perm you want, you consult a professional.  

After all, perms are a process that use pretty strong chemicals that are able to modify the internal structure of your hair.

Also, a stylist can recommend what type of perm is best for the shape of your face, like the type of effect you desire.


That’s what happened in the case of my client.

She was looking for a cut that would give her more volume. But her hair was long and beautiful, it would have been a crime to cut it.

So, I proposed a partial perm.


When I finished and I asked her to look in the mirror, her face said it all: she was fascinated. Because she was able to maintain the length of her hair, but her hair now had volume and it even had a personal look to it, almost savage I would say.

Now you know that perms are still in fashion, but they have changed a lot compared to those made in the 80s and 90s.

What about you, what perm type are you going to choose?

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