Why is my hair so tangled after washing? How to prevent my hair from tangling?

  • Your hair gets tangled easily because it probably lacks moisture and, because of that, is weak.
  • As such, to stop it from getting so tangled, you’ll need to improve its health by trimming your ends and doing nutritive treatments.
  • There’s also an easy way to detangle your hair after washing it to avoid breakage. And I promise I’ll reveal it to you soon.



 Before anything else, I’m going to play a little devil’s advocate and defend your hair. Why?


 Because your hair doesn’t tangle so much after washing to make you suffer. 

It also doesn’t do it to make you have to spend 3 hours every morning untangling it, so you end up late for work.

And it doesn’t get so tangled because it wants you to teeter on the edge of your patience while you stare yourself down in the mirror.

No, your hair is not the guilty one.


The one that should be in the hot seat is you. Yes, don’t you look at me like that, or I’ll ask your honor to hold you in contempt of the court.

Now, please answer my questions.


  • Do you remember the last time you got your hair cut? If you don’t, it’s probably because it was more than two years ago.
  • Do you have dry hair because of chlorine or exposure to the sun? And don’t lie to me because those pictures on Instagram of you at the pool say otherwise.
  • Do you use shampoo or conditioners that contain sulfates? It’s too late to hide them!
  • Have you recently bleached or dyed your hair?
  • Do you use a hairdryer or straightener almost every day?
  • Has it been nearly centuries since you’ve used some kind of cream bath or hair mask?


Yes, I can be hard on you when I want to be, but it’s because I want to get you out of the hot seat today.  I want to make detangling your hair when you get out of the shower a way easier task. 

If you answered “yes” to any of my questions, then you already know why your hair gets tangled when it’s wet.


But, don’t give up hope, because I’ll tell you:

  • How to stop your hair from getting tangled after washing it
  • A foolproof method for detangling your hair


You’re going to make up with your hair today, at least when it comes time to detangle it.

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How to stop your hair from getting so tangled after washing it

Your hair isn’t indestructible; you always need to take care of it, whether you’ve dyed it, bleached it, or you haven’t put it through any kind of chemical process.

As your hair gets older – yes, your hair also ages – it gets more sensitive and wears out. That’s why it’s thinner and more prone to getting tangled after you wash it.


  • If you want to prevent your hair from getting so tangled, you should cut it every 3 months.

due to lack of hydration

Don’t make that face at me! I’m just talking about a little trim so your hair will grow healthier, stronger, and easier to take care of.

 It’s just a little inch and a half of your hair that you won’t notice, but that will make a huge difference between tangled hair and knot-free hair.  

Tame hair is much easier to detangle.


  • Take care of your hair when it comes into contact with chlorine.

in straightened hair

We all like to feel like Ariel, the little mermaid, with her loose, sensual hair floating about to the rhythm of the water.

But, chlorine is your hair’s number one enemy, and it will make it get much more tangled.

So, you should wash your hair the second you get out of the pool to get rid of any of the chlorine that has snuck under your swim cap. If you don’t, your hair will dry out more and more, making it much harder to detangle.


  • Choose sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

after the smoothing treatment

You need to  avoid any product that contains sulfates, parabens, or alcohols because those products will damage your hair and make it more unmanageable. 

Read the labels – that’s where caring for your hair starts.


  • Avoid excessive use of heated styling tools.

If you use a hairdryer or straightener every day, you’ll take away all of your hair’s moisture. Dehydrated hair breaks and tangles much easier.

Use these tools at the right temperature every three or four days and use a heat protectant on your hair.

While we’re talking about high temperatures, I should also mention that you should avoid washing your hair with hot water. The water should always be cool, and you should always do your last rinse with cold water.


  • Nurture your hair weekly.

use it before washing hair

Cream baths are key to maintaining bright, soft, and manageable hair. When it comes time to detangle it, you’ll thank me.

If your hair is long and thin, I’d recommend using a leave-in conditioner, which you should apply to your hair after you shower, and  it’ll help immensely with the task of detangling your hair and avoiding impossible knots and tangles. 


You should only use small amounts of these products. For example, if your hair falls to your shoulders, then a teaspoon will be enough. You should use it on the middle section to the ends of your hair, and then go ahead and detangle your hair.

Besides helping you detangle your hair easier since it’s a leave-in product, it’ll also moisturize your hair all day long.


And now, what I’ve promised you from the beginning:


A foolproof method for detangling wet hair without suffering

detangling wet hair after washing

  1. You should always section your hair into manageable parts. I’d recommend dividing it into four: two front sections and two back ones and then work with just one area at a time.
  2. Always use your fingers first to softly detangled your hair as much as you can, starting at the bottom and working your way up. This is the softest way to reduce the size of any knots considerably.
  3. Then, follow your fingers with a wide-toothed comb, again bottom to top. You can also use  a special detangling brush, but I’d recommend choosing one with soft and flexible bristles. 


And above all else, don’t shower with knotty hair. Showering with tangled hair will make it more painful when it comes time to detangle it, and it will also make your hair more prone to breaking.



If your hair gets tangled easily after you wash it, it’s basically because it’s dehydrated and weak.

As such, you should trim your ends every three months to help your hair grow healthier and strengthen it with weekly nutritive treatments.

And when you detangle it while it’s wet, take your time since all forcing your way through the knots will do is make your hair break.

Now, you’re off the hot seat since both you and your hair deserve a second chance.

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