Can I Brush My Hair after a Keratin Treatment? What hair products should I use?

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You’ve gotten a keratin treatment, and now you’re not sure about how to brush your hair?

Or maybe you’re asking yourself, can I keep brushing my hair the same way I always have?


I have good news and bad news for you.

  • The good news is that YES, you can brush your hair after a keratin treatment. It’s essential to do so to ensure that the natural oils that your hair produces are well distributed.
  • The bad news is that you should change your normal brush for a brush made from natural materials.

But, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you all about it in detail, so you aren’t left with more questions.


If someone tells you that you can’t brush your hair after getting a keratin treatment, run away!

That person doesn’t know anything about anything. I’m sure of it.


If you decided to get a keratin treatment, you don’t have any reason to stop combing or brushing your hair.

It’s not like water and oil.

Actually, your hair and your brush will get along swimmingly.


But, this is one of the most frequent questions that clients ask after getting a keratin treatment….

And that’s because every single day, more myths are made up that push us further away from the truth.

The same thing happened to me.


No, girls, I’m not going to trick you.

 Actually, before getting into the hairstyling world, I thought that I had to sleep sitting up so my hair rubbing against my pillow wouldn’t damage my treatment. 

Yeah… I was that crazy.


Getting a keratin treatment doesn’t mean that you have to change your whole lifestyle.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t sleep in your bed for the first few nights.

Nothing is further from the truth!


Now, yes, there are specific steps that you can take to make the effects of the keratin treatment last longer.

But, you don’t have to anything like sleeping sitting up or using some kind of special water.

Nothing like that.


They’re steps that you can add to your daily routine, or really, small changes that you should make.

Of course, only if you want your keratin-treated hair to stay perfect.


 For example, you can’t brush or comb your hair with a brush made of metal. 

Like, the ones that are pretty similar to the brushes made for dogs.

Although this is pretty obvious. Or, at least, I think it is.

Those are the kinds of things that I want to highlight in this article.


  • I want to tell you: why is it important for you to continue to brush your hair if you’ve gotten a keratin treatment?
  • And which brushes are the best ones for doing so
  • I also think it would be good to leave you with a few general tips about taking care of your hair after getting this kind of treatment

What do you think?


Well, let’s start at the beginning…


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Why is it essential that you keep brushing your hair after getting a keratin treatment?

Because brushes and combs aren’t just made to shape and detangle your hair, but also to distribute the oils that our scalps gather from the roots to the ends.


If you don’t brush your hair, those natural oils can’t protect it from the external agents that it’s exposed to every day.

Like the sun, for example, so you have an idea of what I’m talking about.


  You must understand that keratin isn’t an impediment to brushing your hair like you’re used to. 

Imagine if you wake up in the morning and your hair is a complete disaster.

You have knots all over, your bangs have disappeared, etc.

The solution?


A comb or brush to help you tame the beast.

Of course, you can try to fix it with your own hands, but well, we both know that probably won’t work very well.

And you also won’t be able to spread the natural oils through to the ends of your hair.


The bristles that most brushes have are ideal for taking care of your hair from root to end.

And you already know that, depending on which keratin treatment you’ve gotten done, your scalp might get irritated.

That’s where our allies come in that will help you manage it in the quickest way possible.


Now, what kind of brush is the best to use on keratin-treated hair?

I’ll tell you right now.


The best brush for keratin-treated hair

does not hurts the hair

A brush’s bristles determine if it’s good or not for your hair after having gotten a keratin treatment.


There are brushes with natural bristles, plastic bristles, wooden bristles, and metal bristles.

There are also heat brushes, cushioned brushes, and detangling brushes.

h2ackground=”#ffb5e8″]Now, the best brush to use on keratin-treated hair is a brush with natural bristles. [/su_highlight]

It’s that simple.


Those kinds of brushes are ideal for hair that breaks easily or is really frizzy.

Also, if you notice that your hair needs a touch of brightness, a brush with natural bristles will work wonderfully.

The reason is quite simple: they close your hair’s cuticles.

That helps to ensure that damaging external agents stay far away from your hair, and it remains healthy during and after the treatment.


  • The best thing you can do if you’ve gotten a keratin treatment is to use a brush on dry hair.
  • Try to air it out when you come out of the shower so you can eliminate excess water and moisture.
  • Lastly, brush it with natural bristles and, if possible, do it for a few minutes before you sleep.


3 tricks to make your keratin treatment last longer

You already know that brushing your hair after a keratin treatment isn’t a sin, and you also know which brush to use, right?


Good, that’s what I was hoping for.

But, and like I’ve already said, it’s reasonable to have some questions about taking care of your hair after the treatment.

Or what products you should use to make the effect more effective longer.


And this time, I don’t mean which brushes you should use.

I mean, the extra care that you should give to your hair after getting a keratin treatment.


  • So, firstly, I’m going to recommend that you do hydration treatments.

They could be salon treatments or treatments at home.

The most important thing is that every now and then, you give your hair a little love.

You don’t have to wait until your ends are begging for mercy.


If you notice signs of dehydration or frizz, it’s probably time to do something.

And that something could be creams and natural hair masks.

Believe me, they’ll make you feel great.


  • And about using a hairdryer or straightener… yikes!

I know it’s hard to quit cold turkey, but the best thing you can do is reduce your using them.

After getting a keratin treatment, you won’t even need them.

Well, at least not for the first few months.


Remember that keratin helps hydrate your hair and give it back its life that it loses to the chemicals and heat that we apply to it every day.

So, the best thing you can do is use your hairdryer to get rid of moisture to give it better volume, not to straighten it.


It’s the same when it comes to flat ironing. Listen to this.

Now, if they are vital for you, it’s okay.

You’re not going to go bald because of it.

Just get yourself some sort of hydrating treatment to counteract the damage caused by the heat.


If you use it excessively, you can damage the treatment. And you don’t want that, I can assure you that much.


  • Lastly, I recommend that you don’t put your hair up while you sleep.

Since you spend a lot of time with your head in the same place all night, your hair can develop a crease or even break where your hair tie is.

Yes, I know you do it for comfort, but if you’ve gotten a keratin treatment, start to sleep with your hair down.

You can thank me later.


Now, go out and brush your hair with a brush with natural bristles and don’t sleep with your hair up if your keratin treatment was recently done.

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