How often should you trim your hair to avoid split ends? Every 2 to 3 months

Blonde girl cares about her split ends

  • As a rule, you should trim your hair every 2 to 3 months to avoid split ends.
  • The length you should trim to remove split ends will depend on the care you gave to your hair.
  • Split ends result from damaged cuticles and can be avoided if you take certain care.


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How much hair should I trim to get rid of split ends?


Were you wondering how often you should trim your hair to avoid split ends?


Your concern with split ends isn’t surprising.   Nobody wants their hair to look like a feather duster.  

How annoying split ends are!


In this article, we’ll take a look at why   you should cut your hair every 2 to 3 months to avoid split ends.  

I’ll also tell you   why split ends appear   and how to avoid them to sport healthy hair.

Let’s go!


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How often should I cut my hair? Every 2 to 3 months – I’ll tell you why

lady with hair problems suffers

Yes, cutting your hair is a solution to eliminating split ends.

  Some hairdressers advise trimming your hair every month,   even if it’s just one centimeter.

However, hair grows on average 1 centimeter per month.   So, if you trim one centimeter every month,   you’ll always have the same length.

I imagine that if you want to have your hair long, this isn’t good news!


Actually,   cutting your hair every 2 or 3 months is ideal. 

However, everyone is different (yes, it’s a phrase you hear a lot, but it applies to this as well).

Hair growth depends on factors such as lifestyle,   use of chemicals, dyes, heat tools,   hair type, and more!


So,  I give you a general suggestion to trim your hair every 2 or 3 months because I don’t know your hair   and lifestyle.

You may need to cut it every month or every 5 months.

In fact,   some of my clients get their hair cut once a year   and they have flawless hair. As I said, everyone is different.


What I can tell you for sure is that   trimming your hair at least twice a year is super necessary.   For example, after summer and after winter to remove the damage after those two seasons.


If I cut it, my hair will grow longer: myth!

Do you really think that if you cut your hair it will grow longer?


I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times, but it’s a myth.

In fact, at the salon   many women come to get their hair cut for the wrong reason:   “I want to trim my ends to see if my hair will grow longer.”


Trimming the ends doesn’t stimulate growth, nor does it regenerate the hair.

Let me explain it this way: the part of the hair that is cut is lifeless.

Therefore,   cutting the hair only shapes it   and removes the damaged parts.


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How much will the hairdresser cut my hair to eliminate split ends?

girl feels bad about her split ends

This will depend on what you ask for. Remember  to tell your hairdresser the length you are willing to lose.  

If you just want it to look healthy, regardless of length, your hairdresser will cut whatever is necessary.

It depends on how much care you’ve given your hair when you trimmed it the last time, and a thousand other things.


So,   your hairdresser may cut just 1 centimeter or maybe much more,   depending on your hair health.


Why do split ends appear?

Damaged hair and split ends

The infamous split ends have a name: trichoptilosis.

This is an   alteration of the hair produced by the desquamation of the cuticles.  

The ends are the most frequently damaged area because   they’re the oldest hair and it’s weaker than the hair at the root.  

At the same time, the ends are more exposed to aggressions such as heat or humidity.


  Split ends are usually a result of a lack of moisture,   so the hair loses vitality and flakes.

Why does my hair lose moisture if I drink a lot of water?


Well, I don’t mean just that hydration.

  Blow-drying, flat ironing, sun exposure, chlorine, dyeing, and bleaching   are usually the causes of this dehydration I’m talking about.

In other cases,   if the hair is very fine and we don’t comb it carefully,   we can weaken the cuticle and promote split ends.


However, despite avoiding dyes, heat tools, or combing the hair carefully and taking all the necessary precautions,   the ends are split anyway, especially on long hair.  

In this case, it’s a natural process of the hair.


It has to do with the natural scalp processes.   The scalp produces oils that the hair needs to be healthy.  

However, when the hair is very long,   it’s hard for the oil to reach the tip,   so the hair ends up splitting open.


Here’s some care to avoid those split ends:

  • Always moisturize your hair with an appropriate conditioner.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Protect your hair from heat.
  • Get repairing and nourishing treatments.



Split ends are a headache, so cutting them is necessary.

As a rule,   you should cut your hair every 2 to 3 months to avoid split ends.   However, you can delay that salon visit with some care.


I assure you that   it’s worth it to trim your ends a bit so you can show off that healthy hair   as much as you want.

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