What happens if you leave Brazilian blowout solution in your hair?

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  • The Brazilian Blowout solution MUST be left for up to 45 minutes.
  • Don’t rinse out the Brazilian Blowout solution before blow-drying your hair and sealing in the keratin with a flat iron.
  • If you don’t leave the Brazilian Blowout solution in your hair, you won’t get the desired results.


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In other words: the Brazilian Blowout solution shouldn’t be washed out. Yes, just as you read it!

You don’t leave it in your hair like a deep moisturizing mask for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it out to prevent your hair from being heavy, greasy, and dull.


 Instead, Brazilian Blowout treatment should be left on for 45 minutes. Afterward and without washing it out, stylists typically use a blow-dryer and hair straightener to seal in the keratin.  

If you don’t leave it in your hair, it’ll be as if you’d never applied it because you’ll remove it when you wash it.


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So, if you’re going to invest in a hair repair treatment but don’t bother to read the instructions, check this out:

The Brazilian Blowout solution is left on the hair for 45 minutes. Then, the keratin should be blow-dried and sealed in with a flat iron.



Because those are the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, because Brazilian Blowout doesn’t work as a deep moisturizing mask. Do you want to know more?

Then, read on.

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Why is Brazilian Blowout left on for 45 minutes and not rinsed out before sealing it in?

keratin treatment in salon

Let’s start by learning about your hair.


Hair contains proteins such as keratin and ceramides and nutrients such as amino acids and nucleotides.

Surprising as it may seem, they only make up 30% of each hair strand. What makes up the other 70%?



That’s why you need to keep your hair hydrated.

All external agents such as  pollution, the sun, and wind, dehydrate the hair. 

Also, hair products such as hair dyes or certain shampoos dehydrate the hair.


Intensive hair repair treatments such as moisturizing masks help recover moisture.

But science evolves. And so does the science of hair research.


 One example is the Brazilian Blowout treatment. It’s a keratin treatment that contains vitamins and nutrients. It helps your hair core to naturally produce the nutrients it needs to be healthy. 


Keratin is the main protein in your hair, and it’s quickly lost after chemical processes.

You also remove keratin from your hair after flat ironing it.


Each strand of your hair has three main layers:

  • The cuticles are like scales that protect your hair from external factors.
  • The hair fiber contains the color and shape of your hair.
  • The core runs from root to tip and transports the nutrients and proteins in your hair.


Keratin builds up in the core and expands to the cuticles. However, hair treatments like coloring, bleaching, and flat ironing open and break the cuticles which exposes the hair fiber.

Then, your hair loses keratin and moisture.

Brazilian Blowout provides your hair fiber with high concentrations of keratin. It seals the cuticles, repairs your hair, and eliminates frizz.

Why do we say that frizzy hair is brittle and weak?


Because it lacks cuticles and moisture.

That’s why you need to leave the Brazilian Blowout treatment on for 45 minutes without washing it out afterward.


By sealing in the keratin with heat, you ensure that the keratin reaches the hair fiber and replenishes it with protein.

The equation is simple.

Apply Brazilian Blowout + Leave it on for 45 minutes + DON’T WASH IT OUT + Blow-dry + Flat iron = Frizz-free hair.


Do you want to know how to properly apply the Brazilian Blowout solution?

Read on.


How to apply Brazilian Blowout correctly

Although the application of Brazilian Blowout is quite easy, I recommend that you gather all the necessary elements to do it correctly.

Several items are for professional use:

  • Hair dryer over 4800 rpm.
  • Flat iron that heats up to 450° Fahrenheit or 230° Celsius.


Also,  you need to be careful when you seal in the keratin with the flat iron. You’ll need help to reach some almost inaccessible places  like the back of your head.


Let’s get started!


  • Hair preparation

detox shampoo wash hair before treatment

Wash your hair with a detox shampoo to remove residues from hair products and make sure it’s thoroughly clean. Towel dry your hair to remove excess water.

Only remove excess water. Your hair must be damp to apply the Brazilian Blowout solution.

Divide your hair into four sections.


  • Treatment application

Gently apply the Brazilian Blowout solution on each part you divided and leave it on for 45 minutes. Now, your cuticles will open, and the hair fiber will absorb the nutrients that will reach your hair core.


  • Blow-drying hair

Blow-dry your hair and smooth it down with a round brush.

It should be 100% dry.


  • Finishing the treatment

seal the treatment

Flat iron at 450°F or 230°C to seal your cuticles. Remember to iron each of your locks 10 to 12 times.

Your hair strands should be no less than one centimeter wide and no more than four centimeters wide. This is the best way to ensure that the keratin will be sealed inside the core.


  • Rinsing the hair

This step is optional but is recommended by the manufacturer. If you decide to rinse out the Brazilian Blowout after sealing the keratin in your hair, remember to use cold water. That way, the cuticles close and leave your hair fiber sealed and repaired.



You must leave the Brazilian Blowout solution on for 45 minutes. Also, don’t rinse it out before drying and sealing in the keratin with the flat iron.

This is the only way your hair will absorb the treatment to ensure total repair.

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