How long does a digital perm last? 5 hair care tips to make it last longer

digital perm

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, how long will this digital perm I just got at the salon last?

Oh queen, as the fairest in the land, your digital perm will last a year, as long as you keep a few things in mind.

Because if you don’t, my queen, your digital perm will disappear into neverland.”


All jokes aside, this is what I tell each of my clients who visit the salon looking to get a digital perm.

 Your waves will last a year if you TAKE CARE OF THEM PROPERLY. 


Because you should know this: if you’re going to spend 400 dollars on digital perm waves you ought to be very responsible and commit to a strict hair care regimen for your new waves.

Because if you don’t, you’ll literally be throwing your 400 dollars in the trash.

I’m even considering making a tutorial for my clients who visit the salon for this reason.

You know why?


Because even though they rock those stunning new waves, it’s as if overnight they develop a syndrome called “I forgot everything my stylist recommended about taking care of my wave perm.

And so, they wash their hair within 48 hours, they don’t use specific shampoos, and they don’t invest in special products for their curly hair structure nor to hydrate their hair. Do you see a little problem here?


I also understand that after living their whole lives with straight hair, they feel bewildered by the task of taking care of their new curls.

And in that state of bewilderment, they buy products that aren’t what they really need.


 If you’re about to get yourself a digital perm, or you’ve recently gotten one, you should keep in mind a few basic questions to ask your hairdresser. 

Want to know what these questions are?


For example, when should you wash your hair for the first time, can you use a curling iron or how should you style your hair, and even, how do you dry it after washing it?

Today I’ll tell you everything you need to know and more. Because what I’m interested in is you getting a new look you can truly relish in.


So, after today you’ll finally know:

  • How long does a digital perm last
  • 5 hair care tips to make your waves last a lot longer


Because remember, curls that are cared for well are curls that will last a long time.


Digital perm can last up to a year if you follow these tips

it can last up to a year

Like I said at the beginning, digital perms can last up to a year, as long as you take good care of your hair.


During this process the internal structure of the hair is essentially broken in order to create a new pattern, through the use of chemical products, curlers and heat.

 After this process, your hair becomes more fragile, hence the need to take care of it, so that the waves do not dilute easily. 


At one point we’ve all had a super delicate fabric that’s one of our favorite pieces of clothing.

How do you take care of it? Do you throw it in the washing machine with a bunch of other clothes or do you wash it separately using a soap for fabrics?


With your hair after a digital perm it’s the same.

You should take care of it in a specific way. Because now it’s more delicate and fragile.


Because during this time the treatment makes it so that your perm “sets” and settles into your hair and it’s imperative that this process isn’t “diluted” by literally getting your hair wet.


  • And another thing you shouldn’t do is tie up your hair during the first month.

If you follow these two steps, you’ll already be on your way to having waves that last much longer.


However, you should also learn to care for, brush and dry your new hairstyle.

Do you want to know how?


Well then, keep reading.


5 maintenance tips to make your waves last a lot longer

You’ve already got your perm, and three days have gone by since you left the hair salon. Your curls look fantastic, but the time has arrived to wash them.

What shampoo and conditioner are you going to use?

Are you still gazing longingly at that shampoo you’ve been using for years?

Well let’s start with the first bit of advice.


Use hydrating shampoos and conditioners

Remember that your hair just underwent a chemical process, not to mention the impact of the heat.

Your hair is no longer the same. Its internal structure has been modified to a curl pattern.

Do you know what the defining feature of curls and waves are?


 They’re very thirsty beings, that furthermore don’t retain moisture. 

So how do you keep them hydrated?


It all starts with using a sulfate free shampoo.

I would recommend this shampoo and conditioner.

Arvazallia Advanced.


The absence of sulfates, aka detergents, will keep it from drying out your hair, and the argan and macadamia oils will add moisture, without making your hair greasy.

No doubt when you had your hair straight, you would untangle it getting out of the shower. Well that’s another habit you ought to forget altogether.


Untangle your hair in the shower

This is the most important rule for taking care of and maintaining your perm.


While you ought to brush your straight hair when it’s wet to avoid frizz, the effect is the exact opposite for curls.

By brushing them you’ll only loosen your curls and you’ll end up with more frizz.

In order to beat the knots and tangles, comb through your hair with your fingers while you shower or afterwards while it’s still wet.


Dry your hair very carefully

Never use too much force when drying your hair with a towel because that’s how you’ll end up with frizz.

 And when possible, use a microfiber towel, with which you should simply pat your hair and scalp down softly. 


In addition, if you’re going to use a blow dryer, always use it on the low temperature setting and with a diffuser, never with hot air.

And every time before using the blow dryer, put a specific product in your hair for curly hairstyles.


Pay attention to how you style your hair

How you style your hair will make it so that your curls maintain definition longer.


The secret is to section your hair while it’s still wet.

You can even change the way you section your hair so it looks different each day.

  • For example, if you want smaller waves, divide your hair into four sections, wrap each section around your finger and apply hair styling product to it.
  • If you want more flowing waves but still well defined, part your hair into two sections, wind them up, and then apply a hair cream styling product.
  • If you want a messier look, don’t section your hair and let your waves dry naturally.


Buy the correct products to maintain your curls

Do you wear the same clothes in winter as in summer?


 The same is true of straight vs. curly hair. The products you use to take care of them also change radically. 


  • Do you have a collection of brushes?

Well you can go ahead and gift them or donate them, because to style your curls you’ll simply need a wide tooth comb.


  • You’ll also need a microfiber towel to dry and avoid frizz, as well as a silk pillowcase.

And this isn’t a question of luxury. When you sleep, you run the risk of moving your head and creating friction with your hair.

The result will be damaged strands of hair and more frizz.


  • You should also carry out weekly intensive treatments on your curls, to avoid frizz and maintain the definition of your waves.



As you can see, you play a fundamental role in guaranteeing that your digital perm will last up to a year.

Once you’ve learned to wash, style and care for your hair the right way, you’ll be able to enjoy your curls, without having to worry that each strand is in the right spot.


Do you know other tricks to care for a digital perm?

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