How Often Should You Oil the Ends Of Your Hair? Between 3 and 4 times a week

woman looks at damaged hair ends

  • If the ends of your hair are damaged from chemical treatments, you can oil them every three days.
  • If your ends are dry from heat tools, apply oil four times a week.
  • If your ends are frizzy, apply oil three or four times a week.
  • You can use coconut, argan, or jojoba oil.
  • But before you start oiling the ends of your hair, I’ll reveal a truth that I’m sure you won’t like. Are you ready to hear it? If you’re brave, you’ll find out later.


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As you can see,  how often you need to oil your ends depends on your hair and goals. 


Because if you want to maintain moisture in healthy hair, you should apply oil to your ends less often than if you straighten your hair three times a week. In that case, your ends will obviously be dry from the straightener.

The extra oil and moisture it can give your ends will be great, but I can assure you that nothing is miraculous.


 If your ends are ruined, it won’t do any good if you apply coconut oil every day of your life,  for example. Because split or dead ends have no solution. 

Or rather, the only possible solution is to remove them.


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And that’s what I wanted to get to. I wanted to get to that truth I’m sure you didn’t want to hear when you started reading this post. Do you feel like reading on? Then, go ahead, my brave reader!


If your ends are damaged, trim them before oiling

trimming damaged ends at the hairdresser

And I don’t mean you should cut twenty centimeters off your hair. Pay attention.

 By removing two or three centimeters from the ends, you’ll be taking a giant step.  Almost as giant as that step the astronaut took on the moon.

For the astronaut, it was a small step, but for mankind, it was a huge step. You will achieve the same if you trim those two or three centimeters of your hair.


 Because split ends or dead ends have no solution. 


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You won’t be able to get them back even with the best oil in the world.  But if you remove them, your hair will absorb nutrients and vitamins better. And that’s synonymous with healthy hair from root to tip. 


Also, I advise you to go to the salon to trim your ends. Because if you’re inexperienced or use any old type of scissors, you can end up damaging your hair even more.

So much for the truth you didn’t want to hear. I hope you make the right decision.

But just in case, if you’re still reluctant to trim your ends, read on.


Oiling dry and damaged ends

woman applies oil to the ends of her hair

Maybe your ends are dry and damaged because of repeated bleaching or dyeing. Or perhaps it’s because you overuse a straightener or blow dryer.

In almost all cases,  you can oil your ends three or four times a week.  Use coconut, jojoba, or argan oil.


Also, don’t heat the oil in a saucepan or microwave if you dye your hair, and the hot oil will fade the color of your dye.

Other suggestions?


  •  Apply oil to your ends while they’re damp. 
  • Use a tiny amount. Four or five drops will be enough to moisturize your ends.
  •  Oil your ends for at least four weeks to see results. 



Oiling split or dead ends won’t bring them back to life. As a hairdresser, I recommend you go to a salon to get a professional to trim your ends. Your hair will become stronger because it can absorb nutrients and vitamins.

And after removing your damaged ends, you can keep up a routine of moisturizing the ends with argan or coconut oil, using it three or four times a week.

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