Can you put a heat protectant on the night before? Will it work the following morning?

flat iron your hair in the morning

  • The heat protectant can be put the night before. The protection will still act as a moisturizer the next morning. So, you can straighten or curl your hair as soon as you wake up.
  • If you want to use the protectant the night before on your freshly washed hair, it is best to opt for an oil or serum.
  • Alternatively, use a spray protectant on dry hair the night before. I’ll tell you the details later.


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Today, one of those clients, who irons her hair two or three times a week, came to the salon.

She didn’t want to flat iron her hair. Quite the opposite.


She came to see me because her hair was damaged. Her split ends were the chronicle of flat-iron abuse.

Her lengths had high levels of frizz, which is the same as saying that her hair was very brittle and fragile.


When I asked her if she used heat protectant before flat ironing her hair, her answer astonished me.

She said, “Alejandra, I straighten my hair in the morning before I go to work, but I wash my hair the night before. Why apply the protectant at night if there won’t be a trace of it the following morning?”


I counted to ten.

Not because I was angry.

After all, I don’t ask my clients to be hair experts.

But I counted to ten because I always come to the same conclusion.

 Why do people use or discard using products if they don’t know exactly how they work? 


But worst of all, Alicia, my client, had ruined her hair because she didn’t know how the heat protectant works.

So, attention:


Open your ears and listen to what I have to tell you. Because the health of your hair may depend on it.

Do you know why?

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Heat protectant works the following morning even if it’s applied the night before


Heat protectant protects the hair during processes involving heat tools at high temperatures, such as flat-iron or curling iron, and even blow-dryer.

While you flat iron your hair to straighten it or use the curling iron to create curls, your hair loses moisture.

Have you ever noticed “smoke” coming out while flat ironing or curling your hair?


That “smoke” is actually steam.

Your hair is made up of 70% water, so excessive heat evaporates it. Straighteners and curling irons reach over 200°C.

Therefore, the water particles evaporate and dehydrate your hair.


The heat protectant has silicones that retain and encapsulate the moisture in your hair.

Therefore, during the process, the protectant evaporates and your hair’s natural moisture doesn’t disappear.


 If you apply the protectant the night before, your hair will have more time to assimilate the extra moisture and retain the water. 


So, if you don’t have time to apply the protectant before flat ironing or curling your hair, you can apply it the night before to make sure the high temperatures from the tools don’t damage your hair.


How to apply heat protectant the night before

There are several types of heat protectants, and they all work in the same way.

Therefore, all of them can be used the night before to protect your hair when styling or drying in the morning.


What’s the difference between different products? Their consistency.

 Some are creamier while others can be oily or liquid. 

Accordingly, how to use them the night before?


  • If you wash your hair and apply the protectant on your damp mane the night before, I recommend the thick ones.

protect hair during drying

Oily or cream protectors work better on damp hair and will add more moisture to your hair fiber.

They are ideal for frizzy hair because they distribute evenly.


  • If you don’t wash your hair the night before, spray the liquid heat protectant to your dry hair.

heat protectant spray on dry hair

The spray can be a solution if your hair is wavy or has a lot of frizz because it’ll absorb quickly leaving your hair ready for the following morning.

You should always use heat protectants before styling or drying your hair with heat.

High temperatures can damage your hair and burn it.



The heat protectant can be put the night before on either wet or dry hair it’ll moisturize your hair until the following morning.

Remember to cover your mane from roots to ends to protect all of your hair.

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