How to make your hair stay in place without hairspray or gel

woman looking at a lock of her hair that doesn't stay in place

  • You can use other products if you don’t want to use gel or spray to keep your hair in place. It depends on how you want to style your hair.
  • Use aloe vera gel if you want your hair to look loose and straight but under control.
  • If you want to wear your hair up and keep it in place for several hours, you can use lip balm.
  • If you want to keep the wavy or curly strands around your face in place, use transparent mascara.


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Aloe vera leave-in conditioner for dry, frizzy hair


You’re finally discovering that what seemed impossible is possible.

Because   you can now do it if you want to keep your hair in place without using gel or spray. 


Even if you’re vegan and refuse to use industrial products, you can make your hair stay in place. Use, for example, aloe vera gel instead of industrial gel or spray.

Also, many people are reluctant to use gels or hairsprays to set their hairstyles because they feel these products can cause dandruff or dry out their hair.

And it may even happen that you’re getting ready for a party, styling your hair in a spectacular hairdo. But when you’re about to use your gel, you notice it’s out-of-date.


If you relate to these situations, you can replace gel or spray with other products to keep your hair in place. Which product should you choose? That’s what I’ll talk about next.


Use aloe vera to control frizzy hair.

aloe vera gel to make hair stay in place

Aloe vera gel will help your hair stay in place, especially if your hair is naturally straight.

 Apply it from the roots to the ends of damp hair. Comb through your hair and let it air dry. 

How will your hair look?


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You’ll have loose, soft, and docile hair that stays in place as if you had blown it dry or used a straightener.

fixed hairstyle without spray or gel

 If your hair is curly, I recommend using a moisturizing facial mist to help your curls stay in place. 

In addition to making curls stay in place, facial mist is also moisturizing. So it will help eliminate frizz. You can apply it every two to three hours to renew its hold on your curls.


If you want your hairdo to stay in place, use lip balm

bun fixed with lip balm

If you’ve done your hair up and some hairs are still loose, clear lip balm can help you fix it. Just wipe it over the loose hair, then run a fine-tooth comb or your fingertips through to set it in place.

This solution is ideal if you want to make a bun or a tight ponytail, but some short hairs escape when you gather your hair up. You’ll be able to control those short strands so they won’t escape from your scrunchie.


Also,  if you’ve done a ponytail or half ponytail but your hair is frizzy, you can use a wet baby wipe . Pass it over your hair several times to remove the frizz from your ponytail.

Finally, if you want to style your hair in a bun or braids, you can run the wet wipe through your hair once you’ve finished styling it. Finally, stick down any stray hairs that want to escape from the bun with lip balm.


Use clear mascara to make your fringe stay in place

mascara to fix hair

Or you can use black mascara if your hair is black.

In recent years, some trends have emerged to model or give a different color to the strands of hair around the face.

For example, many clients ask me to bleach their fringe or bangs. The idea is to highlight their eyes or cheekbones, lighting up their complexion.

Some clients even ask me for highlights in their curls, in the best style of the 30s and the Charleston glory years.


Now, I know I can’t fool you.   You should still use spray or gel for extremely defined hairstyles. These are the only products that keep hair in place for several hours without letting any hairs escape. 

very defined and fixed hairstyle

But if you just want to stop your fringe from going frizzy or fix your hair in place for a few hours, you can use clear mascara.


After all, mascara is a gel. And the mascara brush will help you control the amount of gel you apply to those little strands.

  • Separate the small strands you want to fix in place with the tail of a comb.
  • Apply the mascara, style the strands, and let the mascara dry for a few minutes.



Now you know you can make your hair stay in place by using alternative products to gel or spray. Use aloe vera, clear mascara, or lip balm.

Any of these products will help unruly hair stay in place longer.

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