Aloe vera leave-in conditioner for dry, frizzy hair

to retain moisture

Do you have dry hair and spend a fortune on products bought in perfumeries?

Are you tired of emptying your bank account at the beauty salon so that your hair looks nourished and healthy?

I have a solution for you.


Use an aloe vera leave-in conditioner.

Don’t roll your eyes.

You might be thinking that I’m just one more of those that come with the whole roll of natural products.

That’s not my case.

I don’t know anything about plants, nor do I have innate abilities to make natural products.

But my grandmother does.


Before telling you how I was able to improve the appearance of my hair thanks to this aloe vera conditioner, I will tell you:

  • Because aloe vera is so good for your hair
  • How to make your own leave-in conditioner for dry hair
  • How to use the conditioner once you make it


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My grandmother’s aloe vera conditioner

leaves contain gel inside

I love going to my grandmother’s house.

When I walk through the door, the aromas of my childhood hit my nostrils and give me an intoxicating sensation.

They are the smells of recently baked cookies.

Floral fragrances that mix with the smell of the vegetables cultivated by her with her expert hands on her land.

I didn’t inherit her plant skills.

Nor the patience.


But the last time I went to visit her, I found her in her secret laboratory.

That small room, almost a greenhouse, where she made her natural beauty products.

She was engrossed in preparing something.

When I approached, I swear that it grossed me out.


She was working with an aloe vera leaf.

She was extracting the gel from the inside of the leaf.

That viscous material impressed me.

How could someone put that on their body?


But the worst thing came after.

 She told me that she was making a leave-in conditioner with aloe vera for me.  

Because she noticed that my hair was dry. Dry Straw.

split ends

I don’t know what terrified me more.

My grandmother’s evaluation of the state of my hair.

Or that that viscous thing would touch my hair.

But my grandmother is of Galician origin.


With that I mean that she is one of those rural, stubborn women pure punch and tenacity.

What wouldn’t I do for that woman with a noble heart and that knew so much about the magic of natural products?


So, I accepted her gift.

Also, her oatmeal cookies, with which I gained approximately one kilo.


 After a week of using it, I called my grandmother and asked her to make me more. 

I can imagine her smile on the other side of the phone.

So, I started to do a bit of research.

And I discovered why that conditioner was almost magic. It was made of miracles.


Benefits of aloe vera for dry, lifeless hair

clogged scalp pores

  • It stimulates hair growth

I’m not going to lie.

It’s not that my hair grew ten centimeters in two weeks. Nothing like that.


But the aloe vera gel contains enzymes that eliminate dead cells on the scalp which with time, clogs the pores and hair follicles.

That’s why, I suppose, my friends’ hair grows so much and mine so little.

It’s because I have clogged pores on my scalp.

So, I’ll keep them clean to see if my hair grows more now that I use an aloe vera leave-in conditioner.


  • It balances the pH of the hair.

I attest to this.

My hair was dry and broken.

Thanks to the conditioner I was able to stabilize the pH of my hair, allowing it to retain it’s natural moisture.


  • It nourishes the hair.

In addition to enzymes, aloe vera is full of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that nourish each of our hair fibers.

That’s why I don’t have any more split ends.


  • It gives your hair shine.

I don’t have a scientific explanation for this.

I calculate that with nourishing and sealing the open cuticles, the hair retains more moisture and the exterior appearance becomes shinier.


How to prepare leave-in aloe vera conditioner

moisturize and eliminate frizz

When my friends saw the change in my hair, I begged me to tell them my secret.

There was nothing I could do but ask my grandmother for the recipe to her magic potion.



  • ½ cup of aloe vera gel
  • ½ cup of water, mineral water is better
  • 12 drops of jazmin essential oil. This is optional
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid coconut oil. This is also optional
  • 1 spray bottle



  • Get yourself a leaf of the aloe vera plant.

Nowadays, almost everyone has one. It even grows on the sidewalk without anyone caring for it. According to my grandmother, they are succulents, which survive with very little care.

ideal for curly and wavy hair

  • Wash the leaf to get the dirt and the dust off
  • Cut a piece about ten centimeters in length
  • Cut off a piece of the leaf lengthwise along the flattest part
  • Squeeze it to get out the gel
  • Place the gel in the spray bottle and add the water, the liquid coconut oil and the drops of jazmin essential oil
  • Shake the mixture well

Now, your aloe vera conditioner is ready!


How to apply the conditioner

  • Wash your air and use a towel to get out the excess moisture
  • Spray your hair with the conditioner and distribute it evenly with smooth movements without forgetting to massage the scalp
  • Don’t even think of rinsing it out. Let it do its magic
  • Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb without pulling at the pieces of your hair
  • Use it at least twice a week

Save the rest in a cool place for ten days.


Conclusions y results

  • The aloe vera conditioner is effective on dry hair
  • It nourishes, gets rid of frizz and gives a natural shine to your hair
  • It keeps your scalp free of dead cells which prevent hair growth
  • It’s best to use it at least twice a week


Now, I also have my own aloe vera plant, although, I’m far from having a garden like my grandmother in my small apartment.

And I’m starting to get interested in natural products.

Now the gel doesn’t disgust me, and my hair looks incredible.


Have you ever used aloe vera conditioner?

How do you use it?

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